Sunday, May 31, 2015

On an excursion, Admiral Walker comes out against 'excursions'


He might have meant "incursions," but who knows - - he's already mistaken "Molotov" for "Mazel Tov." 

What is wrong with his brain? Look up the word:


a short trip or outing to some place, usually for a special purpose andwith the intention of a prompt return:
a pleasure excursion; a scientific excursion.
a trip on a train, ship, etc., at a reduced rate:
weekend excursions to mountain resorts.
the group of persons making such a journey:
an excursion of tourists.
And does Walker understand how ridiculous he sounds when he makes remarks about US military actions "excursions" abroad while he's on an actual excursion - - a New Hampshire boating trip - - - - while on one of his many recent excursions t from Wisconsin, fitting the definition of an excursion to a "t."

Again, for the record:

He's not for "open-ended excursions," he told GOP activists on a sunset cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee.
Do we really want a US Presidency this devalued? 

And, Wisconsin, are we getting full value from our absentee Governor for the $12,000+ we pay him every month when he's off on these cross-country and overseas excursions?


Anonymous said...

Walker is so out of his league. Back to military vocabulary school for you Scooter!

Anonymous said...

How shallow our society has become, that someone as unqualified and unethical as Scott Walker is even mentioned as a presidential candidate. Our founding fathers must be twirling in their graves (not to mention the countless others who sacrificed their lives in service to our country).

Anonymous said...

If God told Scott Walker we need to, as a nation, go on short trips or outing to kill people; then that is The Lord's Will. We all know from the copious reports in our news media that Scott Walker talks to God about everything and God tells Scott Walker what to do.

Why do heathens and the unholy want to make this all about Scott Walker instead of the Divine Inspiration and Righteousness he receives from Our Lord? All this post demonstrates is that, evidently, English is not God's native language, but he is still Our Lord.

my5cents said...

This is not the first time he's shown his lack of education and it won't be his last. This is what you get with an uneducated person and one who barely had a C average for the education he did manage to get (it doesn't usually take much to get a C grade in any school). As GW Bush once said and Walker should own up to, "I am not an intellectual." The "excursion" comment is what you get when Walker doesn't have a script in front of him that someone else wrote for him. Every time he speaks off the cuff, he messes it up. He is unqualified to be President of this country. The country deserves much better than Walker.

Raven said...

"Wisconsin, are we getting full value from our absentee Governor for the $12,000+ we pay him every month when he's off on these cross-country and overseas excursions?"

On the other hand, do we WANT "full value"? Or are we better off being spared his full attention, and thus his full depredations?