Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Vintage Walker uses Foxconn to flip off the people

[Updated from 8/22/17] Divide-and-conquer Walker is back.

Truthfully, he never left.

Already running for a third term, Wisconsin's Governor says that people concerned about his plan to give Foxconn unprecedented powers to evade environmental reviews, alter streams, build into lakes and fill wetlands are all "hype and hysteria," and he further says those concerned about the $3 billion public dollars he wants to give Foxconn with minimal jobs' performance  and payback guarantees remind him of people who objected to the Act 10 "bomb" - - his word - - he dropped without warning on them.

Disagree with the imperious Governor. Go suck a lemon, he's suggested.

At least this time he didn't go all hype and hysteria himself and call those teachers, nurses and retirees ISIS fighters

Regardless, Walker is in full re-election campaign mode, mocking and degrading Wisconsin voters, residents, troubled taxpayers and everyday conservationists who have fought long and hard for an environment they can hand to their grandchildren, and who are think it's wrong for Walker to give away what is not his to givee away - - water rights and water access guaranteed to all the people of the state by the Wisconsin Constitution.

Hype and hysteria?

How can you trust a politician who insults and waives off people as enthusiastically as he awards waivers of the commonly-held to big companies - - with  mining firms already joining mega-dairies in line up for similar special privileges - - and discards his sworn duty as the people's trustee, too?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

WI GOP leaders helped create and sustain the Trump catastrophe

It's about the right time as the dangerous, white supremacist-coddling, media-scapegoating, Putin-accomodating, dictator-aspiring, crowd-instigating Donald Trump rants entirely unpresidentially in Arizona, praises the convicted former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and repeatedly lies to the cameras and the crowd to remind people in Wisconsin and my friends elsewhere that Speaker Ryan, Gov. Walker, Sen. Johnson
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
DNR Sec. Stepp and the entire Wisconsin GOP Congressional delegation stood with, raised money for, campaigned as a team and continue to support this very sick, menacing Commander in Chief. An embarrassed and correctly worried state condemns you all.

At AZ rally, Trump focuses on main #Charlottesville victim

The victim is:
Donald Trump Pentagon 2017.jpg

WI DNR: all quiet on Kewaunee County e. coli pollution front

Last month I asked The Wisconsin DNR if it had distributed any of the bottled water it pledged to Kewaunee County residents with manure runoff-contaminated

well water.

The answer was "no," because no one had asked for any.

I renewed my request and this was the updated response today from agency spokesman James F. Dick: 
We haven't received any reports of manure impacted private wells in Kewaunee County in the last few months. We would have no idea if any have been reported to the Kewaunee Health Dept. since the county health programs are not required to report e. Coli positive private wells to the DNR. We haven’t received any requests for emergency water under the criteria spelled out in NR 738.

Beware linking the words "Scott Walker" and "principle"

And, of course, Walker's announcement of an overdue budget deal "in principle" was shot down by legislators with whom he'd struck that deal.

It's his red-ink stained, incoherent, and 2018-campaign focused budget, thus his delay, so why would they bail him out?

And what is it with Walker and budgets?

Remember the "modest, modest proposal" he made to resolve an alleged budget deficit - - his 2011 budget deal better known as Act 10.

And, of course, Walker's 'deal' would put an extra fee on hybrid and electric vehicles to close the transportation spending gap he's been broadening since 2003 by backing major highway expansion projects with no funding in hand, while continuing his Koch-friendly war against alternative energy technologies while big rigs and heavy vehicles do more damage to pavement than Chevy Volts and Toyota Priuses.

(Full disclosure: I own a 2006, light-as-a-feather Honda Ciivic hybrid, and pay the every year same vehicle registration fee as a much heavier sedan or SUV.)

Bottom line: you'll be conned again if trust Walker's claims about Foxconn, because there is nothing principled about him.

Another day, another Foxconn data correction

I'd said over the weekend that there were plenty of reasons to slow down the fast-tracked Foxconn plan.

And I'd noted Walker and his partisan allies' dubious Foxconn workforce claims - - followed by corrections to Foxconn payroll estimates and other critical projections - - a weakness clouding the project from its sudden disclosure.

So on the eve of today's pivotal, and perhaps last Foxconn hearing schedule in Kenosha another report was released with more rosy economic projections - - but which included a news release and abstract containing a substantial spin-off jobs-counting error.

