Sunday, May 31, 2015

One GOP '16 hopeful continues embrace of dark communications

Of course Walker supports NSA data collection on American citizens, though it's been ruled illegal.

Didn't every GOP presidential hopeful run a public office with a secret parallel communications system set up on the premises by an old political friend on the public payroll, and where the senior political users of the system were known as "the dark side?"  

Note also that Walker has added the phrase "if we have in America enemy combatants" to the word salad always on his menu.

Yes, President Obama told him to bone up on his foreign policy, but Walker, upbraided as  "misinformed" on the NSA issue by no less than long-time GOP conservative Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, has opted instead for Dick Nixon/Dick Cheney-style self-serving fear mongering.


Anonymous said...

If Our Lord told Scott Walker to fearmonger, then this is what God wants for us. Give up and give it to God. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported that Gov. Walker is doing God's work, prays to him daily, and gets direction from him. It isn't ours to question Scott Walker's ways as doing so is blasphemous. Maybe this doesn't matter to those that worship Satan, but to us Christians, Scott Walker is literally sent from the heavens.

How do I know? Read it in the state's largest newspaper!

Raven said...

"President Obama told him to bone up on his foreign policy..."

... and Wanker apparently just took that as "photo-op in some foreign countries to impress the voters"....