Thursday, May 14, 2015

WI Assembly Republican calls Walker's submission "a crap budget"

Clearly some Wisconsin state legislators - - take a bow, Rob Brooks, R-Saukville, and fellow wordsmith Andy Jorgensen, D-Milton - -  - -  don't like our junketing, part-time Governor's cavalier budgeting.
"We may have a crap budget, but we're going to make it better," state Rep. Rob Brooks (R-Saukville) said on the Assembly floor Wednesday.  
Brooks responded with the candor of a freshman lawmaker to comments Wednesday by Democrats like state Rep. Andy Jorgensen of Milton, who likened Walker's proposal to a "dumpster fire."
And remember how fast Republicans ran from Walker's ideological and unneeded 'remakes' of UW and Natural Resources Board jammed into the budget, among other things tossed into the budget to appeal to conservatives thousands of miles away.

But directing Walker to come back to them with better-thought-out programs is a fool's errand.

The only things he's planning are his out-of-state travel schedule, hiring more primary state campaign staffers and posting self-serving Twitter photo ops, even when he's on trips where he said he wouldn't be photo oping.

Here's the latest no-photo-op broken promise photo-op from Israel, taken while his party worker bees back home sift through his crap:

Went to the City of David this morning, so much history. - SKW


Anonymous said...

I am surprised he didn't post its been 505 years since that city was built.

Anonymous said...

Crap budget because he is a crappy little man, a stooge for the Koch brothers, and devoid of character and integrity. It was media propaganda, lead by Journal Communications (WTMJ-AM & Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) that dishonestly propelled him into power.

People need to remember, there are other sick and dishonest folks waiting in the wings for their opportunity to dump on the rest of us. Scott Walker is not the problem. The problem is the media that still supports him with disinformation and outright propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if he spent" 1 more hour per
day" he could get the budget done.

Anonymous said...

I hate that he tries to smile like Marilyn Monroe - with his mouth open. She was sexy and smart and kind. He is none of those things and just looks stupid.

Raven said...

@ Anonymous 7:35 PM:

There are always more marionettes ready to be strung up....

Anonymous said...

Robert Brooks wants to waste $55 million on a Foodshare problem that won't work. Why do that when the budget is "crap"? Like it says above, he's a freshman lawmaker. He is reckless and haphazard with his ideas. Doesn't think ahead too good. Brooks should not be determining what is healthy and what is not. His profession is not "job maker" like the media presents. It is tavern owner! And he is by no means ethical either. See here for the info on this Rob Brooks character:

Anonymous said...

so much history.

just like wisconsin: it's all just so much history