Saturday, May 16, 2015

Look for Walker at convention to tout Mid-East experience, not "crap budget"

[Updated, correction] Oh, my bad. I forgot that we're dealing with the Narcissist-In-Chief, so he'll just talk about himself]:
  1. . reiterates he was the "number one target in America" in 2014 election.

Would make sense in WalkerWorld for Walker to play the Mid-East chickenhawk at his brief stop in Wisconsin this morning at the state GOP convention, avoiding much mention of his retreat on the failed jobs agency WEDC he chairs, or the "crap budget" described by at least one Republican legislator forced into rewriting and taking the heat for it.

In a normal year, Walker might use the occasion to lobby for the budget, but these are not normal times, as Walker's is campaigning for President while failing job growth and middle-class evaporation here give the lie any claims of home-state achievements.


Anonymous said...

The spineless Governor asks the Legislature to fix the WEDC problem he created and presided over as Chair. If I was in the Legislature, I would tell Governor Walker go take a flying leap into...Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Would Walker survive another recall?

It certainly would be a "distraction",

He didn't want distractions... until he got re-elected.

my5cents said...

I makes a person wonder when people will finally realize that Walker is all smoke and mirrors. He talks a good talk but he can't walk a good walk. He may be an idea man, but he does not have the tools to either implement the ideas or the talent to hire people who can. As I said, "All smoke and mirrors."