Monday, May 18, 2015

So what did he know and when did he know it?

About that $500,000 WEDC loan of public funds that should never have been made, was never repaid and about which the WEDC-created-and-board-chairman-Scott Walker - - still out there somewhere pitching his 'leadership' - - said he was unaware?
Records indicate Scott Walker was copied on letter promising loan to donor
State records say that Gov. Scott Walker received a copy of a 2011 letter pledging a $500,000 taxpayer loan to a now-defunct Milwaukee construction company headed by a Walker donor, seemingly contradicting statements by the governor and his aides that he was not aware of the award...
While in New Orleans Monday to speak to a school voucher lobbying group, Walker said he played no direct role in the loan to foster energy efficiency projects for bank and credit union buildings and that Democrats are on a "partisan witch hunt."  
Spokeswoman Laurel Patrick said the GOP governor and likely 2016 White House candidate didn't know about the loan and that Walker did not receive a copy of Jadin's letter even though it stated that he did. 
Remember, Walker said he didn't know about that $700,000 mining company donation routed for the benefit of his 2012 campaign to his designed third-party support group.

Or as he said, "not to my knowledge."

Anybody see the pattern, and a bigger picture?

How many times has Walker said he knew nothing about something?

It's been his pattern for 25 years beginning with his ethically-messy losing campaign for Marquette University student body president, so this new probe will be treated the same way: 'I know nothing...I have no information...I wasn't even born yet...' etc. 
Through later campaigns, his County Executive years and as Governor, too. 
The pattern's documentation [from this 2012 posting] is here.
In a Tempest, Scott Walker knows nothing 
For a broader context, re-read Madison Capital Times editor Paul Fanlund's interview with former Richard Nixon White House Counsel John Dean.

And take a look at a longer review of Walker's record.

Plus, don't miss today's Daily Beast piece reprising Walker's long and checkered ethical history.


Anonymous said...

Don't expect Walker's BFF Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to rate Scotty's claims of ignorance - would have to be Pants-On-Fire.

But what is disappointing is that no one is talking about the fiduciary duties of WEDC's CEO, Board Chair (Walker), and the rotating CFOs. They cannot escape culpability by saying "Oops", "I didn't know", or "We made a mistake for 4 straight audits".

Even if they cannot be found to be responsible for what appears to be 4 plus years of criminality, they are legally responsible for the mess they have created. It is time for lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

He may have received the letter but probably never read it. When would he have had the time between all the fund raising, campaigning and trade mission travel? He may be incompetent. He may be a liar. But he isn't an incompetent liar.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else feel that they have been robbed again and again by the thief named Walker?

1. Thieves have no conscience
2. Thieves are liars
3. Thieves feel they have a right to others property
4. Thieves try to portray an image of honesty
5. Thieves have a feeling of grandeur
4. Thieves are stupid and eventually get caught

Hmmm, sound like anyone you know?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I saw the theft in plain sight. It's the negligence of my Wisconsin neighbors and the lack of checks and balances by the GOPs in the other parts of state government that allow the stealing to continue.

Which is why the Feds have to step in

nonheroicvet said...

Just another example of Republican smash and grab politics.

Anonymous said...

He lied when he said we were broke.

He lied when he said he had created a surplus.

He lied when he said he would create 250,000 jobs.

He lied when he said his budget was more balanced than Doyle's.

He lied when he said he was cooperating with the investigation.

He lied when he said he was not a target of the John Doe investigation.

He lied when he said he didn't know about maximum donations to his campaign.

He lied when he said he didn't know about the $700,000 gift from G-Tac.

He lied when he said he is a fiscal conservative.

He lied when he said he didn't know about the half million dollar WEDC gift to his donor.

He lied under oath before the US House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

He lied when he said he would give a quick decision on the Kenosha casino.

He lied when he said if elected it was his intention to serve his full term as governor.

He lied when he said he would only use generally accepted accounting practices.

He lied when he said he would promote local control.

He lied when he said his government would be more transparent.

He lied when he said RTW was not a priority.

But Walker's lies would not matter. The real problem is the media that reported each lie over-and-over again, misrepresenting his lies at truth. The media created Scott Walker.

my5cents said...

All of this is just amazing. It used to be that people who did these sorts of things were put behind bars. So what's keeping the law from investigating and doing so.

Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon running for President recently said this about President Obama, “Because they [psychopaths] tend to be extremely smooth,charming people who can tell a lie to your face with complete– looks like sincerity, even though they know it’s a lie.” If they had not said he was talking about Obama, I would have thought he was talking about Scott Walker.

my5cents said...

The "I don't know anything" is Walker's MO. It could very well be that he doesn't know enough to answer whatever question is being asked. The way he operates is to tell his people to handle things, tells them what results he expects, and then he takes himself out of the equation. That way any fallout is on them, not him. Does he know or doesn't he know, that is the question. I would tend to believe that he is told just enough to make his authoritarian decision on something, but is spared the details so he has deniability. How many times has he said, "All I know..." And it is not enough to prove that he knew all of it, whatever it might be.

Sue said...

This is the question people should be asking Scott Walker, and the one people should have been asking for some time now:
Which is better - a leader who doesn't know about any mischief going on under him, or one who does?

Anonymous said...

>>>Which is better - a leader who doesn't know about any mischief going on under him, or one who does?<<<

In Walker's case it may well be both!

Anonymous said...

If God is telling Scott Walker to steal, lie, and kill the poor; then that is The Lord's will. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says that he is doing God's work and that Out Lord directly tells Scott Walker what to do.

Why do people here want to ruin God's plan?

Anonymous said...

When both his Chief of Staff and his Director of the Dept. of Administration are putting heavy pressure on Jadin, the head of the WEDC to approve a loan much higher than what was granted [$500,000] and this was just 4 months after Walker created WEDC; how can anyone doubt that Walker wasn't involved. These were Walker two closest allies that he appointed to their positions and one headed his campaign. Walker had also signed Act 20 into law which gave him over sight but actually APPROVAL of all agency actions and rules with the exceptions of only DPI and the GAB! He was behind this and involved up to his eye-balls just like he micro- manages everything in Wisconsin. His name is behind all actions and he directs the game from his office....he just doesn't sign his name so when failures occur someone else pays the price...................6 former aids found guilty of activities occurring just outside Walker's office. Walker must think that we all just got off the boat! A federal investigation is needed to bring forth the truth.

Anonymous said...

The Feds won't investigate him. Walker has such a criminal network, that no one, including a President can touch him. Walker far exceeds Nixon in criminal behavior. In fact I argue that Walker shares more personality traits and abuses of power like his twin, Kim Jong un.