Monday, May 25, 2015

Doctors Lazich, Walker practice medicine, soft-pedal rape, incest

Plus, Wisconsin taxpayers are about to waste a lot more money on legal fees, but the only thing that matters to far-right GOP office holders is pandering to their base voters. I grant that it's a serious and sensitive issue, but it looks awfully partisan and timed to fit with Walker's Iowa caucus agendas.


Sue said...

You mean soft-pedal rape, incest and catastrophic fetal anomaly. The state will provide 'information about paranatal hospice from the birth to the eventual death of the child'. So any pain after birth is a-ok. And no assurances of financial help in the massive costs of caring for the child for the duration of his/her time here.
In the time-honored method of Republican anti-abortion legislation, once they're here they're screwed.

my5cents said...

When parents make the choice to terminate a nonviable fetus, it is a very painful decision and one they do not take lightly. Anyone who thinks it is a flippant decision has no clue of the emotional pain involved. Since many abnormalities are not discovered early in a pregnancy, this law takes away the rights of the individual to make their own decisions about their lives and the life of their unborn fetus. The pain and suffering of a baby born with such debilitating handicaps that they cannot survive more than a few days is unthinkable. Apparently the powers that be thinks that a supposed few minutes of pain cannot be ignored and is not acceptable, but days, weeks, or months of pain and agony is okay (that's life, just deal with it). How cruel can those people get? Do they hate other people that much that they will force suffering onto them? They are evil. It's all about their personal religious beliefs that they are imposing on others and they have no right to do that in a free society.

Anonymous said...

My5 cents.................well said!

Raven said...

my5cents: "Do they hate other people that much that they will force suffering onto them?"

Like compulsory intravaginal ultrasounds? Drug testing for food stamps? Cutting the poor off state health insurance? Cutting funds for public schools? Cutting funds for the state university system?

Nahhhh, they'd never do anything like THAT!

my5cents said...

Raven -- Yes, I agree they have heaped suffering on people all over Wisconsin with their draconian budget cuts and laws. Some in my family have been their victims and I have had to help them so they are not out on the street homeless. I am thankful to be able to do that, and I am far from rich (if you get $50K - $100K a year you are rich in my eyes), but I am in a position of zero debt. Republicans are ruthless in cuts to those in need to provide more and more for those who don't need. I really have nothing good to say about Republicans nowadays. It used to be that they came up with good ideas from time to time, but I haven't heard any for a really long time now. Definitely not since they gave their souls to the Tea Party and the Ayn Rands of the world.