Monday, May 25, 2015

Solar site at Milwaukee County's airport? Good thing Walker is gone as Co. Exec.

Our anti-solar Governor in servitude to the Koch brothers, ALEC-defined fossil fuel policies would no doubt have squashed this green, cleaner-air opportunity and proven modern technology on Milwaukee County property.
A proposed 5-acre solar energy farm at Mitchell International Airport took one step forward this month with a consultant's report showing there are a dozen open spaces large enough for a broad array of sun-tracking panels that would not interfere with aviation or traffic control.
If the project is built, Mitchell Airport would join as many as 70 airports in the U.S. with solar farms, the consultant's report says.
More on our status as an anti-solar 'leader' is contained in a recent industry newsletter, here:
Gov. Walker has made much throughout his tenure of supporting business interests and proclaiming Wisconsin is “open for business.” He has also been closely associated with conservative, pro-business organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and Americans for Prosperity
Such groups frequently work against renewable energy on the national and state levels, presumably influenced by their close ties with the fossil fuel industry. In an interview this summer, ALEC’s new CEO, Lisa Nelson, named Walker a model for promoting limited government, and applauded him for promoting “growth and competition.”


Anonymous said...

If this is an opportunity, lease the space and buy the electricity from the solar energy company.

my5cents said...

I think this is fantastic news. When Modine Mfg. was developing fuel cells and were testing them, I told them they could put one in my back yard. Anything to cut the outrageous electric bill we get every month. I hope it works very well for them. It will sure teach WE a lesson, which is located just down the street (so to speak) from the airport. By the way, I heard that WE was going all gas by 2016. Does anyone know if that is still the plan? Will that mean cleaner air and cheaper electricity?

James Rowen said...

I don't think WE is switching that big Oak Creek plant to natural gas anytime soon. They are switching to western coal, no?