Saturday, May 30, 2015

Meanwhile, Walker goofing around, spinning on NH cruise

His budget is roiling people and institutions across Wisconsin  - - here and here - - but absentee Governor Walker is yukking it up on a political and partisan lake cruise in New Hampshire while on the Wisconsin taxpayer dime.

Great report by Craig Gilbert shows Walker suggesting he is directing the budget long-distance - - as if that's what we pay him for - - while changing by softening his tune about attacking ISIS with fresh US boots on the ground.

And we need to call him on his claim, and it's not the first time, that he's won in "blue" Wisconsin, ignoring the four terms to which Republican Governor Tommy Thompson was elected, Republican Senator Ron Johsjon's incumbency, and the 5-3 majority of Wisconsin's House of Representatives seats held by the likes of Paul Ryan. Reid Ribble, F. James Sensenbrenner, Ryan Duffy and Glenn Grothman.

Not to mention the solid GOP majorities in the State Legislature - - majorities enjoyed by Walker for most of his 4.5 years in office.

Wisconsin is purple, tilting towards red these days and Walker's claim should be rated at least mostly false. Last year, PolitiFact rated a statement "false" by Rush Limbaugh that Wisconsin was one of the bluest states.


Anonymous said...

Who do you prefer for his running mate- MaryAnn or Ginger?

Anonymous said...

Why does God tell Scott Walker to be such an @sshat?