Saturday, May 16, 2015

Walker said Israel trip 'not photo op,' newspaper runs his Twitter photo page one

Editors at the Journal Sentinel chose to illustrate a story about Walker's absences from Wisconsin with a hard copy edition/page one/above the fold photo posted by Walker on his campaign Twitter feed after his return from the trip to Israel Walker had earlier said was "not a photo op."

I noted the contradiction between Walker's "not a photo op" statement and his repetitive photo Tweeting from Israel, but someone at the Journal Sentinel gave Walker what he really wanted.


Anonymous said...

MJS is a subsidiary of Walker Inc.

Anonymous said...

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel hasn't been awarded a Pulitzer Prize since 2011, the year they helped propel Scott Walker to office and started carrying water for him.

MJS has failed the citizens of Wisconsin -- what a sorry excuse for a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Just more MJS propaganda, but no one has published more pro-Walker propaganda than MJS. And when MJS publishes the rest of the pro-Walker propaganda, the rest of the state does likewise, because they lead the rightwing media echo-chamber.

This is the newspaper that republished essentially word-for-word Koch brothers' sponsored lies about Mary Burke was fired from TREK. Until this last-minute "October Surprise" (propaganda) polls showed Mary Burke in a dead-heat and within the margin of error of Scott Walker.

MJS is showing their true colors today, but remember, they literally stole the November 2014 election with pro-Walker propaganda. This is who MJS is.

Jim Bouman said...

Journal and Sentinel journalists and editors of the past made me listen for the thump of two daily newspapers hitting the porch--one at 6:30 AM, the other at supper time.
Bill Janz, Sanders, Paul Hayes, Sandy Cota, Wade Mosby, Jean Otto, Dan Patrinos, Drew and perhaps dozen more...were favorites of mine.
I do not pay for a subscription. I do need to check the obits a couple times a week and appreciate the availability of a no-cost edition that still looks like an actual newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Looks we know who's bought MJS.

There was a great, in-depth Wisconsin State Journal piece today about Walker's "I'll throw them under the bus" WEDC. Maybe the Madison dailies will step up.