Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Walker's state budget reprises his phony Milwaukee County budgeting

Here's how he plays the game: He deeply cuts a program - - this time, state educational TV, and there have been others (in the last budget, a smidgen returned to schools after budget #1's huge cuts), and we're not done yet - - and the legislators heroically add back a portion.

He gets to play the arch-fiscal conservative and perennially campaigning 'friend-of-the-taxpayer,' the legislators play the 'moderates, and the public, their programs and the staffers get the shaft.

This is how it went when he was County Exec. He'd cut to the bone, claim he'd crafted a zero-increase budget, Supervisors would add money back, Walker would sign it and then use the added base as the foundation for his next no-increase budget.

Smoke, mirrors and lies.


my5cents said...

Walker said he wanted to do for Wisconsin what he did for Milwaukee county, but not enough people paid attention. Now he says he wants to do for the U.S. as President what he has done for Wisconsin. I hope people are now paying attention.

Anonymous said...

They restored half of the public broadcasting budget. Half.Because they can. Because they hate education. Because they hate Wisconsin.

my5cents said...

The only reason any of these things are being cut from the budget is to give Corporations tax breaks and tax credits (refunds to companies who paid zero taxes to begin with). Those tax cuts for factory owners are now nearly twice what was originally projected and yet Walker will not reduce that tax cut. He will sacrifice anything else to be able to give companies and corporations tax-free operations in Wisconsin.