Wednesday, May 13, 2015

If it's Wednesday, it must be Walker Falsehood day

Talk radio fan that he is, "False" is Walker's #1 PolitiFact rating. People in Wisconsin have seen it all before.
Scott Walker says Barack Obama has never been to the Texas-Mexico border as president



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Nothing on the Robinson story? No leadership by our governor would be one angle -- but this is a national story. The decision not to charge officer does not stand up to scrutiny. The video evidence from the squad dash is clear -- Tony Robinson was laying prone on his back with his foot out the door, toes up, when what appears to have been a "kill shot" was fired.

Even if one accepts the story up to the 6 shots (and there is reason to ask questions, the family will file a lawsuit and reveal more) enhancements to the squad car dash-cam reveal that the 7th shot was inexcusable. Tony Robinson could not have been a threat when Officer Kenny administered the final close range, downward final shot.