Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Walker polishes humble, Everyman image

Look at these awesome benefits - - and without drug-testing:


Betsy said...

Wow. Pins, emails and invites to even more fund raisers. What's next? Secret handshakes? Winks and nods to the Unintimidated? Scraps for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Walker is polishing a turd and it still looks like a turd.

my5cents said...

Is this why Walker considers himself unintimidated? He's not afraid to give the rich these perks and make it known he is handing them out like candy. They don't look that great for the size of the donations. Besides, it looks more like a bribe than a perk.

MadCityVoter said...

For an extra million you will be permitted to berate and belittle a random worker-bee employee from the Wisconsin state-level board or department of your choosing.

Thanks Governor Walker!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is thinking the same thing here. Admit it. We all want to know how much he charges for ahem....

Anonymous said...

This is not about any meaningless perks listed above. This is all about selling access to government representation. Paying taxes and voting no longer ensures equal democratic representation of your interests by your government.

The Republican Way is PAY TO PLAY.





NO MONEY = NO ACCESS—for a shunned and ignored political and economic class

Do you have this amount of money to purchase your government representation?

Which class will you be a part of? The FAVORED or the SHUNNED?