Monday, November 12, 2018

Portage County Supervisor raises local control issues with Robin Vos

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos seems intent on further embedding GOP control after Tuesday's elections, blocking any rollback of Walkerite policies; a Portage County Supervisor
Image result for portage county wisconsin photos
turns the issue around and urges rolling back eight years power-grabbing  usurpation of local controls:
From: Gifford, Bob
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2018 12:53 AM

Subject: Apparent "Legislative Power Grabs" Include New Moves Against Governor-Elect Powers

Dear Speaker Vos:

Reading this week's headlines it is apparent that people in all Districts of the state of Wisconsin are alarmed at what is being called an ongoing "power grab" by the State Legislature. The moves being planned against the Governor-Elect have no apparent basis in urgent economic nor political issues but seem driven entirely by hyper-partisanship on the part of both you and Senator Fitzgerald.

In reviewing the recent Sierra Club Legislative Scorecard 2018, the organization makes reference to "Legislative Power Grabs:"

"The Legislature continues to concentrate power in itself by making it harder for our state agencies, like the Department of Natural Resources, to create administrative rules."  In the next paragraph of their 2017-2018 Legislative Scorecard, they note: "For the last seven years the Legislature had been taking power away from local governments--counties, cities, towns--and concentrating at the state level."

As a County Board Supervisor in Portage County, I see the effects of these "Legislative Power Grabs" all the time, in our inability to raise local tax levies to cover the starvation of state shared revenues. Or in the DNR's apparent new mandate to approve any and all CAFO siting, hi-cap wells, or frac-sand mine siting that comes before the agency. It is my understanding that the outgoing Governor had placed a sort of "gag order" on DNR's ability to even report on and discuss the obvious effects of runaway climate change upon Wisconsin natural resources. Perhaps this was a nod to the corporate PACs funded by the industries which benefit from carbon dioxide emissions?

I provide you with a list of Legislative enactments (the first 120 or so, list dated 2016) that illustrate your party's degree of stripping of local power and control from local governments of all levels. This is from my campaign blog for Portage County Board established in 2016. The number of local-control stripping measures has now grown to something like 180, according to Assembly Rep. Shankland. Here is the link:

Please get back to me as soon as possible with some answers with respect to how you and Sen. Fitzgerald  intend to address the severe people's pushback against the measures you are scheming to introduce against the Governor-Elect. 

But even more importantly, what do you intend to do to reverse the "Legislative Power Grabs" of the past eight years, and restore the prior balance of powers among levels of government in Wisconsin? 

These questions have nothing to do with some ideological power-struggle between the "two parties" but everything to do with enabling grassroots democracy to survive in Wisconsin.

Believe it or not, there are thousands of us elected officials who are "non-partisan" in Wisconsin. I do not have any idea how 2/3rds of my fellow County Board officials in Portage County voted in the partisan elections. 

So, in summary, the two demands I'm making of you are to call-off the Legislative Power Grab against the Governor-Elect, and leave the status quo ante for now; begin to roll-back the approx. 180 enactments restricting local government powers.  

Thanks for your attention. Your full cooperation in resolving these questions is not only expected; it is demanded. I intend to press these issues for action within the Wisconsin Counties' Association, as well.


Bob Gifford

Portage County Board of Supervisors

Robin Vos lives in Bizarro, Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Assembly GOP Speaker Robin Vos' limitations and liabilities are embarrassingly on full display.

In his upside-down-world, he and his fellow Republicans are not the sore losers after last week's election which he's scheming to discount without actually throwing away the ballots.
Picture of Representative Robin Vos

The "sore losers" are "big lie" Democrats.

His words.

Vos went on projecting about sore losing and intentionally ignoring the results for more than nine minutes on an AM 620 WTMJ talk show the other day, without challenge. 

You can hear the full interview, here.

It's surprising that Vos, the self-proclaimed admirer of Winston Churchill, is wrestling with the documented outcome of an election and its simple meaning, given Chruchill's admonition about dealing with facts when faced with them:
“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
But since Vos is chasing after 'there it isn't,' more of his 'thinking,' and words, not Churchlll's:

Big Wisconsin cities in Vos' Bizarro world are foreign territory where unworthy people live for his disparagement and isolation.

Vos believes Republicans are entitled to protect every one of "bedrock" Walker/GOP programs which "liberals" in Milwaukee and "the downtown Madison crowd" may challenge through something as unfamiliar to Vos as the democratic process.

