Saturday, May 30, 2015

Joint Finance defunds Gaylord Nelson chair, UW campuses transit plans

Also gone, along with tenure: the UW-Madison's new, successfully, grant-funded energy research project  - - all among dozens of damaging cuts to the UW system in Joint Finance Committee motion #521.

It's a way to purge Madison of presumed leftist faculty, grad students and incoming first-year students.

McCarthyism by another method.

It lives behind Walker's mask.


Anonymous said...

By cutting the energy project they cut one of the U W's largest government grants. What is it with these legislators refusing to accept federal money returning to the state. Other states grab it and use it to stimulate their economies!

Anonymous said...

Pure ignorance and hate wrapped up as fiscal responsibility. How do you like them beans. We didn't run on this budget, but we've waiting years to make it happen.

We got away with last session. So, who is to stop us now? We write the rules.

Wake up, Wisconsin. #TW