Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Walker and moral authority

Walker has invoked morality - - yes, I know, it defies all reason (WEDC thievery, Medicaid refusal, pollution enabling, John Does, degrading the poor with drug tests, fact-checking that keeps registering "False" - - but here's a reminder that we've covered the subject thematically, and specifically, within weeks of Walker's swearing-in.
Among Scott Walker's Deficits: Moral Authority


Anonymous said...

Walker and the Legislature are putting our most vulnerable children on block the for sale, to his donors and profiteers. Offering them to sub standard, schools for profit. Children who have many needs, physical, psychological, social and emotional. Children to be taught by unlicensed, UN-educated, quasi teachers, who walk in off the street. Under voucher schools they will not be protected by federal laws and standards to protect them. It is criminal. But what else would we expect from Governor Walker!

Anonymous said...

When God tells you to steal, it is not a sin and it is the only moral thing to do. I don't know why God tells Scott Walker to steal, "Thou Shall Not Steal" is one of the 10 commandments.

But Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Scott Walker talks to God about everything he does and only does the The Lord wants him to do.

God is also telling Scott Walker to kill the poor by denying them adequate food, clothing, shelter, and health care. I guess God has had enough of that Jesus crap and is using God as his servant to re-write the new testament.

And he is also telling Scott Walker to steal.

my5cents said...

A continuation of pushing all the money to the top. Whatever happened to desegregation? That's another social change that people died for. Now it is being tossed to the wind to make the rich richer? We have some very sick minds out there running our government. Better heads must prevail.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly nothing in the JFC voucher support about accountability. Apparently the Commissioner will be the cheerleader and tell the public repeatedly that the voucher schools are meeting expectations and profits are good!

my5cents said...

To Anon 8:57 -- This is the information I had saved from April on school accountability. Unless they have attempted resolving these issues, this is still where it stands. I forgot to copy the link to this story in my notes, but believe it was posted on http://host.madison.com/.

Quote: "Waste, fraud and abuse in taxpayer-subsidized program to continue
By Jennifer Shilling - Apr 28th, 2015 01:23 pm
MADISON – Republicans appear unable to reach a consensus to reign in waste, fraud and abuse in Gov. Walker’s taxpayer-subsidized voucher program. According to media sources, Republican leaders plan to move forward with Gov. Walker’s voucher expansion without addressing the need for more taxpayer accountability protections."

Anonymous said...

2 Completely Falls Scott Walker PolitiFact ratings in a row:

Scott Walker says Thomas Jefferson said "that government is best which governs least." False


Scott Walker says that as president, Barack Obama has not gone to the Texas-Mexico border. False


Scotty's lies make baby Jesus cry.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker uses God as part of his pitch because it resonates with conservatives and makes him "likable". Walker is excellent at using God convincingly and has been able to sway the conservative Christians to vote for him. Walker isn't going to expose his ruse - it is too effective. When God is your wingman...you can get anything you want. And Walker will. He'll take the White House by any means necessary.