And where there are "empty buses" and other programs serving urban Wisconsinites which Vos has long discounted, including "light rail," which runs nowhere in Wisconsin, and streetcars in Milwaukee which Vos in his radio appearance - - I can't call it an interview - - singled out for condemnation despite its documented positive impact on property values and hotel development.

The heart of the problem is that from his powerful perch in the legislature, but protected in the confines of a semi-rural village of 3,700, Vos cannot perceive a state government where Republicans do not forever feast in a political environment where, as Mark Belling said when they took full power in the 2010 elections, "they can do whatever they want."

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Some images of what helped cost Walker his incumbency

Since pictures are worth 1,000 words, I'll add these images to the record of Walker's election loss postmortems. For your files, in no particular order:
Summer flooding off the Foxconn site.
Impaired waterways in Wisconsin doubled to more than 800 during Walker's tenure. This is the Little Plover River, often going dry with so many big ag operations taking groundwater while the DNR implemented the Walker 'chamber of commerce mentality' direction.
Cover-flood-Walker-crJudithDavidoff-08302018.jpgJudith Davidoff photo also credited here. Note the sign-carrying silent commentator referencing the scrub by Walker's DNR of climate change information from its taxpayer-paid website.
This from the candidate Walker endorsed.
Manure flowing off a Kewaunee County CAFO. Could have easily been from a Central Sands CAFO, too.
That 2015 presidential campaign of his reappeared in a most embarrassing way and reminded voters he'd kicked them to the curb a few weeks after pledging to serve out his second gubernatorial term won in 2014.

Man on the Milwaukee Lakefront this summer.

Adrian’s Frozen Custard in Burlington. Mmmmmm!

It became part of the language

Fresh allegations about Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality' DNR

Special-interest politics in Wisconsin is giving way to ramped-up public interest journalism.

The Madison-based Center for Investigative Journalism has published an extensive review of the Kohler golf course proposed along the Lake Michigan shoreline adjacent to, and even into Kohler Andrae State Park. The main project site, a 247-acre nature preserve, is below.

I'm thinking and hoping we're going to hear a lot more from former and current state employees in and beyond the DNR about the influence of politics in decision-making since Walker took office in January, 2011.

For people interested in the Wisconsin environment and how it has suffered under eight years of Scott Walker's corporately-obeisant eight-year assault, I recommend you read every word of the media center's piece with its unforgettable headline:
Former DNR employee: Staff pressured to OK Kohler golf course on rare Wisconsin wetlands and state park
[Former DNR expert Pat] Trochlell said the DNR completed its environmental assessment before seeing detailed plans from Kohler — backwards of the normal process. She assumed Kohler’s request for a wetland permit, required to build the golf course, would never be granted. She was wrong.
Despite their assessment that rare wetlands would be impacted, the agency okayed the wetland permit for the 18-hole course, which would also require removal of up to 120 acres of forest. Trochlell believes the loss of trees, installation of fertilized turf and other changes would negatively affect the area’s dunes and wetlands. 
Trochlell: DNR pressured to approve project
Trochlell determined the project did not meet state standards. But she said her bosses told her the permit should be approved no matter what.  
“I was in a meeting with managers … and I asked the question of what would happen if we wouldn’t sign off on these permits, and I was told that if we didn’t sign off on these permits, we would be … moved to another job or fired, I think that’s how I interpreted it,” Trochlell recalled. 
It's important that the piece ran in The Sheboygan Press. More statewide media need to run or advance it with their own reporting.

Now I also want to provide some context, because this particular case has been a major grassroots fight led by Friends of the Black River Forest at great and unfair private expense for years, and I've gathered some of that history, here.

And also because the trashing of even-handed, scientific and transparent protection of public resources laid out in the journalism center's piece extends to other projects and sites - - remember the rush to approve controversial air emission and water diversion permits for Foxconn - - and beyond the DNR to the Department of Administration and the Department of Justice, too.

Some of this favoritism and inequity I assume will be repaired with policies and appointments that respect law and science and Wisconsin tradition once Tony Evers is installed as Governor in January, although much damage has been done and there are already signs that the outgoing administration intends to leave behind more special-interest dirty work, so, as always, vigilance is the watchword.

