Friday, May 22, 2015

Will GOP claim Feingold is Californian, having breathed air there?

Consult this flaming PolitiFact ruling for even nuttier context.
Pants on Fire!


Anonymous said...

It's just overwhelming to read about the right-wing brain trust here -- Charlie Sykes, Belling, Scooter, and the no-minds with the National Repub. party.

There truly is a right-wing echo chamber. So if 1 of them is wrong, all of them are.

Anonymous said...

I think someone should compare the number of hours Walker has been in Wisconsin the past year and compare it to the number of hours Feingold has been in Wisconsin. I bet Feingold has spent more time in the state than Walker.

Sue said...

"If you want to represent Wisconsin families you need to dedicate your time to listening to their concerns, rather than meeting with donors in California, "
The Republicans said that? They really said that with a straight face?
I know Feingold isn't running for governor, but he really needs to take that one and use it well.

my5cents said...

Considering he is working all over the U.S. what difference does it really make where he was when the announcement was made. It only matters to Republicans who, if given the chance, would do the same thing. Since the announcement, he's spent a great deal of time in Wisconsin, if not 100%, and that's what really matters. Pants on Fire is the correct rating for that rant.