Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another photo op - - the big one! - - on Walker's no-photo op Israel trip

[Updated] As I said the other day, you have to decode Walker and turn his language upside down to get to the truth. When he said his Israel trip was "not a photo op," that was WalkerSpeak for 'it's a photo op, dummies.'

And the the self-serving photos are on his Twitter feed, and get ready to see them in his campaign ads.

In fact, Israeli media are calling it like it is, since it knows a photo op when it sees it:
Gov. Walker Visits Kotel in Likely Pre-Election Campaign Photo-Op
And, yes, mine were easy predictions, but for the record:
*  Walker will be photographed with Bibi Netanyahu. There are campaign ads and leaflets to fill out... 
*  Walker will discover and love the Yamulke, though I do not see them for sale on the Kohl's website. 


Anonymous said...

So how much did that pic coat Wisconsin taxpayers?

Anonymous said...


Didn't know you get to shake bibi's hand and get a pic with the FUNJET ISRAEL TOUR PACKAGE.

I know this is costin' state taxpayers a bundle, but at least Scotty is getting our money's worth.

Anonymous said...

They sort of look alike. Creepy.