Thursday, May 28, 2015

Will we hear about an activist WI Leg. Fiscal Bureau?

The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau is being criticized by a leading school choice advocate over the agency's estimate of the extent of the likely, expanded income transfer to private, religious choice schools from public education funding - - in other words, criticized for doing its job.
Sending thousands more students to private, religious schools under an expansion of Wisconsin's statewide voucher program could shift $600 million to $800 million out of public schools over the next decade, according to an analysis from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.
"I'm a little bit surprised the fiscal bureau put this memo out," said Jim Bender, president of School Choice Wisconsin. "Normally, they don't say, 'We're going to take a purely speculative run and just guess at the numbers.'"
.Here's how the agency's website explains itself:


Anonymous said...

lol. Like everything else in FitzWalkerstan, when they are agree with you, you are "the highly respected LFB." When they don't you are an evil activist.

Anonymous said...

This goes to show all Wisconsin voters that if they want to keep their public schools, for that matter if they want to keep Wisconsin as they once knew it these Republican legislators MUST be turned out of office in the 2016 elections. It is now obviously clear that Walker and friends are dead serious about ending public education as their KOCH brother supporters are demanding!

tomkraj said...

Have watched and worked with Fiscal Bureau for 43 years. They don't do guesses.