Thursday, May 21, 2015

Scott Walker could lose one of his jobs in jobs-challenged WI

Talk about a bad news-for-Walker day on the jobs front.

Just as the final numbers confirm that he only managed to create about half the promised 250,000 new jobs he made the central promise and premise of his 2010 campaign for Governor, it is reported that legislators from his own party are moving to boot him off the scandal-ridden, poorly-managed jobs'-agency he chairs, too.

So we won't have Walker as Board Chairman of the Floundering Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to kick around anymore, but it will fun to remind people why someone else is in his chair. Call it a matter of "leadership."

More on the bad jobs numbers and the implications for Wisconsin's struggling economy.


Anonymous said...

Great, remove and LITIGATE! Some smart tough lawyer must want an opportunity to serve the public interest by filing breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits on behalf of us taxpayers.

my5cents said...

I remember reading time and again in late 2009 that even if no one did anything Wisconsin's jobs would bounce back and gain 250,000 jobs by the end of 2014. Unfortunately, Walker couldn't leave it alone and his policies prohibited job growth. So, here we are the laughing stock of the country and no jobs. His 4.4 unemployment rate is a fallacy because many who couldn't find jobs have either quit looking or have left the state to look for work elsewhere. I recently read that if you included those unemployed no longer looking for work the actual rate would be about 5.2%

Anonymous said...

It appears this chicken s#$* so called leader asked to be removed. He is cutting and running from the very agency that he created and chaired and promised would be the economic savior for Wisconsin. I guess his claim of not being intimidated was just more blowing smoke. Real leaders don't run and hide when problems arise or times get tough. They stand up and lead, they find solutions and most of all they stand before the people and take on the hard questions and provide truthful answers. Not Scott Walker, he asks to be relieved of his duties and to not have to accept responsibility for the failure and corruption of the signature agency that he created and chaired. This is the very same leader who hid in the Capitol tunnels when the Act 10 protestors arrived. Folks this man is not a leader. He may be an intimidator but he is far from not being intimidated. When times get tough he runs and hides or stands behind others and lets them face the consequences.