Friday, May 15, 2015

Walker concedes ineptitude, defeat on WEDC lending

Walker to aides today, perhaps:
So this so-called "lending?" What is that, exactly? 
So after two negative audits showing that the jobs agency Walker created and chairs as part of his failed plan to create 250,000 new jobs could not keep track of its loans, or make sure the applicants qualified, or filed their paperwork - - really, how hard is what is usually called banking - -  Walker is 'fixing' the problem by ending the agency's ability to make loans.

That's a solution? Quitting? He can't find competent managers, loan officers and competent staff?

This would like leasing a new car, then taking it back for repairs to the dealer who leased it to you and having the boss himself come out and say, 'you know, this car leasing business is a total mystery. I'm going to get out of the business altogether. Problem solved.'

Actually, the only problem this solves is Walker's political exposure as WEDC creator and chairman.

No doubt he will share this decision with the Iowa voters tomorrow he's been courting and providing full disclosure.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it. He isn't in anything for the long term.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Heck, the budget bill wants to end oversight of many of these loans (can't be past due if there's no oversight, right?). And it had no criteria for handing out the $55 million in loans.

I agree that we need to ask where this $55mil would go to, and how it would be determined. I'm betting this has a whole lot more to do with Scotty's approval reaching "Dubya in 2007" levels than there being an actual bill that's been thought through and ready to be introduced.

Such a thoughtful, "Unintimidated" group, aren't they?

MadCityVoter said...

The great thing about handing out "tax breaks" instead of loans is that no one keeps track of 'em (they were never real money to start with, right?) and no one expects the recipient to pay them back. Plus a great applause line for the stump speech: "I lowered taxes!" Just be sure to move quickly to another subject before the applause dies down, before people start to wonder what for, and for how much, and to who.

my5cents said...

That's the typical response Walker has always had to things he can't get to work right. Remember he dumped the department of economic development onto the city of Milwaukee, and the CHIPs program got dumped on the state because he either couldn't deal with them or or didn't know how to get them to work. I wondered what he would do at the state level when things didn't work and there was no place to dump them. Now we know. Don't fix the problem, just stop what you were trying to do. Cut out that function rather than hiring competent people. That's his answer to everything and anything that doesn't work. At the federal level I can guarantee you he would dump everything onto the states that he doesn't want to deal with or support 100%.

Raven said...

"That's the typical response Walker has always had to things he can't get to work right."

Beg off, and let someone else take care of the mess. — What a wanker!

Anonymous said...

Will a second recall be launched against Walker?

nonheroicvet said...

It's the Walker MO - cut and run