Friday, May 22, 2015

Note new Walker appointee to Dane County Bench

This will be short-lived service, as I doubt Dane County voters will go for Walker's naming naming Jim Troupis, a go-to GOP attorney mentioned in this story, to the local circuit court bench.
Lawyers in GOP redistricting case withheld 34 emails from groups
Also mentioned in this separate, earlier story: 
Federal court issues harsh order that GOP must release redistricting records
More commentary, here.
Seriously? Judge Troupis?
Always interesting, though, when the party of cut spending/shrink government finds partisans willing to take a state salary and benefits. 


Anonymous said...

There must be a case coming up that Walker needs a friend to rule on in Dane County. Somewhere deep down there is something more.

my5cents said...

Don't kid yourself. Every single Republican/conservative wants a government job so they don't have to (as they always say) work so hard for a living. They all love those lavish salaries and benefits that they call entitlements for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

See Anon 10:43am post, and then see this article, and you can connect the two: