Saturday, May 16, 2015

WI GOP/Ron Johnson mixed message about Feingold

. I created jobs. What did he do? He built government, he built it larger and more intrusive.
"All of us want a prosperous Wisconsin and America -- let's not start out conversations by questioning each other's motives"


Anonymous said...

Let's not question each others motives Johnson says, then he says Fiengold built government big. What jobs has Johnson brought to the state, NONE. He has done nothing for the people of Wisconsin in the way of legislation to help the middle class either. He was bought and paid for by the Koch brothers.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Really (mo)Ron? What jobs did you create 6 years ago.,,.at the company your FIL gifted to you....that didn't involve prison labor?

You run on that "I'm a former CEO and I know better than you" mentality in 2016, and enjoy your belting in 2016.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ron.

Looks like another campaign devoted to attacking the other candidate.

God forbid anyone should ask "Sunspots" and charter member of the Flat Earth Society about what he's done in Congress with climate change.

That would be a huge gooseegg.

Raven said...

As with most bullies, what he means is, "Let's YOU not attack ME (see how peaceful I am, everyone!)... [while *I* attack YOU in the third person, i.e. behind your back]."