Thursday, May 7, 2015

Journal Sentinel OK with eased WI DNR regulation

You know your state is really in trouble when its public watchdog Department of Natural Resources agency cuts back on enforcement actions, its Governor proposes cuts in its science staff after redefining the agency with a "chamber of commerce mentality" and then, after all that, the state's leading newspaper - - the watchdog who should be seriously watching the natural resources watchdogs - - says the DNR's proposal to further ease regulatory activities might be a good thing.

Based on what evidence, exactly, as so-called 'streamlining' of DNR reviews have already been criticized as going too far.

While Walker, enabled by a weakened DNR and media that lets him get away with it, continues to degrade the land and water and air in Wisconsin.

Regrettably, the newspaper has taken this kind of stand before.


Anonymous said...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - the watchdog that didn't bark.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing good or right about the Walker agenda. There is nothing journalistic about the JS. The combination of the two is destroying the state of Wisconsin. Then throw in the ignorance of the citizens, such as the idiots with bumper stickers which proclaim Sportsmen for Walker, and you have a damning situation. Yea, sportsman really want violators who are destroying our resources let off???
By the way, thanks for allowing anonymous posts. I have a kid working for the DNR, and because of the dirtbags we have in charge (one need to look no further than the UW-P student pulled from the Board of Regents) I can not put my name on anything for the real danger of retaliation.

Anonymous said...

Shameless propaganda at jsonline right now. Even though the Joint Finance Committee has admitted Wisconsin has a no-growth economy (and actually may contract resulting in even less revenue for state) and that by most common metrics Wisconsin under-performs the nation, today they want you to believe that this lack of economic growth is because we are just too "frugal":

Wisconsin's frugal reputation borne out by new federal data

They are entirely misrepresenting the federal data which clearly indicates that in states with more economic activity people more-freely spend which supports additional growth. MJS wants to tell you that Scott Walker's failed policies are really about everyone else and not Scott Walker.

They don't point out that the absolute bottom 10 states are teabaggin' heaven -- these policies don't work and this results in people unable to contribute to economic growth.

The watchdog does bark, but it is yelping pro-Walker propaganda!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:03

You are spot-on. People that are being

* Shoved out of the middle class (more in Wisconsin than anywhere in US), that

* Laid off (Wisconsin's negative job growth:

* Unable to find work

These folks just don't spend a lot of money and if they are "frugal" it is by necessity. This is all a result of the austerity agenda being pushed by multinational corporate interests and out-of-state billionaires. MJS doesn't want you to know this.

Anonymous said...

And what of these sellouts (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Scott Walker, Wisconsin GOP)?

How do they square this with themselves? How do they look themselves in the mirror knowing they are so lacking in integrity?

Anonymous said...


Two recent devolpments at DNR you should investigate:

DNR sends enforcement cases to DOJ for prosecution. DOJ has slowed down the acceptance, refused to prosecute most cases, and now has stopped the news releases announcing the successful prosecution of DNR cases. Seems that the guilty didn't want folks to know who they are (can you spell John Menard?).

Second. In the wake of the lay-off notices sent to the DNR Science Services staff MsStepp held a meeting with supervisors. When repeatedly pressed on the layoffs she retorted with "we have "ists" all over the department, what is the big deal with 27?". That is too tragic to make up.

Anonymous said...

At least she is having the carpet in the DNR building cleaned. It will look nice when they show the building to prospective buyers.