Friday, May 22, 2015

Honoring my former colleague Don Walker on his passing

[Updated] People who worked with Don Walker at the newspaper, or who came into contact with him in his old neighborhood in Story Hill, or at City Hall where he did some of his late-career work before heading off to Marquette on a fellowship are all mourning the sudden death today of our pal Don Walker at age 62.

You don't get to work with many people who are always so fair-minded and friendly and fun to be around.  He was at the old Journal when I got there in 1983 and showed me the ropes. When they later made me an assistant Metropolitan Editor for a couple of years, Don was the assignment editor and bailed me out of too many jams to remember.

Everybody loved him and always wanted to be involved in his projects.

This is a tough one.

Here is the first story I've seen about it.

Also a very nice take in the paper by his friend Don Behm, then expanded by Crocker Stephenson.

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