Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Breaking news: You may not need no stupid teaching license in WI

Forget mail-order diplomas or counterfeit credentials: just about anyone might soon be your Wisconsin kid's teacher, even that guy you knew who quit school in 10th grade to sell weed or go find himself, if a major policy shift one GOP legislator has slipped in the proposed state budget wins partisan approvals soon.

Frther subtext - - professional teachers and their unions can go F themselves, and I don't mean give themselves a failing grade.


Sue said...

So, is there a teacher shortage? I don't think there is, yet. What I've been reading here in my neck of the woods are stories about school boards taking steps toward better retention. Kewaskum I believe recently established higher baseline salaries, and it's been at least a year since Hartford Union started some kind of incentive program.
A sobering side effect of Act 10 and the idea that we need to get those teachers under control and make them understand that they aren't so special, is that teachers learned that lesson. Teachers explore better opportunities and leave when they find them. Just like everyone else.
This proposal won't help retention, but it will give districts who still believe in the 'tools' fallacy the opportunity to continue screwing over employees, licensed or otherwise. Because you can bet that the silent component of this proposal is offering less money.

Bill Sell said...

Yes, Sue

... offering less money, and making more profit which is the goal of the takeovers

Anonymous said...

Actually Sue, there is a MASSIVE teacher shortage in Wisconsin this year. Right now, there are over 2500 full time teaching jobs listed on WECAN, a number that will only grow as summer goes along.

Wisconsin sure got teachers "under control" with Act 10. Thousands of teachers have either left the profession or better yet, left Wisconsin since Act 10. Tired of being demonized by the majority of citizens in Wisconsin, many of these teachers have found far better working and living conditions in the 49 other states where teachers are not demonized 24/7.

In my job, I speak to thousands of juniors and seniors in college at campuses across Wisconsin. The majority of these students cannot wait to graduate and leave the hatred and ugliness of Wisconsin. This proposal gives these talented young folks another reason to leave Wisconsin-who would want to raise a family in a state where their child's math or science teacher is likely to be a high school drop out working for $10.00 per hour. That's the future in 10 years in Wisconsin.

One doesn't need a crystal ball to see that any educated person has NO future in Wisconsin. I'm leaving in 2 years when I retire and move to Minnesota.

Sue said...

Thanks Anon@9:42. I've been trying to follow this and haven't heard of a shortage. I recently read that there has been a dropoff in applications to teaching majors, but the college spokesperson said the number was 'insignificant' or something similar.I knew there were lots of people leaving but haven't heard of a measurable shortage yet. For some reason this isn't something the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is covering diligently.