The mistake was acknowledged and corrected, but it highlights the need for more caution as proponents propel the state to unprecedented and long-term financial and environmental risk.
Image result for yellow traffic light

A broad archive on these issues, here.

Ryan holds a tardy, messy town hall

I'd said on this blog more than once recently - - and just yesterday - - that GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan was enabling Trump by failing to forcefully and personally condemn the President for his divisive, pro-white nationalism remarks and actions.
Paul Ryan's official Speaker photo. In the background is the American Flag.
For the record, Ryan did directly criticize Trump at a town hall meeting televised by CNN Monday night, but we're not talking a Profiles In Courage performance.

Seriously: the President "messed up"?

This is how the person next in the Presidential line of succession after the Vice-President analyzes a pivotal moment in the life of a controversial administration.

On national television?

And, no - - Trump did more than stumble or goof. He was revealing his bigoted true self and racist past that includes refusing to rent apartments to African-Americans, race-baiting Black teenagers wrongly accused in a high-profile New York City rape case and further race-baiting President Obama's American citizenship and presidential legitimacy.

Either Ryan was talking down to his audience or doing everything he could make sure Trump took no offense.

After all, Ryan's permanently-shrink-the government tax reform bill needs Trump's blessing.

Ryan further watered down his remarks by saying he thought Trump should Tweet "a little less," let a full week go by after Trump's ugly news conference two days after the rightists' fatal riot in Charlottesville, and had the benefit of fresh polling data that showed Ryan was taking no risk in directly criticizing Trump or his tweeting.

A Foxconn Fever primer

[Updated throughout July, August ] Foxconn wants to build in Wisconsin, so here is a growing archive of coverage and commentary on this blog, beginning with what's most recent:

*  At least this time he didn't call you an ISIS fighter.
Vintage Walker uses Foxconn to flip off the people
*  A rushed project would not need so many corrections.
Another day, another Foxconn data correction.
*  GOP leaders Walker/Vos/Stepp have long failed job creation, environmental protection pledges.
On Foxconn assurances, consider the sources and histories
*  13,000 jobs? No accident that the Assembly and public didn't have all the facts
Put Foxconn on hold until Walker explains data suppression
*  Robin Vos, reckless and feckless.
RobinVos trivialized $3 billion, ignored shocking jobs info
*  Dispensing with clean blue water, green legacy. 
Green? WI GOP likes brown, orange, perhaps blackish and 'sudsy'
*  And the next shoe drops. 
Seeing Foxconn 'win, WI GOP env. wrecking crew eyes mining favors 
*  Walker, GOP laid Foxconn groundwork years ago.
Foxconn favors are basic to Walker, GOP's sloppy playbook
*  Walker evades leadership from #Foxconn to #Charlottesville.
On jobs, moral leadership, persistent Walker con
*  Reality, troubling numbers, no state budget mean nothing to GOP legislature.
GOP Foxconn votes proceed robotically as jobs, revenue estimates fall
* New Foxconn bill version, same environmental rollbacks, records show.
Amended Foxconn bill retains env. waivers, special privileges
*  Changing the rules to fit the players.

As WI, GOP change the rules for Foxconn, a reminder
*WI will subsidize Foxconn jobs paying nowhere near family-supporting wages.
WI now talking about <$15-per-hour Foxconn jobs
*  Now they're just wishing and hoping.
Witless Walker's farcical Foxconn fix
*  The Chicago Sun-Times 'thanks' Walker for pro-Illinois Foxconn plan
Another bad review for Walker's Foxconn deal
*  Now we look for solace to Scott Fitzgerald (!) as Foxconn gets horrible reviews.
Foxconn doubters turn their lonely eyes to...Scott Fitzgerald!
*  Foxconn is to get a pass from normal DNR reviews, which is fine with the DNR.
Stepp puts the DNR in on Foxconn env. evasion
*  Walker told his Foxconn critics to 'go suck lemons.' Then...
Sucking lemons - - or absorbing buyer's remorse - - for 26 sucking years
*  Walker's fake-news Foxconn projects are collapsing.
Foxconn taxpayer projections zoom, payroll benefits plunge
* No surprise that major WI polluting industry. wants env. exemptions.
If Foxconn is exempted from env. oversight, why not CAFOs?
Who's to say that Foxconn privileges won't be applied statewide?
And if environmental rules and laws are waived for Foxconn...  
* Does Michigan have better deal-makers than Wisconsin? 
Foxconn eyes Michigan for high tech development site
*  Water law expert says Foxconn environmental rollback endangers the deal.

