Friday, May 29, 2015

Cutting scientists from the WI DNR...

Including at least nine federally-funded professionals is like firing some of the oncologists, anesthesiologists and laboratory technicians from your cancer treatment team.

It's petty, vindictive, self-defeating and just plain stupid, led by industry-obeisant special interest backwater servants masquerading as elected, public servants.

Natural resource scientists are the keepers of the water, land and air who keep everyone here healthy and happy, who are friends to the farmers and the consumers, and who help bring back the tourists, campers, hikers, bikers, birders, hunters, swimmers, bicyclists, photographers, canoeists, sailors, boaters, not to mention retirees.

Here is the bigger, uglier Walker historical picture, about whom on environmental and DNR matters I accurately called "the Destroyer" in an early February posting:
Scott Walker's budget contains a direct, ideological and donor-driven attack on science-based conservation and citizen input at the Department of Natural Resources.

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Anonymous said...

It sure appears that Walker holds a vendetta against anyone with a college degree or against anyone who has expertise in areas that his political masters oppose!