Friday, May 15, 2015

S.S. Badger finally ends its coal ash dump into Lake Michigan

Good news, but it shouldn't have taken so many years. I've been writing about this for a long time.

People petitioned against it.

Another blog sample with background, from 2013.


Anonymous said...

For what could be the first time ever, Wisconsin would fall below the national average in per-pupil K-12 spending if Gov. Scott Walker's budget passes without changes, according to an analysis from a national nonpartisan research group.


Wisconsin has lagged the nation in every economic indicator since Republicans took complete control of the state in 2010. Per pupil spending is now the latest victim. Republicans want you to believe that they can cut, cut, cut their way to success.

It is impossible to cut your way to growth. Successful businesses know this. Scott Walker, with ZERO real business experience does not. He has live virtually his entire adult life on the public teat spouting nonsense that he is a businessman and advocate.

What happened to that surplus Walker told us about in the run-up to last falls election? Remember, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorsed him THREE TIMES for Governor. They own the continued defunding of schools.

MJS threw the election to Walker with a false "October Surprise" that claim Mary Burke we fired from TREK. Until that point, polls showed here neck-and-neck with Scott Walker and always within the margin of error. Once the rest of the state's media endlessly repeated the lies MJS reprinted from a fake news site funded by the Koch brothers, the election was over.

Anonymous said...

Now if they would only do something about the people that barf and relieve themselves over the rails and into the lake during the journey.