Noted water law expert predicts WI officials' Foxconn 'bungle'
*  The Walker/WMC tag team.
Foxconn to locate at intersection of Walker and WMC avenues
*  Big business laughs off Foxconn project environmental concerns.
Wisconsin Biz lobby sneers at routine Wisconsin conservation guarantee
*  Walker never saw a wetland he didn't want filled.
Walker's giveaway Foxconn bill extends his war on wetlands
*  Zoo Interchange completion $$ rerouted to another project for Foxconn.
Because the I-94 Vos/Foxconn exit isn't in the Zoo Interchange
*  Foxconn process 'open,' says Walker after closed door briefing for GOP caucuses.
Walker opens 'open' Foxconn FavorFest behind closed doors
*  Walker, Ryan producing Foxconn political ads.
Walker giveth to Foxconn, taketh for his re-election
*  Walker would allow Foxconn 19th century 'environmental' practices.
'Wisconsin Valley' or Wisconsin, Inc. dead zone?
*  The Legislature pushed to re-create Wisconsin as Wisconsin, Inc.
Rushed Foxconn special session set for 11 a.m. August 1
*  SE WI communities should worry about what Walker wants to do with their budgets, tax collections:
For Foxconn, Walker bets your farm, breaks the bank(s)
*  Walker, AG and legislature could give away what's not theirs:
Foxconn favors face WI Constitutional barrier
*  GOP Wi Attorney General Brad Schimel weighs in, pre-emptively and rhetorically.
Greenlight for Foxconn in WI AG's Tweet, rhetoric
*  Walker to convert Wisconsin to Wisconn without a constitutional convention, and if you don't like it, 'go suck lemons."
Walker to sacrifice DNR, PSC and WisDot integrity for 'Wisconn'
*  The cynical pot has his say.
Walker - - Gov. Cynicism - - decries Foxconn 'cynics'
*  Walker already has '18 campaign in Foxconn frame:
About Walker's '18 election Foxconn over-under
*  In Walker's Wisconsin, some blue-collar jobs are more important than others:
Walker touts Foxconn construction jobs, threw away Amtrak's
* Walker, Trump should become the new champions of Great Lakes preservation and climate change science: 
Great Lakes water lifts Foxconn deal
*  About jobs:
3,000 Foxconn jobs would not = 3,776 WI mfg. jobs lost in '16
*  Are HB-5 $$-for-visas in the deal:
Are green cards for investment in a Foxconn-WI deal?
*  Public dollars needed:
How many WI dollars will Walker give super-wealthy Foxconn?
*  When Foxconn stiffed another state:
If you've got Foxconn fever, remember Pennsylvania's hangover
*  Vos blocked transit Foxconn workers could have used:
Vos' long transit blockade does not help Racine's Foxconn future
* Walker killed Amtrak service Foxconn might have loved: 
Amtrak line killed by Walker could have fed Foxconn


Monday, August 21, 2017

Paul Ryan enables Trump's hate by refusing to say his name

Still coddling the fringe - - or is it the heart - - of the WI GOP base?

So pathetic that wimps like Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan's official Speaker photo. In the background is the American Flag.
and others in the Party of Lincoln and representing state in which the GOP was founded will not name and say"Donald Trump" wrongly equated neo-nazis, Klansmen and anti-semites with people protesting neo-nazis, Klansmen and anti-semites.

Ryan & Co. are playing a waiting game, hoping this blows over.

It will not.

Because the racists are here, and they will be back, and their hateful consequences will further embed themselves on Ryan, Walker and Ron Johnson's Wisconsin doorsteps.

If you hate NASA, EPA, go all the way with it

Thursday's Kohler golf course 'open house' site changed

Two important things about Thursday's 'open house'-not-a-hearing-meeting on the proposed Kohler golf course at its newly-mapped location after being annexed at the request of Kohler interests to the City of Sheboygan to suppress opposition in the Town of Wilson where the land in question -  a nature preserve - - was located.

