Saturday, October 21, 2017

Walker's '18 campaign baggage getting heavier

Watching WI GOP Gov. and faithful Trump servant Scott Walker withhold his formal re-election campaign announcement reminds me of a harried Dad at the airport baggage carousel.

Has anyone seen Ned's suitcase? Who has Molly's backpack? Can grandpa's van carry everything?

Scott Walker, campaigner-and-baggage-handler-in-chief.

*  Are you aware Ron Johnson & friends just voted to kill the deductibility of state and local taxes - - including property taxes - - from taxable federal income? You bet Walker and his consultants are trying to figure out how to spin it. More precisely, away from it.

Those are hugely important deductions for people in high-tax states like Wisconsin, but Trump needs to gather additional revenues to pay for bigger, long-sought giant tax cuts for the rich, leaving politicians like Walker holding the bag.

Walker may bob, weave and brag his way around this campaign land mine with word salad about the standard deduction - - which people who itemize don't take anyway.

And he'll remind people that he has modestly cut taxes for average filers (will he also feature his tax cuts that favored high-earners and businesses?) to the tune of a cup of coffee a week or a Happy Meal every month, but I don't think that's going to make people forget they won't be able to deduct their property and state tax payments if Trump and fellow WI GOP right-winger Sen. Ron Johnson prevail on behalf of the Koch & Friends who are making the demands.   

*  And it will be interesting to see how Walker explains to voters, especially seniors and working families who are pitching in for their elderly relatives' care that his pals Trump, Johnson and leading Congressional fiscal ideologue Paul Ryan want to slash billions from the Medicare and Medicaid programs which Trump pledged during the presidential campaign not to cut - - a campaign and candidacy which Walker supported:

Scott Walker Throws Support Behind Donald Trump in Convention Speech
But let's not suggest that all of Walker's campaign trail burdens are Trump's doing. 

Walker is the one whose administration has failed to stem the spread of chronic wasting disease in the state deer herd, and whose corporate servitude has led to an ever-expanding number of bills, laws, one-sided settlements and special favors to businesses that are filling wetlands and giving polluters a green light.

I don't think Walker can campaign in rural Wisconsin this fall on the strength of his ritual deer-stand photo and, then come springtime, his fishing season opener appearance as state natural resources are constantly on his chopping block.

Wisconsin deer stands and favorite streams these days are accessed on the second-worst roads in the nation which have deteriorated on Walker's watch

In Small Wisconsin Towns, paved roads return to gravel.
*  Walker also has to sell taxpayers statewide on the notion that the Foxconn deal isn't just a $3.74 billion public subsidy to a foreign-based company pledging to build and hire in the southeast corner of the state.

And to make voters forget that he's failed after nearly eight years in office to create the 250,000 new jobs he'd said would be a snap after just one, four-year term, as was reported earlier this year

The total number of jobs created since Walker took office is 185,208, or 64,792 short of Walker's goal of 250,000.
And that last year, Wisconsin showed little growth and had a net loss in manufacturing jobs, according to data released in May: 
Wisconsin lost manufacturing jobs in 2016, the first year that's happened since the Great Recession.
Detailed job numbers released Friday afternoon by the state Department of Workforce Development show Wisconsin lost 3,776 manufacturing jobs.
The job losses came at a time when Wisconsin was spending nearly $300 million a year to cut manufacturers’ income and corporate taxes in an effort to grow the state’s economy.
The same set of job numbers also showed overall hiring slowed in 2016 as the state added just 11,590 private sector jobs.
* Business startups haven't been going well, either. Actually, the Walker record is horrible: won't find him tweeting about this data-driven, 50-state comparative business ranking showing Wisconsin frozen in the 50th spot - - again - - in the always-significant business category: entrepreneurial, start-up activity. 
And we're approaching day five of a cover-up by Walker and his always-troubled Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation of just what was discovered at the 11th hour in the proposed giveaway agreement with Foxconn - - a summary post about the deal with dozens of links is here - - that is holding up contract signatures.

Walker likes to say that Wisconsin is open for business.

Apparently, "open" is open to interpretation.

Now, where's that baggage cart? Get an extra.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Scott Walker, clean-up on aisle '18

That the GOP/Walker-led WI government is maneuvering, spinning or burying some major public policy problems suggests that Walker's 2018 re-election announcement is imminent.

Call it the pre-campaign de-cluttering. Might work. Might not, but what's partisan and self-preserving will take precedence over the public interest when Walker and his allies are involved.

