Monday, May 18, 2015

Walker defunding WI State Parks, his DNR still touting them

I've lost count of the mixed messages in these DNR Clean Air Tips of the Week. Here's another about the state parks where Walker is cutting state operating support and drastically raising the fees.
For the week of May 17, 2015:
Clean Air Tip of the Week
As summer approaches and children finish school, many families are planning their summer getaways.  Wisconsin State Parks offer a variety of experiences and activities nestled throughout the state in some of the most unique and sought out locations Wisconsin has to offer! While out enjoying our natural resources, check the air quality forecast by visiting the DNR homepage and clicking on the "today's air quality" button.


Anonymous said...

So God told Scott Walker to ditch the state parks. Got a problem with it?

Take it up with The Lord. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says Gov. Scott Walker does everything in consultation with God.

my5cents said...

So when they get to the parks with their limited funds and find out they can't afford to take their kids in the park, then what? So much for the poor person's family vacation. Just keep taxing the poor and then wonder why there is violence in the streets when they can't afford to get away on a vacation they used to be able to afford. Republicans are very ignorant people. Sorry, but sometimes the cynical just has to come out.

Anonymous said...

Ripon, the birthplace of the Republican Party is losing 300 jobs:

Cookie plant in Ripon to close

Several years ago, Republican insiders took advantage of Ripon and promoted a scam to redevelop the downtown (Watson Street). The money was suppose to be placed in a trust and virtually every building was to be modernized and the city was even promised a skywalk and museum!

The downtown was essentially shut down as businesses were forced to move out of the buildings that were to be rehabbed. Then the money ran out. The developments stopped and Ripon has had an empty trashy looking downtown ever since.

And now, one of their major employers is shutting down and letting everyone go.

Anonymous said...

So don't expect a lot of Ripon folks to pony up higher fees to visit state parks that are not going to be properly maintained anyhow.