The location has been changed:
The meeting had originally been scheduled to be held at Sheboygan Falls High School. The open house will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. in "The Commons" at the UW-Sheboygan, One University Drive, Sheboygan.
People can still press for a hearing where positions would be defended and a record established.

The DNR notes there is a public comment period ending September 8th on proposed changes to the adjoining state park master plan to accommodate the golf course - - 

- - and the notice on the DNR's website and another here has the new location.

On Foxconn assurances, consider the sources & histories

Leading Wisconsin GOP officials keep saying that the Foxconn bill with its precedent-setting billions in taxpayer subsidies and unique waivers from environmental reviews and law will create huge numbers of jobs without harming the environment.

Make sure you consider those same officials' track records, statements and past performances when jobs, the environment and truth-telling were on the table.

* Both right-wing GOP Gov. Scott Walker and now-GOP Assembly Speaker and major Foxconn booster Robin Vos said in 2012 that Wisconsin was on the cusp of skyrocketing job growth:
Walker - - "I think you're going to see a tremendous takeoff."
       Vos - - "Our economy is going to take off like a rocket."

*  Those numbers never materialized; PolitiFact in 2014 ranked Walker's signature 250,000-new-jobs in four years pledges a "broken promise."

State employers added an estimated 53,400 jobs in 2014, pushing the total for his four-year term to 146,795. That's about 59 percent of the total Walker promised as a candidate.
*  Subsequent data reveal a seven-year Walker skyrocket dud:
The fourth quarter numbers for 2015 and 2016 from the BLS show Wisconsin added 38,077 and 11,548 jobs respectively. The 2016 growth numbers were the worst during Walker’s tenure and the worst since the economy rebounded after the 2008-’09 recession.
In total, Wisconsin has added a total of 179,778 private sector jobs during Walker’s near seven years as governor, which puts him 70,000 short of the pledged 250,000 new jobs.
*  On the environmental protection and water pollution front under Cathy Stepp, the DNR Secretary Walker installed because she had just "the chamber of commerce mentality" he was looking for, and with the desired results, well, there isn't one, a recent state audit found:
The audit found that enforcement actions of municipal and industrial wastewater permits declined from 2005 through 2014. The auditors, using the DNR’s own standards, also found the agency failed to issue violation notices nearly 6% of the time in 558 cases they examined.
In addition, it turned up backlogs: The DNR did inspections of 17 large farms — 6.5% of the total — after permits had already been re-issued.
*  Stepp has never hidden her pro-industry biases, so offered up a patented smiley-faced big business analyses to spin a dramatic declining in pollution fines during her tenure:
I would say I think it's good news that those numbers are going down.
*  Finally, I said this weekend it was important to get to the bottom of a) who decided to withhold from legislators and the public prior to the Assembly's rushed approval vote Thursday job projection data from Foxconn that were far below the 13,000 new jobs now touted by Walker, and b) how that number grew almost 5,000 to 13,000 from 8,240.

There is precedent for Walker withholding public records from media and the public when those records would cast him and his big-picture budgeting and policy-making in a negative light.

Remember when Walker tried to quietly wipe out the historic, public-service Wisconsin Idea from the UW System's mission, first claiming when the news hit the fan that it was due to "a drafting error" before saying to was all the UW administration's idea - - both of which were proven false after Walker was forced by a court order to release records he'd withheld which showed it was his idea all along:
Records: Scott Walker wanted Wisconsin Idea changes

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Put Foxconn on hold until Walker explains data suppression

Every Wisconsin legislator and local official sworn to protecting honest and open government, environmental law and taxpayer money absolutely should slow down the Foxconn deal
Image result for yellow traffic light
until they know know they are getting a straight story, forthcoming advice, accurate data and unfiltered facts.

Public officials in Wisconsin who continue to move the Foxconn deal forward without these fundamental assurances would do so in flagrant disregard of significant disclosures in Thursday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that throw into doubt the validity of Walker's varying claims the deal will create 13,000, or up to 13,000 jobs.

It is the key round number repeated through the process which underpins the entire, precedent-setting $3 billion subsidy-and-environmental waiver-laden package for Foxconn and which helped move it through the Assembly.