Anyway, consider a separate case which raised some of the same issues which had been brought forward earlier by former DNR staffer Trochell:

*  In May, a judge invalidated a wetland fill permit for a sand mining operation after a long-time DNR employe said pressure from senior staffers was brought to bear on the process:
In his ruling, Administrative Law Judge Eric D. Défort said it was "abundantly clear that the DNR did not have the necessary information" to approve a key wetlands permit... 
In his nine-page ruling, Défort devoted considerable attention to the testimony of Pat Trochlell, a wetlands ecologist now retired after working for 37 years at the DNR... 
She testified that staff were prepared to reject the company's permit, but were directed by higher-ups to approve it. 
Not surprising, given that the DNR had already signaled a green light to the rapidly-expanding Wisconsin sand mine operations which serve the oil fracking industry, as State Sen. Kathleen Vinehold had said a few months earlier:
“There’s nobody actually assigned to monitor the sand mines,” she said. “Funds are available but the DNR never hired inspectors.”
You may also remember that there were efforts to circumvent the permitting process altogether with an 11th hour special State Assembly bill which failed when the State Senate did not take it up.

Which, at the time, I put into a broader context: 
This relentless Walker-inspired avaricious attack on the environment, fair play and Wisconsin heritage - - all for the shallowest of 'motivations' - - partisan gain, political position and donor advantage - - began in the early days of the Walker administration.
That's when a Walker donor-developer was granted special permission through interventions by Walker and the Legislatureto build on a wetland near Lambeau Field before a DNR review was completed.
That began a seven-year war - - orchestrated in the Governor's Office, abetted by malleable legislators, fueled by donors and trade groups and dutifully implemented by senior managers in the DNR and other agencies - - kept surface waters polluted and ground water contaminated - - and against all reason is about to hand over acreage within popular Kohler Andrae State Park so a prominent Walker donor can fine tune his plans for an upscale golf course development.
In March, I posted information about the extent of the 'chamber of commerce mentality' Walker had embedded at the DNR, and included observations offered separately by a retired DNR section chief and a current DNR staffer which reinforce what has been disclosed about the sand mine permit and the Kohler project.
Gordon Stevenson, an engineer and former DNR Chief of Runoff Management who now serves Midwest Environmental Advocates as board secretary, said at an MEA program in Milwaukee in May, 2016:
For the majority of my career, water policy decisions were based on the strong bond between law and science, the people in charge of making those decisions had conservation and environmental protection credentials, and my colleagues and I shared the belief that Wisconsin's true and sustaining wealth is its clean water.
Much of that is now changed at DNR. Wisconsin DNR's water quality permit program has been found seriously deficient by the US Environmental Protection Agency. DNR is failing to protect downstream water from upstream pollution sources, they are allowing already impaired water bodies to get worse and they are suppressing the public's ability to challenge water quality permit decisions...
We're arriving at an important crossroads in Wisconsin. We have our own version of Flint, Michigan in Kewaunee County where citizens cannot drink the water and we have our own version of the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone. A dead zone now also exists in Green Bay that runs from the City of Green Bay all the way up to Marinette... 
Water policy decisions should be based on the strong bond between law and science, that the people in charge of making water quality decisions should have the credentials to do so, and that Wisconsin's true and sustaining wealth is its clean water."
In an email to me after his remarks , Stevenson also said:
In addition, DNR management has made it clear to staff that environmental advocacy is no longer the core mission of DNR and staff are disallowed from doing so. What was once a guardian of Wisconsin’s natural heritage is now reduced to a rubber-stamping vendor of licenses and permits without oversight.
The past year has really shown me how the GOP is afraid of and caters to their wealthy donors - some of whom aren't even that generous. It was obvious before but this year has been brutal. DNR administrators support any development project regardless of environmental impacts. They are not interested in the environment or public health. If they can't maneuver around the law by bending it, the legislature simply changes the law. 
Rich Republican donors feel free to call up the DNR Secretary and Governor and demand that their projects go through. This puts pressure on legislators and DNR upper management. It has created an atmosphere of desperation at all levels of the DNR.
I have witnessed administrators simply ignoring valid environmental and legal concerns from experienced, competent employees and I have seen administrators ignoring the process for determining environmental hazards when granting permits.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Walker is an '18 layoff. And about others with lower profiles?

Media are asking 'what's next for Scott Walker,' as he basically got his 60-day layoff notice Tuesday.

