Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Walker would take WI even faster to low-wage basement

So basically, we're looking at a low-wage, sparse growth, class-defined Wisconsin - - via state power, again.

Not content with obstructing any increase in the Wisconsin $7.25/hr. absolute minimum of minimum wage, and cutting public employees take-home pay and capping raises at 1% through Act 10, and signing the blue-collar wage-depressing 'right-to-work' law he said would never reach his desk (wink, wink), he's now on board (wink, wink 2.0) with signing a proposed repeal of so-called prevailing wage legislation that guarantees big project workers a living wage - - another measure he'd recently said wasn't a priority for him.

All that's left is a declaration of love for working people.

Oh, wait, he basically did that already.


Anonymous said...

How many sarcastic blog posts about Scott Walker does it take to flip a legislature?

my5cents said...

Walker's plan -- to reduce the wages of all working people to minimum wage. How does this increase revenues coming into the state? It doesn't and this is his plan to continue to reduce Wisconsin's government until the only public employees are the Senators and Representatives, who will have nothing to do since our state will be nonfunctional, at least for the people. But, their jobs will have to be filled per our state constitution. Could we then call them the welfare government of Wisconsin or something like that. It is a dismal thought, but this is where I see Walker taking our state.