*  The DNR has settled a power play lawsuit on terms favorable to the special interest that brought it - - Big Dairy - - which means there will be more muck flowing from big CAFOs already running amok.

The dairy interests claimed that the DNR was over-regulating them even though state auditors had found multiple problems with DNR enforcement actions, and the term "nitrate nightmare" has shown up in recent new reporting in La Crosse.

In case you don't think the settlement was on Big Dairy's terms, read no further than the headline on the industry's reaction:
Dairy Business Association wins victory in settlement of lawsuit with state regulators
Though environmental organizations had petitioned to intervene in the litigation, so this may not be the end of the story.

*  Work continues behind the scenes to fix the multi-billion tax dollar and water rights giveaway contract the WEDC has delayed signing with Foxconn, and to date, WEDC has managed the story by a) keeping secret what has been FUBAR, and b) not using, so far as I can see, words which can never again be associated with Walker: "drafting error."

Though "cover up" does cover it.

*  And while the state touts awarding municipalities some federal funds for lead removal, I do not see any new state dollars to supplement already-insufficient state appropriations to address this critical public health activity in Walker's 2017-'19 state budget.

Final thought.

These issues are still rolls of the dice for Team Walker.

A pollution event at a big Wisconsin dairy operation or fresh findings of lead contamination in drinking water systems, given what is already known from Flint and other cities' experiences, won't make for great campaign optics.

And if the Foxconn contract 'fix' ever surfaces, a drafting error due to simple human or computing incompetencies would actually look better than someone in the Walker machine having inserted an unspeakably sour concession at public expense in what was already the sweetest deal for a business in state history.

Stay tuned.

A Foxconn Fever primer

[Updated continuously throughout July, August, September, and October] Foxconn wants to build in Wisconsin, so here is a growing archive of coverage and commentary on this blog, beginning with what's most recent:

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Note to NY Times: Foxconn is about Walker re-election. Then jobs.
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Walker's WI is model hard-right "chamber of commerce" state 
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Foxconn water diversion story needed more attention 
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Wis conned. GOP-led State Senate gives OK to unprecedented giveaways.
*  Not this special favor for Foxconn, this one!
WI GOP Senate Leader adds phantom judicial 'restriction' to Foxconn deal
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Foxconn headed for flood-prone Racine County
*  Foxconn might feel it's the one which got conned
For new WI mines, more env. giveaways than Foxconn got
*  Along with tax breaks, free highway work - - special Supreme Court access
WI GOP lawmakers hand Foxconn newer, bigger favor
* One potential Foxconn locale is struggling with the opportunity
With Foxconn looming, Mount Pleasant had a meltdown
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Add local taxpayers to school on cusp of Foxconning
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WI legislators, on educ. funding today, could show Foxconn effect 
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Go suck on $1 billion worth of lemons, Bucky
*  At least this time he didn't call you an ISIS fighter.
Vintage Walker uses Foxconn to flip off the people
*  A rushed project would not need so many corrections.
Another day, another Foxconn data correction.
*  GOP leaders Walker/Vos/Stepp have long failed job creation, environmental protection pledges.
On Foxconn assurances, consider the sources and histories
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Put Foxconn on hold until Walker explains data suppression
*  Robin Vos, reckless and feckless.
Robin Vos trivialized $3 billion, ignored shocking jobs info
*  Dispensing with clean blue water, green legacy. 
Green? WI GOP likes brown, orange, perhaps blackish and 'sudsy'
*  And the next shoe drops. 
Seeing Foxconn 'win, WI GOP env. wrecking crew eyes mining favors 
*  Walker, GOP laid Foxconn groundwork years ago.
Foxconn favors are basic to Walker, GOP's sloppy playbook
*  Walker evades leadership from #Foxconn to #Charlottesville.
On jobs, moral leadership, persistent Walker con
*  Reality, troubling numbers, no state budget mean nothing to GOP legislature.
GOP Foxconn votes proceed robotically as jobs, revenue estimates fall
* New Foxconn bill version, same environmental rollbacks, records show.
Amended Foxconn bill retains env. waivers, special privileges
*  Changing the rules to fit the players.