We could ask the same of these people who, presumably with fewer options, got their 60-day pink slips in mass layoffs this year, too.

November 2018

New Notices

CompanyCityAffected WorkersNotice ReceivedNotice TypeLayoff Begin DateNAICS DescriptionCountyWorkforce Development Area
Intercontinental MilwaukeeMilwaukee11511/9/2018CL01/08/2019Hotels & Motels exc Casino HotelsMilwaukeeMilwaukee
Beechworth WindowsLadysmith8011/8/2018CL01/07/2019All Other Plastics Product MfgRuskNorthwest
No updates for this month

October 2018

New Notices

CompanyCityAffected WorkersNotice ReceivedNotice TypeLayoff Begin DateNAICS DescriptionCountyWorkforce Development Area
Target CorporationGreenfield13810/30/2018CL02/02/2019Department StoresMilwaukeeMilwaukee
Sunlite Plastics, Inc.Germantown5810/29/2018WR10/29/2018Unlaminated Plastics Profile Shape MfgWashingtonWOW
Milwaukee Athletic ClubMilwaukee9710/25/2018CL12/27/2018Civic & Social OrganizationsMilwaukeeMilwaukee
Bimbo Bakeries USAMadison15910/23/2018CL01/02/2019Commercial BakeriesDaneSouth Central 
Black Horse Carriers, Inc.Kenosha10710/19/2018CL01/22/2019General Freight Trucking Long Distance TLKenoshaSoutheast
Home Owners Bargain OutletMilwaukee, West Allis10410/17/2018CL12/20/2018Home CentersMilwaukeeEmploy Milwaukee, Inc.
Southwire/Coleman CablePleasant Prairie6510/5/2018CL12/04/2018Whls Trade Agents & BrokersKenoshaSoutheast
Hi-CrushWhitehall3710/2/2018WR09/28/2018Description: Ind Sand MiningTrempealeauWestern

Updates to Previously Filed Notices

CompanyReason for Update
Mayline (DBA Safco Products Co.)LS

September 2018

New Notices

CompanyCityAffected WorkersNotice ReceivedNotice TypeLayoff Begin DateNAICS DescriptionCountyWorkforce Development Area
Silgan ContainersPlover309/20/2018WR11/24/2018Metal Can MfgPortageNorth Central
Marshfield Clinic Health SystemMarshfield259/17/2018WR08/16/2018HMO – Medical CentersWoodNorth Central
Midwest Senior LivingThiensville309/1/2018CL11/01/2018Assisted Living Facilities for the ElderlyOzaukeeWOW

Updates to Previously Filed Notices

CompanyReason for Update
Mayline (DBA Safco Products Co.)LS

August 2018

New Notices

CompanyCityAffected WorkersNotice ReceivedNotice TypeLayoff Begin DateNAICS DescriptionCountyWorkforce Development Area
P.F. Chang'sMiddleton368/31/2018CL09/01/2018Full-service restaurantsDaneSouth Central
ACCO Brands USA, LLCPleasant Prairie548/28/2018CL10/26/2018Office Supplies Merch WhlsKenoshaSoutheast
Com-Tec Security, LLCGreenville238/9/2018CL07/31/2018Computer Systems Design ServicesOutagamieBay Area
OneTouchPointGreen Bay308/8/2018WR08/01/2018Commercial Gravure PrintingBrownBay Area
Best BuyGrafton688/8/2018CL11/03/2018Electronics StoresOzaukeeWOW
Midwest Senior LivingAppleton548/6/2018CL10/01/2018Managing OfficesOutagamieBay Area
West CorporationMiddleton1128/2/2018WR08/31/2018Telemarketing & Other Contact CentersDaneSouth Central
West CorporationGreen Bay368/2/2018WR08/31/2018Telemarketing & Other Contact CentersBrownBay Area
No updates for this month

July 2018

New Notices

CompanyCityAffected WorkersNotice ReceivedNotice TypeLayoff Begin DateNAICS DescriptionCountyWorkforce Development Area
Schuman CheeseFall Creek517/16/2018WR07/12/2018Cheese MfgEau ClaireWest Central
The Fresh Market, Inc.Brookfield, Fox Point1027/10/2018CL08/03/2018Supermarkets and Other Grocery StoresMilwaukee, WaukeshaMilwaukee, WOW
Mayline (DBA Safco Products Co.)Sheboygan1277/2/2018CL09/04/2018Office Furn exc Wood MfgSheboyganBay Area
Mayline (DBA Safco Products Co.) - Revision 1Sheboygan1279/4/2018LS11/02/2018Office Furn exc Wood MfgSheboyganBay Area
Mayline (DBA Safco Products Co.) - Revision 2Sheboygan12710/1/2018LS09/04/2018Office Furn exc Wood MfgSheboyganBay Area
No updates for this month

