Monday, May 18, 2015

2nd severe WEDC audit erases Walker's "leadership" claim

Walker blundered three times  in his interview on the Sunday morning CBS program "Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer.

The first was telling Schieffer that visiting six foreign countries in four+ years as Wisconsin Governor made Walker the "most qualified" to run US trade policy were he President. By his measurement, Hillary Clinton is probably fifteen-to-twenty times more qualified.

Second, Walker said his "leadership" record qualified him to be President.

I suggest you take perhaps 20 minutes to absorb the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau's very readable recent audit that absolutely excoriates the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation - - which Walker created and chairs - - for its widespread and repeated absences of legal and routine lending, monitoring, managerial, staffing and other practices basic to a financial agency that disburses millions of public dollars.
Scott Walker speaks to CBS (screen grab)
Note, also, that this is the second such audit: why didn't Walker use his leadership skills to fix WEDC after the first negative audit in May, 2013?

And third, Walker reiterated his earlier and much-mocked statement that Reagan's firing of US air controllers to break that union was the biggest presidential foreign policy move in Walker's lifetime.

Go figure.

Dee Hall at The Wisconsin State Journal has produced two blockbuster stories about one highly-questionable and politicized WEDC loan for $500,000, and millions of dollars have been spent with little or no oversight, monitoring, tracking or justification.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't Walker fix? He needed WEDC for pay-to-play and to line his campaign coffers for his presidential run.

Besides, God has been telling him to rape the public treasury. I am not sure why Our Lord wants Scotty to steal so damn much money.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says everything Walker does comes directly from God.

Anonymous said...

Why do you Walker haters blame scott walker? Your anger should be directed to God.

my5cents said...

Walker considers himself a leader because he barks orders and people do what he says. The thing is that he doesn't give them any choice with his "this is the way it's going to be" response to any questions, even going so far as to tell them it's already been decided. Ideas are never up for debate with Walker. There is nothing any of his assistants or anyone else can say that will change his mind. That is not the way a good leader leads. That only makes him a dictator or authoritarian, but far from a leader. Deep down he's as much of a bully as Chris Christie is.

my5cents said...

Thank you for mentioning what Reagan did with air traffic controllers and what Walker said about that.

You do know the only reason Walker busted the public unions in Wisconsin was to try to prove he was as tough as Reagan don't you? Once that information was out there where it could be analyzed and understood for what it was, it became really disgusting to do that to people and to this state. Just to make yourself look tough. Like I said, disgusting.

Anonymous said...

At least the Democratic legislators are calling for a U S Dept. of Justice investigation. This would be a great case for the new Attorney General to get her feet wet with. Wouldn't Walker just crap if the A G began an investigation of WEDC as Scotty is going around the country and world telling them he's their new leader! Perhaps we should all e-mail the U S Dept. of Justice requesting this investigation. I've done this about 2 weeks ago with no response!