Monday, May 11, 2015

Walker kills WI bike lane funding, DNR says 'Go Ride Your Bike'

[Updated] It's another of those Wisconsin DNR cheerily, oddly contradictory Clean Air Tips of the Week which are either meant to intentionally insult people who know that the Walker administration is fighting clean air law, or show that plain-old disturbingly ignorance is alive and well in state government.

You decide, especially since it's the second time around for the one.

Just two days after I followed up a May 5th Gannett story that disclosed Walker's budget was cutting bike lanes requirements and funding from future Wisconsin road projects - -
Walker budget strips $$ for bike lanes, sidewalks from road projects 
- - and about four hours after the Cap Times posted another followup piece Monday morning - -
Wisconsin losing reputation for bicycling; national group blames Scott Walker
- - the DNR published sent around by email this "Clean Air Tip of the Week."

Clean Air Tip of the Week

For the week of May 10, 2015:
It's National Bike to Work Week! Plan your routes with the Wisconsin Biking Guide [exit DNR]. This 80-page guide divides the state into seven quadrants. From there you can select your style of riding - linear, mountain, trails, etc. The guide also lists attractions, historical sites, breweries, wineries, and biking events in the area you're interested in visiting.


Khal said...

Rather humorous that the LAB just ranked Wisconsin 9th as a Bicycle-Friendly State. Were they asleep as Gov. Walker killed bike lanes?

Anonymous said...

Dropped from 2nd to 9th because Walker killed the bike lanes. Minnesota is now 2nd. Fancy that. Minnesota kicks our butts in everything except professional football.

Anonymous said...

They've apparently fired all the proof-readers at DNR too. You can't have SEVEN quadrants. A quadrant is, by definition, 1/4 of the whole area.

Jonathan Swift said...

You knew this would happen after Mary Burke ran for his job. He is a vengeful SOB.