Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pity those helpless WI GOP Legislative 'leaders'

Like Walker who wasn't pushing union-bashing, wage-depressing 'right-to-work legislation,' but, big sigh, signed it anyway, GOP legislative leaders want you to believe that there's nothing they can do to control those darn kids in the caucus back benches who want to repeal a related law that sets a living wage for workers on major projects.

Jeepers: What's a powerless GOP legislative 'leader' to do?


Anonymous said...

WALKER SAID, "I'm not interested in seeing Right To Work legislation come across my desk." BEFORE he was re-elected. The Governor, now stumping to be POTUS, misled voters to get re-elected.

This guy will resign to stump full time before the next Marquette poll is out. But the last Marquette poll shows he's not POTUS supported in his own state.

He will sign any changes to prevailing wages laws that come his way. He can't stand folks who get dirt on their hands for a living.

Anonymous said...

Do the Republicans understand that the biggest losers in altering prevailing wage laws are the non-Union contractors? The most recent employment survey by Manpower said the hardest jobs to fill are construction jobs. Manpower is a non-union temporary help agency. How in the world will they (non-Union contractors) man the jobs they bid on if the job is bid bottom dollar and they have a labor shortage in the non-Union construction sector because wages are low, benefits don't compete, and unemployment rates are high when the economy is slow?

I bet this committee chair is going to need deep, deep pockets if he wants to keep his job.

Anonymous said...

He likes to "divide and conquer" but confuses that with governing. Anybody with power and selfish motives can "divide and conquer." It takes courage and compassion to be a leader of all people and to ensure that none are forgotten nor left behind. Walker lacks both courage and compassion but he has an abundance of ruthless ambition which he uses to plunder those he has left behind and forgotten with his policies.

my5cents said...

By all means, shrink the incomes of even more people in Wisconsin. What the heck, all of those minimum/low wage jobs you did create are really helping increase the revenues the state brings in. Lets cut those revenues some more and see where it gets you. How much dumber can the Republican legislators get anyway.