Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WI GOP continues its dopey war on bikes

Crazy enough that Walker and his legislative majority have begun repealing a state law that provides for roadside bike trails and sidewalks along new major road projects; now these pettiest of uninformed politicians want to further discourage biking transportation, commuting and related, biking-friendly tourism  in the home state of the Trek Bicycle Company with a new tax on bikes.

And yes, that's the same Trek, from which Walker's last gubernatorial opponent arose. A coincidence, you say? Not for this vindictive crowd.


my5cents said...

What else can they repeal that's good for Wisconsin citizens. I'm sure they will think of something. Will they make it illegal to walk forcing everyone to go everywhere in a vehicle. If you want to walk you have to pay a tax? If what I am saying sounds crazy, what do you think what they are doing is? We are going backward at breakneck speed. Say good-bye to tourism.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to paying the "air tax."

Anonymous said...

Maybe Trek should leave WI.