Friday, May 22, 2015

Walker cares not that GOP legislators killed his elderly tax

Forcing the elderly by state law to pay more for prescription drugs was even too much for Scott Walker's increasingly disloyal GOP-led legislature, but Walker could care less, just as he doesn't care if the same legislators rolled back his plan to neuter the Natural Resources Board, or whether the feds block his plan to drug-test public aid recipients..

He kicked Wisconsin to the curb months ago, having openly made his national ambition priority #1. As I wrote six months ago:
Let's be clear about why Scott Walker says and does anything from now on: 
His audience is national, not local. How does the curb feel, Bucky, now that Walker's not that into you? 
More to the point - - Walker's audience now - - and actually since the 2007 conservative summit meeting along the shores of Lake Michigan about which the media, other than, refuses to report - - is the hardest, rightist core of activists and voters in the Republican and Tea Parties, and their loyalties for 2016.
Think of Walker as that self-absorbed, pampered baseball player who is getting a tryout with the big club, and is finally flying first class and getting the big meal money and air time on Sports Center. Do you think he remembers the fans in those minor league parks who got his autograph for free on $1 hot dog night?

So whether people in the state are mad at him for raising overnight camping fees in state parks, for example, or have finally figured out that some of the funding they need to fix the roof on their rural elementary school will end up paying for other kids' private schools in Milwaukee?

Walker is so far beyond such political minutiae.

He's hobnobbing with world leaders, now, and is accepting the cheers of right wing audiences from Iowa to South Carolina to Arizona and even feels free enough to threaten to attack someone though he doesn't yet and should never have have his finger on the red button.


Bea said...

Grammar police say:
but Walker could[n't] care less ...
Because you know damn well if he could, he would.

jg said...

I agree completely. He has his big and bold talking points, and now he is distancing himself from the aftermath of what he did to get those talking points.

And he's certainly not going to get into a squabble with lowly state level legislators over something from his past. That would just diminish the image his team has been cultivating of Walker as a heavyweight on the world stage...

"Fitzgerald? Vos? I don't know those names- are they donors?... Is the jet ready? Ask the chef what's on the menu tonight... and send Grover in..."

Sue said...

"now he is distancing himself from the aftermath of what he did to get those talking points"
Where's that editorial cartoon showing him running for governor, standing in front of a big Walker sign that's hiding all the crap he did in Milwaukee County? It needs to be updated.