As WI, GOP change the rules for Foxconn, a reminder
*WI will subsidize Foxconn jobs paying nowhere near family-supporting wages.
WI now talking about <$15-per-hour Foxconn jobs
*  Now they're just wishing and hoping.
Witless Walker's farcical Foxconn fix
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Foxconn doubters turn their lonely eyes to...Scott Fitzgerald!
*  Foxconn is to get a pass from normal DNR reviews, which is fine with the DNR.
Stepp puts the DNR in on Foxconn env. evasion
*  Walker told his Foxconn critics to 'go suck lemons.' Then...
Sucking lemons - - or absorbing buyer's remorse - - for 26 sucking years
*  Walker's fake-news Foxconn projects are collapsing.
Foxconn taxpayer projections zoom, payroll benefits plunge
* No surprise that major WI polluting industry. wants env. exemptions.
If Foxconn is exempted from env. oversight, why not CAFOs?
Who's to say that Foxconn privileges won't be applied statewide?
And if environmental rules and laws are waived for Foxconn...  
* Does Michigan have better deal-makers than Wisconsin? 
Foxconn eyes Michigan for high tech development site
*  Water law expert says Foxconn environmental rollback endangers the deal.

Noted water law expert predicts WI officials' Foxconn 'bungle'
*  The Walker/WMC tag team.
Foxconn to locate at intersection of Walker and WMC avenues
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Wisconsin Biz lobby sneers at routine Wisconsin conservation guarantee
*  Walker never saw a wetland he didn't want filled.
Walker's giveaway Foxconn bill extends his war on wetlands
*  Zoo Interchange completion $$ rerouted to another project for Foxconn.
Because the I-94 Vos/Foxconn exit isn't in the Zoo Interchange
*  Foxconn process 'open,' says Walker after closed door briefing for GOP caucuses.
Walker opens 'open' Foxconn FavorFest behind closed doors
*  Walker, Ryan producing Foxconn political ads.
Walker giveth to Foxconn, taketh for his re-election
*  Walker would allow Foxconn 19th century 'environmental' practices.
'Wisconsin Valley' or Wisconsin, Inc. dead zone?
*  The Legislature pushed to re-create Wisconsin as Wisconsin, Inc.
Rushed Foxconn special session set for 11 a.m. August 1
*  SE WI communities should worry about what Walker wants to do with their budgets, tax collections:
For Foxconn, Walker bets your farm, breaks the bank(s)
*  Walker, AG and legislature could give away what's not theirs:
Foxconn favors face WI Constitutional barrier
*  GOP Wi Attorney General Brad Schimel weighs in, pre-emptively and rhetorically.
Greenlight for Foxconn in WI AG's Tweet, rhetoric
*  Walker to convert Wisconsin to Wisconn without a constitutional convention, and if you don't like it, 'go suck lemons."
Walker to sacrifice DNR, PSC and WisDot integrity for 'Wisconn'
*  The cynical pot has his say.
Walker - - Gov. Cynicism - - decries Foxconn 'cynics'
*  Walker already has '18 campaign in Foxconn frame:
About Walker's '18 election Foxconn over-under
*  In Walker's Wisconsin, some blue-collar jobs are more important than others:
Walker touts Foxconn construction jobs, threw away Amtrak's
* Walker, Trump should become the new champions of Great Lakes preservation and climate change science: 
Great Lakes water lifts Foxconn deal
*  About jobs:
3,000 Foxconn jobs would not = 3,776 WI mfg. jobs lost in '16
*  Are HB-5 $$-for-visas in the deal:
Are green cards for investment in a Foxconn-WI deal?
*  Public dollars needed:
How many WI dollars will Walker give super-wealthy Foxconn?
*  When Foxconn stiffed another state:
If you've got Foxconn fever, remember Pennsylvania's hangover
*  Vos blocked transit Foxconn workers could have used:
Vos' long transit blockade does not help Racine's Foxconn future
* Walker killed Amtrak service Foxconn might have loved: 
Amtrak line killed by Walker could have fed Foxconn


Thursday, October 19, 2017

More media focus on voter suppression WI knows too well

Props to Mother Jones for informing a national audience that Scott Walker's Voter ID law suppressed the 2016 election day turnout in Wisconsin and helped tip the outcome to Donald Trump. 
The state, which ranked second in the nation in voter participation in 2008 and 2012, saw its lowest turnout since 2000. More than half the state’s decline in turnout occurred in Milwaukee, which Clinton carried by a 77-18 margin, but where almost 41,000 fewer people voted in 2016 than in 2012...This is where Clinton lost the state and, with it, the larger narrative about the election.  
Neil Albrecht, Milwaukee’s election director, believes that the voter ID law and other changes passed by the Republican Legislature contributed significantly to lower turnout...
“I would estimate that 25 to 35 percent of the 41,000 decrease in voters, or somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 voters, likely did not vote due to the photo ID requirement,” he said later. “It is very probable that between the photo ID law and the changes to voter registration, enough people were prevented from voting to have changed the outcome of the presidential election in Wisconsin.”
But it is frustrating and galling to point out that this is not a new story.

