Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Elk brought to breed for WI hunt; five die quickly from disease

So we're going to have an elk hunt in Wisconsin, but...
Collared cow
we don't have elk on hand, and if we did, wolves will eat them since that's in the wolves' nature, so a key piece of the 'solution' was to hurriedly launch a legislative-created, State Rep. Joel Kleefisch-inspired full-on, dog-assisted, biologically-unsustainable wolf hunt.

That s
atisfied the powerful hunting lobby, and began to smooth the way for elk transplanted from Kentucky to reproduce in the Wisconsin north woods and help bring about that elk hunt - - fingers crossed, said Joel Kleefisch - - but five of the first elk quickly 25 died from tick borne disease contracted here:
"Everybody was concerned about losing elk to wolves and car collisions," [Black River Chamber of Commerce spokesman Chris] Hardie said. "This is obviously not news we wanted to hear, but it's not totally unexpected to lose animals during such a project."
Yes, you can 'lose' animals, so to speak.

Is there any end to this arrogant manipulation of species for some people's enjoyment that leaves wildlife suffering and dead in Wisconsin?

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