Friday, May 8, 2015

Walker-chaired WEDC again found violating law, financing policies

Another audit, and more of the same findings: Walker's created-and-chaired jobs agency, the WEDC, operated outside of the law and mismanaged public funds.

But there will be no legal consequences for this continuing scandal because we have a Republican Attorney General in Wisconsin more loyal to Scott Walker than their oaths of office.


Anonymous said...

WEDC "failed to follow the law" (quoting the Journal Sentinel). That used to be called breaking the law, right?

The JS article calls this "bad news for the agency." Not a violation of law?

As you say, there won't be legal consequences, thanks to AG Schimel. But the JS and other media pretty much guarantee no state or national political consequences, either, when they choose not to call this lawbreaking or treat it the same as, say, "failing to pay" for items from the grocery store.

JoAnn said...

If the Wisconsin Attorney General does not want to uphold his Oath of Office then charges should be brought up against him for violation of Oath of Office. Better yet let us get the FBI involved in all of this corruption Walker and Co have put upon us.

Anonymous said...

The notion that we are powerless because AG Schimel will do nothing is not helpful nor accurate. Chief Financial Officers, of which WEDC has had 5 in four years, have FIDUCIARY DUTIES and cannot escape responsibility for their organizations by repeatedly screaming "OOPS!" Please look at the 5 areas of responsibilities and accountability the law imposed on EACH of the 5 CFOs:

We all know that in other sectors, if an organization used its corporate structure to repeatedly break the law and dodged accountability by playing a game of musical chairs with its CFOs, this would be scandalous and investors would be up in arms.

Taxpayers need to be up in arms and hold each of those CFOs accountable as the law demands. Expect the current CFO to step down soon because they know that they have fiduciary duties and are in jeopardy of legal action should people wise up.

The media in Wisconsin, entirely complicit with everything Walker, is continuing to misdirect. This isn't about "failing" to follow the law. This is about repeatedly BREAKING the law and this is about key office holders in WEDC failing to provide the oversight that the law demands.

There could be an accountability moment if lawsuits were filed over flagrant, repeated, and shameless breaches of fiduciary duties.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Given that many of these offers go over state lines, I would think the US DOJ would have jurisdiction on pay-to-play and other failures to report information, especially if it's matched up with federal grants.

Call WEDC what it is- a slush fund for Walker donators. And WE pay for it. What a deal!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's time to contact the new Attorney General and the DOJ about WEDC and also the Wisconsin's Supreme Court's handling of the John Doe case before it. These 4 Justices must remove themselves from the John Doe case as they have received millions in campaign donations from the plaintiffs and there is no way they are not biased before the evidence is even presented.

James Rowen said...

Cong. Pecan should do it. WEDC is headquartered in his district.

Anonymous said...

James -- are you saying POCAN should be contacted and actually could do something?

Does the address of where WEDC call home really make an important difference and he couldn't do anything if it were located anywhere.

My experience talking to our federal reps is that they say, "Oh, that's a state problem and I can't get involved". I have been told that even when the crux of my concerns is misappropriation of federal dollars. I believe I did directly contact Pocan about an issue and got the, "Gee, that's not a federal issue" song-and-dance before; but maybe I am wrong.

I know for sure I have been told that by Herb Kohl and other reps thought.