It is frustrating and galling to point out that Wisconsin has known all too well the consequences of Walker and his allies contorted into law were predictable.

So frustrating and galling because the motives behind the voter suppressionistic tactics referenced by Mother Jones and Milwaukee election director Albrecht referenced were obvious to anyone who was paying attention when Republicans took control of the state after the November, 2010 elections.

I wrote at the time

Scott Fitzgerald wants voter photo ID because he knows there has been phantom voting by people using multiple ballots.
How does he know this?
The fortune teller who brings his weekly delivery of magic beans heard it from a unicorn - - and that's how legislation will be written in the new Legislature.
The newspaper finds his claim false.
Will this dissuade Fitzgerald from codifying voter photo ID, banning same-day registration and other voting suppression schemes designed to tamp down turnout in Democratic student and low-income wards?
Not a chance. Like the Amtrak like from Milwaukee to Madison that Scott Walker killed purportedly over the annual operating costs, voter photo ID and the related legislation is not about facts.
It's all about partisan advantage and power politics.
Opponents of Walker's Voter ID and the partisan mythology on which it was purportedly based tried over the years to frame the law as voter suppression; I find the phrase showing up 98 times on my blog, as this 2016 example again notes
National media reports show Wisconsin GOP led voting suppression 
[Updated from 3:26 p.m., 10/26] State officials ordered by federal judge to find ID-seekers improperly turned away at DMV offices; federal election oversight sought. 
[Updated from 5:30 p.m., 10/25] Our intentionally-corrupted state with Scott Walker at the helm is leading the news today. 
From The New York Times: 
And today, separately from a story spreading across the Internet originating with discoveries made by One Wisconsin Institute and published in The Nation: 
Walker policies and allies are throughout these stories.
Updated with past articles:
*  Behind closed doors, Republicans were giddy over voter ID's partisan opportunities. 
*  In a separate interview, Glenn Grothman, a former Wisconsin GOP state senator promoted to the US Congress said the voter ID law would help a Republican presidential candidate win Wisconsin this November. 
And Wisconsin Republicans and their allies have acknowledged using suppressionist laws and tactics for partisan benefit: 
Deep in a trove of leaked documents made public this week was the latest example of Republican candor over voter ID laws — this time in Wisconsin. 
There, as a tight race for election to the state’s Supreme Court came to a close in April 2011, conservative leaders wondered aloud how to respond should Justice David Prosser Jr. — a reliable opponent of legal challenges to the agenda of Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican — go down in defeat. 
A senior vice president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, Steve Baas, had a thought. “Do we need to start messaging ‘widespread reports of election fraud’ so we are positively set up for the recount regardless of the final number?” he wrote in an email on April 6 to conservative strategists. “I obviously think we should.”
MADISON, Wis. — It seemed a clear victory for voting rights advocates in July when a federal court invalidated much of Wisconsin’s restrictive elections law, concluding that it discriminated against minorities by requiring voters to produce photo ID cards that blacks and Latinos too often lack. The remedy was straightforward: Henceforth, the state was to “promptly issue a credential valid as a voting ID to any person” who applied for one. 
But this month when Treasure Collins visited one of the Wisconsin motor vehicle offices that issue IDs, she found something entirely different.
A City Clerk Opposed an Early-Voting Site at UW–Green Bay Because ‘Students Lean More Toward the Democrats’

Walker's Foxconn cover-up clock is ticking

[Updated from 10/18/17] 

Day two of the Waslker/Foxconn coverup and Wisconsin's democracy slides further into Imperial Kleptocracy.

So...the con in Foxconn extends to the contract.

The longer Walker and his always-troubled, long-failing, detail-free Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation withhold from the public key details from the multi-billion-public-dollar contract FUBAR prepared for Foxconn's signature, the more we move from incompetence mode to cover-up. 

I'd posted this earlier today, and so far, I see nothing from Walker or the WEDC to bring the people into the Team Walker's little secret:

...a State Senator says a surprise delay holding up the approval of the state's $3+billion commitment to Foxconn is due to the discovery of an oversight in the deal on the level of a "nuclear bomb." 
But don't fret about it; in fact, there's no need for you to know anything particular about it at all:
WEDC board chairwoman Lisa Mauer confirmed the vote was pushed back because of a particular concern but also declined to provide specifics. She said it was detected late in the negotiating process.
“We want to get this right,” Mauer said. “When something goes awry, you step back and you address that specific issue, and that is what’s going to happen.” 
People have a right to know and Walker's people have to provide the information, 

Clarke: Carry along a white Congresswoman, just in case...

