Thursday, May 21, 2015

Walker threatens someone; duck and cover, Minnesota

When I began seeing Internet posts from Oklahoma tonight about Walker threatening "pre-emptive strikes," I figured somebody beat him to a $1 sweater at the Tulsa Kohl's Department store, or that Minnesota is gonna pay for making Walker's economic planning look like the dud it is.
Such as the falling rocket-propelled arrows stuck in Hatay
He certainly wouldn't already be off the rails at this early stage in the non-campaign campaign, would he, channeling Dr. Strangelove to outflank fellow lightweights Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal, and with only a recent helicopter tour of Israel and the defeat of public school teachers on his wartime resume?

But it seems that Eagle Scout #1 is indeed doing some pre-emptive saber-rattling against foes unstated, in the face of threats unspecified.

If I lived in better-performing Minnesota that's already within range of the Wisconsin National Guard howitzers, I'd be be nervous.


Sue said...

Would those preemptive strikes be 'surgical' or 'boots on the ground'?
Oh, I forgot, he doesn't realize that those are two different things.
Next question - whose children get to carry out his mission? He's got a couple of his own and I hear his friend Josh Duggar is recently out of a job. But besides those folks, there is developing in the US a marked shortage of other people's children willing to become IED fodder and then come home to find the promised thanks of a grateful nation on the block in the latest round of budget cuts or political grandstanding.

Anonymous said...

If God is telling Scott Walker to smite people dead, then only those that follow Satan would question The Lord's Will.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has written highly-informative, detailed, and accurate reports that Scott Walker talks directly to God about everything he does. Everything Scott Walker does is what God has told him to do.

Everyone should get out of the way and let Scott Walker to The Lord's Work.

Anonymous said...


Scott Walker, being the Holy and Humble Servant to Our Lord that he is will use the Children of God to kill anyone that opposes him, including Democratic voters in Wisconsin and those that signed recall petitions. God is telling him to do this.

Anonymous said...

I guess he needs a distraction from his horrible jobs numbers and being fired from WEDC by fellow Republicans.