Will Wisconsin officials will risk their credibility, the people's treasury, and up to 26 years of public services and stable budgets by ignoring these stunning disclosures by Journal Sentinel:
On Thursday, an older version of a previously released state report surfaced...The report by consulting firm Baker Tilly Virchow Krause was paid for by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., which had previously denied an open records request by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for the document by saying it was a draft.
The document reports the plant would create a maximum of 8,260 jobs rather than 13,000.
Now stop right there. So is it 13,000 jobs or 8,260 jobs? How, when and why the difference?

And why didn't the WEDC respond in a timely fashion under state law for a document paid for by taxpayers?

Was it because the report contained the much smaller jobs projection and therefore projected a much smaller per-job public taxpayer subsidy - - a basic question central to the wisdom of the entire deal? 

And the Journal Sentinel story also contained two more troubling disclosures: 

The study also projects that a larger share of the jobs building and running the plant would go to out-of-state workers. Baker Tilly changed those assumptions and findings in a newer version of the report that was released to the Journal Sentinel on Monday
And the official explanations about data and times lines and outcomes raised more questions which beg for better answers: 
WEDC spokesman Mark Maley said the nearly 5,000 additional workers in the new report were due to Foxconn increasing its hiring plans. Maley would not say whether that was due to changes in the company's plans for the factory or because the state had offered more incentives. 
You cannot overstate the important of these disclosures, nor overstate the need for complete clarity and unvarnished information from Walker and his administration before another affirmative for Foxconn is taken. 

The Joint Finance Committee meets for a Foxconn hearing on Tuesday in Sturtevant at 11 a.m. at the SC Johnson iMET Center at 2320 Renaissance Blvd. 

Regrettably the committee does not take sworn testimony, but every state official who had a hand in the report should be compelled to answer questions as the lead-off witnesses, and every private sector individual who participated in this process should be strongly encouraged to speak.

And it will be dereliction of duty if representatives of the Dane County District Attorney's Office and the Wisconsin Justice Department are not there to make recordings and take copious notes, though Wisconsin GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel had quickly Tweeted, as I'd noted in a post included in a growing Foxconn archive, his support for the Foxconn deal and Walker's claim without qualification that 13,000 jobs were coming to Wisconsin:

 Jul 27 Workers succeed and the economy thrives when we value individual freedom and opportunity above over-regulation and big government.
Schimel's Tweet came just one day after Walker framed the discussion by saying  Foxconn was creating 13,000 jobs Wisconsin, without any 'up to' qualification:
  Jul 26More Foxconn is bringing 13,000 high-tech jobs to Wisconsin -- the biggest jobs announcement in our state’s history!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Republicans keep failing American Moral Leadership 101

First it was Trump unable to grasp or care about the difference between racists and the people protesting racists.

Now the Washington Post says Republicans leaders can't choose between denouncing Trump's moral failure and hoping yet to get something out of him, like, say another tax cut that's designed to strip revenue from the government and make government's alleged shortcomings a partisan, inequity-reinforcing and self-fulfilling prophecy.

A failure of will and principle that has made Republicans in the Wisconsin where the GOP was founded look unfit to have inherited the Party of Lincoln.

Racism and anti-semitism and neo-nazism and white supremacy are wrong, wrong, wrong, and people who can't get it right have to be condemned, by name, especially if the person getting it wrong is the President of the United States in the year 2017

This should be the easiest choice any American and certainly any and every United States politician will ever have to make.

Honestly, Scott Waller, Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson:
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
what is wrong with you?

Robin Vos trivialized $3 billion, ignored shocking jobs info

Did you notice this claim made by GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos after the Foxconn bill sailed through his chamber Thursday after a single, stage-managed 'public' hearing and less than a month after Foxconn announced its factory-construction plan? 
"It’s no different than how we’ve done economic development in Wisconsin for other companies,” Vos said.
Picture of Representative Robin VosHere is a list of the "other companies" which have received similar Wisconsin development packages that include Foxconn-level state cash payments and tax forgiveness of $3 billion, a 26-year break-even schedule for taxpayers, substantial additional levels of local taxpayer assistance - - all approved by the Assembly prior to the completion of routine public-sector and local government fiscal vetting - - and unique waivers of state environmental law and procedures to allow a company to discharge waste, fill wetlands, build into lakes and divert streams.

