Friday, May 8, 2015

Walker budget strips $$ for bike lanes, sidewalks from road projects

So if you bike or walk along a new road instead of driving, Scott Walker's budget repeals a state law that requires roads built with state or federal funds include sidewalks or paved shoulders to serve pedestrians or bicyclists, it has been learned.

Current law already exempts the inclusion or sidewalks or paved shoulders for biking if the cost were prohibitive; Walker's budget eliminates the requirement altogether, and since people will still bike or walk - - either by choice or necessity - - our roads will instantly become less safe and certainly less attractive for tourists.

Remember - - not everyone owns a car, or uses it on every trip, or is a legally-licensed driver.

And also remember Walker is routinely hostile to transit.

Under Walker-the-Harley showboat, and Walker-the-chauffered-arounbd politician. concrete is only for driving lanes, transportation means autos-only and more and more people are left out of public service provision with their own tax dollars.


Anonymous said...

Koch doesn't make any money from bikers and Mary Burke does!

This should not surprise anyone.

Anonymous said...

Those bicyclists and pedestrians probably lean democrat. Not that this would have anything to do with this.

my5cents said...

He's pushing roads only for vehicles that run on fossil fuels to appease his base and people like the Kochs. It is no surprise. He has had this agenda all mapped out since he announced he was "The original Tea Party in Wisconsin." Probably long before that. He's been creating this map since he was a teen. He might have hit some bumps along the way, or had to make a detour, but he never gave up. Since he was a teenager and became totally enamored with Reagan, he's been planning a rise to the top in the political world by working hard to try to make himself like Reagan. He will do anything and say anything to anyone to get where he wants to go.

He is far from what Reagan was and will never live up to his own hype that he is the second coming of Reagan. He thought cracking down on unions his first month in office would be seen in the same light as when Reagan fired all the traffic controllers. He truly likens what he did to what Reagan did (as if they are two peas in a pod). He couldn't be more wrong.