Thursday, May 28, 2015

As to Walker and the DNR, why not just fire everybody?

He said he wanted a DNR with a "chamber of commerce mentality," so now that the big layoffs he's budgeted there against agency pointy-heads (scientists) could have an even more expansive domino effect, why doesn't he just let every go except Cathy Stepp's smiley-faced PR people and transfer  them to the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce fortress just down W. Washington Ave. where they can write news releases like "Phosphorus and weeds make our trout streams greener" and "Abandoned open-pit mines someday make cool swimming holes."

And when the feds come in to enforce the US Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act, Walker can yammer about big government.

A win-win for him, which these days is all that matters to him.


Anonymous said...

we be outta here once this budget is signed. We ain't got time for silly $!+# like this - #TW

Anonymous said...

They can't fire us all. Who would they make fun of at Cathy Stepp's venison BBQ or Bill Kosh's Tea Party?

Anonymous said...

After today I am going ask callers who they voted for before I help them with a complaint.

Anonymous said...

Let's just be honest and call it Scott Walker's new and big business friendly Department of Naming Rights (DNR.