Though - - the Assembly voted to provide these 'incentives' despite a weakly-explained boost of 60% in the number of projected jobs created by the incentive package that was contained in a state-paid consultant report prepared in July which the state did not release in a timely fashion, according to the Journal Sentinel. 
The report by consulting firm Baker Tilly Virchow Krause was paid for by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., which had previously denied an open records request by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for the document by saying it was a draft.
The document reports the plant would create a maximum of 8,260 jobs rather than 13,000.
The study also projects that a larger share of the jobs building and running the plant would go to out-of-state workers. Baker Tilly changed those assumptions and findings in a newer version of the report that was released to the Journal Sentinel on Monday
Oh - - here's the list of the "other companies" Vos no doubt was referencing:

(Hint: there are none.)

Calling PolitiFact...

Friday, August 18, 2017

A wimpy Walker again won't link "Trump" to #Charlottesville

As noted here earlier, GOP WI Coward-in-Chief Scott Walker again has declined to use the word "Trump" when criticizing the murderous outbreak of racism and antisemitism last weekend in Charlottesville:
"What I have said and I'll repeat here - you've heard me say before since last Saturday is - both personally and on behalf of the people of this state, I unequivocally denounce any and all actions of hate and bigotry."
So Walker will "denounce any and all actions of hate and bigotry" - - how brave is that for a state's chief executive? - - but steadfastly refuses to condemn or link in any way the sitting President who has fuels and excuses that same "hate and bigotry."

Which took a life, damaged others and has sown the seeds of more violence down the road.

And ditto for Walker's cowardly companions Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson, giving Wisconsin a sick first-place standing when it comes to enabling Trump's worst "actions of hate and bigotry." 

Such is the new GOP Wisconsin Idea where the Party of Lincoln was born.

Silence gives consent. 

Wisconsin is ground zero for Trump enabling, GOP cowardice

The Republican Party was born in Wisconsin, so there's a karmic symmetry to  GOP leaders here speeding its death spiral.

As neither GOP US House Speaker WI Congressman Paul Ryan, Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker or Wisconsin GOP senior US Senator Ron Johnson will criticize Donald Trump by name
Donald Trump Pentagon 2017.jpg
for having used the Presidency to equate torch-wielding, hate-spewing, assaultive and murderous neo-nazis and anti-semites with those who gathered to protest the bigotry and hate.

It's a cowardly continuation of the cover and coddling in which Ryan/Walker/Johnson swaddled Trump throughout his ugly, name-calling and brutish campaign even after Trump had encouraged his crowds to "knock the crap" out of protesters and bragged he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City with complete impunity.

The Ryan/Walker.Johnson strategy: count on voters' short attention spans, trust that events overtake this latest but by no means final iteration of Trump's menace and madness, pretend Trump isn't their party's leader and that they didn't help normalize and elect him ('Hillary's emails!! OMG!!'), and let things blow over.

Don't let it happen.

The country can't risk it, because the next time Trump's neo-nazi supporters provoke violence they may not be satisfied with a single killer taking just one life with a car.

Green? WI GOP likes brown, orange, perhaps blackish, 'sudsy'

You've read abut brown water events in Kewaunee County that have nothing to do with spills of talking about chocolate milk.

Well, get out your color chart, and more filters, Bucky, as our green legacy and precious blue waters

Lake Michigan 
could have a new range of tints and taints.

While our right wing GOP Gov. and willing corporate captive Scott Walker has already positioned an intentionally-downgraded and redefined 'chamber of commerce mentality' Department of Natural Resources allied with well-connected industry insiders to let the taps run brown near those industrial-scale animal feeding and manure-making operations
and the GOP Attorney General, in cahoots with the GOP-run Legislature, has helped divert groundwater to big users and permanent privatization, Walker's  hand-picked legislative tool who had led the unsuccessful effort to clear-cut, dig up and fill the pristine Penokee Hills' streams and wetlands for open-pit iron mining and its toxic, sulfuric runoff is back at it again 

on the heels of the Assembly's award on Thursday of unique permissions enabling Foxconn to easily fill wetlands and discharge industrial waste.

Though Foxconn's waste dumping record includes known discharges, of, shall we say, multi-colored
water with a black-green color and a chemical odor have been dumped from both Foxconn and UniMicron plants into the Huangcangjing and Hanputang rivers -- which feed into the Yangtze and Huangpu rivers. “Sudsy” water is dumped from Foxconn twice a day.