Intentionally stupid Tweet of the week:

The Dem Party gives license to black members of Congress to go after President Trump because if he responds they’ll just call him racist.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What? WEDC isn't ready on Foxconn?

[Updated from 10/17/17] 

Call it business as usual in the state allegedly open for business.

Update - - Let me rephrase that, as a State Senator says a surprise delay holding up the approval of the state's $3+billion commitment to Foxconn is due to the discovery of an oversight in the deal on the level of a "nuclear bomb." 

But don't fret about it; in fact, there's no need for you to know anything particular about it at all:
WEDC board chairwoman Lisa Mauer confirmed the vote was pushed back because of a particular concern but also declined to provide specifics. She said it was detected late in the negotiating process.
“We want to get this right,” Mauer said. “When something goes awry, you step back and you address that specific issue, and that is what’s going to happen.” 
So I'm sticking with the rest of the post that describes Scott Walker and his WEDC's incurable mishandling of their sworn obligations and the public funds entrusted to them.
No one should be surprised that the board of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation has delayed voting on the $3 billion contract with Foxconn (comprehensive Foxconn project history, here).

It seems there was one small detail missing: the contract, so deadline blown. Mark my word: it won't be the only one. 

File it with stories headlined "Cutler throws interception," or "Ron Johnson has empathy deficit." 

Speaking of delays: Remember when Waukesha was supposed to get its new water supply up and running in 2018, and while Walker's DNR goosed the paperwork along, there hasn't been a refreshed water tap turned on, let alone a shovel of earth turned yet for new piping or pumps - - not even a final agreement on where the new supply will be coming from.

All such situations are made worse for taxpayers by intentional, high-level partisanship; WEDC is the same, Madison-based, stumble-prone agency that sat on its hands as the jobs-heavy Oscar Mayer plant was shuttered just a few miles away.

The message sent by Walker and the WEDC to heavily-Democratic Madison and Dane County; go suck lemons.

Here's more information about the state's recent disinterest in retaining good manufacturing facilities and jobs, white collar payrolls and staffs, and existing investments which supplied tax base to support basic public services.

Remind we why we even have a WEDC in the first place, other than Walker wanted a private-sector connected, ideologically-correct state business agency he said would do better than the Wisconsin Department of Commerce he inherited.

And the WEDC is part of the same GOP-led, Walker-era state government that had a hard time all spring and summer performing arguably its most important but routine obligation -- passing a budget - - but also, as we speak, cannot complete the partially-rebuilt Zoo Interchange and shelved for lack of funds,  foresight and common sense the expansion of I-94 past Story Hill and Miller Park. 

All are and were Walker priorities. Since 2003.

On the other hand, you can't expect a multi-tasking world traveler to get everything right, what with pressing issues on the Governor's mind like managing an intra-party crisis with a pouting Robin Vos, or lining up with Big Daddy Trump on the posture of NFL players during the national anthem.

More observations:

*  Perhaps the WEDC misses the steady hand of its founder and former chairman, that same Scott Walker, who abandoned or was bounced from the position because he was having a hard time chairing a scandal-plagued jobs and development agency in a state with only middling growth and, at the same time, selling himself to out-of-state audiences as more than just a competent punter

During, yes, a presidential bid which managed to incinerate a million dollars in ten weeks on its way to a 0% standing in national polls. 

*  And speaking of WEDC's past troubles, a shout out to the first reader who can name all the agency's executive directors and senior financial officers in the order in which they quit.

Here's a starting point to the WEDC merry-go-round in the Wisconsin State Journal from August, 2015, and in case the big picture were to escape, the story comes with this citation at the top: 
From the WEDC under fire series.
And that link takes you to the series, with this intro: 
Irresponsible loans, a lack of oversight and personnel problems have plagued the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. since its creation by Gov. Scott Walker's administration in 2011. 
*  Final point. It has only been since May of this year that the legislature returned to the lending authority it had stripped from WEDC because negative audits had found multiple problems with vetting borrowers or grantees, tracking taxpayer-supplied loans and grants, and so forth.

Yet this is the lead agency which is supposed to shepherd $3 billion in unprecedented public financing over 15 years to Taiwan-based Foxconn with Wisconsin's potential break-even point as far out as 2047.

All at Walker's pre-2018 re-election request.

I'll be more than 100 years old in 2047, but keep my heirs posted.