Saturday, May 30, 2015

Will major completed WI bike trail be our last?

Great news about the multi-county Oak Leaf Trail nearing completion, though I have been told the Walker transportation budget soon to be approved 12-4 in the GOP-controlled Joint Committee on Finance will bar the funding of future bike/hiking trails in Wisconsin, even if federal funds are available, as they are routinely in national transportation financing for the states to mitigate the congestion and environmental effects of fossil fuel-burning vehicles

I first posted about this last week, Thursday.

The budget committee yesterday adopted a UW budget package that deleted from state law the requirement that campuses work with local communities and regional planning commissions on transportation plans that provided bike, pedestrian, ride-sharing and other environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Go figure, in 2015.


Anonymous said...

We may have to get out there and finish it ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Bikers are such wimps. Real men don't ride on bike trails. They flaunt it on the highways dodging between cars. Now that's a real man!

Anonymous said...


Real men don't wear bicycle helmets either!

Don't even get me started on brakes.