Saturday, May 30, 2015

WI DNR should use common sense, kill redundant talking point

Earth to the 'chamber-of-commerce' Wisconsin DNR spokesman Bill Cosh: Lose the all-purpose talking point:

In Department Secretary Cathy Stepp's May testimony before the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee defending her agency's budget and its cuts:

"Providing good customer service...means following the law, using sound science and using common sense in all our decisions." [Bold-facing included]
In an April report, Cosh defended the plan to cut agency researchers:
 “When it comes to making decisions the agency remains committed to doing so by using sound science, following the law and using common sense.”
Last week, when the legislature approved cutting half the agency's research scientist roster:
In a [Friday] statement, DNR spokesman Bill Cosh said the DNR has not yet identified what positions would be eliminated but remained committed to sound science, the law and common sense.
On the DNR's having approved railroad bridge pile-driving into a marsh where endangered birds were roosting, according to this Friday report:
DNR spokesman Bill Cosh said staff “followed the law, used good science and common sense” in approving the permit.


Anonymous said...

Please keep in mind that Republican science is based on common sense, biblical interpretation and profit margin.

Anonymous said...

They shouldn't kill all redundant talking points. They should just squash the STOOOOPID ones, which under Walker's stewardship, is all of them.

my5cents said...

What a bunch of double-talk. You would not be destroying an endangered birds habitat if you were using good science and common sense.

Are all of these cuts simply to cut the size of government? Or, is it to make up for all the tax cuts that were handed out to the rich and corporations so that they can try to balance a budget they royally screwed up to begin with?

All this double talk is as bad as all those people who believe that tax cuts bring in more revenues. That one still amazes me to no end. I still want one of them who believes that statement to explain to me exactly how that works. That's right up there with laying off state workers to save money and increase revenues. How? They are no longer paying income tax.

What's also amazing is cutting $250 million from UW and then mandating that the UW System would be required to create a new office within four months to authorize independent charter schools in school districts with more than 25,000 students — Madison and Milwaukee — without local school board approval. That budget provision would allow for a swell of independent charter schools across southern Wisconsin. How is UW supposed to pay for that office with their budget cuts?