Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On Walker's 'no photo op' Israel trip, Walker posts 3rd photo

I'd noted the first two photos.  Here's today's:
Toured the future Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem, thanks Simon Wiesenthal Center. Very impressive -skw
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Anonymous said...

Since this trip is nothing more than a glorified tour that anyone with enough money could take, it shouldn't surprise anyone that it is one big photo-op. Nothing of substance is happening, though the pictures will be used as evidence that Scott Walker is a heavy-weight foreign policy expert now.

Anonymous said...

No, it will be reprised to say "it's working in wisconsin." He always when he lied about campaigning on Act 10 legislation gutting public service unions...."if you didn't see this coming, you've been living in a cave for the last two years.

Then, the very next 24 hour news cycle, he changes his lie to further the damaging lie to "you've been sleeping for the past two year."

Then the audacity, he changes it year again to further drive his lie to truthism... "you have'nt been paying attention."

Scott Walker, you are the most lying lier we have serving in the state of Wisconsin.

Unfortunate for us, and the states history, js (and other editorial boards) didn't have the respect of its readers, or the state citizens, to call him out - in a timely fashion.