Thursday, May 14, 2015

Great that Feingold is giving WI progressives more '16 motivation

This has got to lift your spirits. Works for me. The sooner we retire Wisconsin's climate denying champ, the better.


Anonymous said...

I lost confidence in Russ. He just wants his old job back because he liked being in the exclusive club of 100. When WI needed his voice and guidance in the recall he was pretty quite in my book. Yes he is progressive but he is still a career politician and pretty out of touch with his constituency.

my5cents said...

Best news I have heard in almost four years. Like him or hate him for his independence, at least he thinks for himself and acts in regard to the best interests of all his constituents, not just for himself.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:13

You are obviously uninformed. Russ Feingold was disappointed with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. He was disappointed in the national party too. When Obama stated he needed people to hold his feet to the fire and demand a public option in healthcare reform, Feingold got thrown under the bus.

In fact, Obama had negotiated away the public option behind closed doors while he was publicly stating he demanded it. Feingold did what Obama said he wanted. He stood up for the public option and was left hanging.

There is too much money in Politics. In the recall, the DPW anointed a candidate with no experience at all in politics other than a school board seat that she spend outrageous sums of money on. I won't comment on Mary Burke, but Mike Take made it clear no one else was welcome. How can you blame him for not wanting to get involved with a fixed game? He was working out-of-state at the time anyhow. Unlike Burke, Russ has to work for a living. Unlike Mike Tate, Russ Feingold has to work and prove his worth.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is the reason Russ was not engaged in the recall, but remember, they got behind the recall only after others started it. They were against it.

There will be a Recall 2.0 starting in November and the DPW will not be behind that either when it is launched.

Anonymous said...

Wait, are you saying we will recall the four supreme court justices? Cause Walker ain't gonna be around long; he's gonna pull a Palin while stock is high. Plus he needs the $$ Fox will throw at him to defend the federal wire fraud charges - hopefully.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

This is exactly what I'm thinking. Walker will likely quit to leave this disaster in Wisconsin behind, but if he stays, you go after the corrupt justices first, and you take out all the GOPs in the Legislature in 2016 (those guys are running scared right now).

Once you have a Dem takeover in 2016, THEN you bust out the subpeonas and make the governor's life hell for the last 2 years.