Friday, May 15, 2015

In case you missed it, Walker killing consensus UWM projects

As is typical with the Stubbornator, he says he won't budge. As if he gives a you-know-what.

And I haven't see anything suggesting he's made sure Downer Woods can't get on the market.


Anonymous said...

Killing our schools and giving $250,000 million to hedge fund billionaires for an NBA arena. Put that money in our schools and universities. If course a DROP OUT doesn't care about education.

Anonymous said...

This was and remains easy to miss, for months now, even for most folks who try to follow news -- since this has yet to be reported by the Journal Sentinel. (The Business Journal has had several stories on this, through initial decisions, appeals, etc.)

To be clear for those catching up: Walker (he chairs the building commission) has nixed a cornerstone building at the Innovation research park aka job-creator campus in Wauwatosa, reneging on promises made so that city (foolishly, for trusting Walker and two deposed/departed chancellors) went out on a fiscal limb, on which it now lingers.

And Walker also is nixing a facility for which there is no state funding whatsoever, as UWM students voted to pay for it with their fees.

When there is no state funding whatsoever to be involved, this linked story still -- despite the headline -- really does not answer the question "why?"

Any guesses on that answer from others here?

utzinger said...

Is $300 million for a new DOT building NOT new bonding!!!!!! What is the f*****g difference!!!!

Raven said...

"As if he gives a you-know-what."