June 2018

New Notices

CompanyCityAffected WorkersNotice ReceivedNotice TypeLayoff Begin DateNAICS DescriptionCountyWorkforce Development Area
GE EnergyWaukesha2366/29/2018CL08/31/2018Other Engine Equip MfgWaukeshaWaukesha-Ozaukee-Washington
Cooper Power SystemsWaukesha526/29/2018WR09/07/2018Elect Power & Specialty Transformer MfgWaukeshaWaukesha-Ozaukee-Washington
Ariens CompanyJanesville1416/19/2018CL08/20/2018Lawn & Garden Equip MfgRockSouthwest
Roche Nimblegen, Inc.Madison796/19/2018CL12/31/2018Research & Dvlp in Biotech (except Nanobio)DaneSouth Central
Daniels of Janesville, LLCJanesville496/19/2018CL08/15/2018Supermarkets & Other Grocery StoresRockSouthwest
DHL Supply ChainMequon596/18/2018CL08/10/2018General Freight Trucking Long Distance TLOzaukeeWaukesha-Ozaukee-Washington
Piggly Wiggly #24Menasha696/18/2018CL08/18/2018Supermarkets and Other Grocery StoresWinnebagoFox Valley
Wells FargoMenomonee Falls466/7/2018CL10/01/2018Portfolio ManagementWaukeshaWaukesha-Ozaukee-Washington

Updates to Previously Filed Notices

CompanyReason for Update
Gannett Publishing ServicesLS
First Citizens BankAW

May 2018

New Notices

CompanyCityAffected WorkersNotice ReceivedNotice TypeLayoff Begin DateNAICS DescriptionCountyWorkforce Development Area
BMO Harris Bradley CenterMilwaukee6515/24/2018CL08/10/2018Other Spectator SportsMilwaukeeMilwaukee
Western Industries, Inc.Watertown855/18/2018CL07/16/2018Major Household Appliance ManufacturingJeffersonSouth Central
M.G. Design Associates CorporationPleasant Prairie465/15/2018CL05/09/2018Marketing Consulting ServicesKenoshaSoutheast
Degen-Berglund IncLa Crosse305/9/2018WR07/08/2018Home Health Equipment RentalLa CrosseWestern
ConcentrixMilwaukee775/8/2018WR07/06/2018Marketing Consulting ServicesMilwaukeeMilwaukee

Updates to Previously Filed Notices

CompanyReason for Update
First Citizens BankAW
Gannett Publishing ServicesLS
Interim Healthcare of WisconsinLS
Toys "R" Us, Inc.LS

April 2018

New Notices

CompanyCityAffected WorkersNotice ReceivedNotice TypeLayoff Begin DateNAICS DescriptionCountyWorkforce Development Area
American GirlWilmot1854/19/2018CL06/22/2018Doll and Stuffed Toy MfgKenoshaSoutheast
First Citizens BankBrown Deer and Glendale1004/9/2018WR06/08/2018Commercial BankingMilwaukeeMilwaukee
First Citizens Bank - Revision 1Brown Deer and Glendale1005/2/2018AW06/08/2018Commercial BankingMilwaukeeMilwaukee
First Citizens Bank - Revision 2Brown Deer and Glendale1116/8/2018AW06/08/2018Commercial BankingMilwaukeeMilwaukee
Bon Ton Stores (Younkers, Boston Store, BonTon)Brookfield, Eau Claire, Glendale, Greendale, Janesville, Madison, Marshfield, Milwaukee, Racine, Wauwatosa22554/6/2018CL06/05/2018Department Stores Managing OfficesBrown, Dane, Eau Claire, Milwaukee, Racine, Rock, Waukesha, WoodBay Area, Milwaukee, North Central, South Central, Southeast, Southwest, West Central, WOW
Sitel GroupUnknown14/2/2018WR03/30/2018All Other Business Support ServicesUnknownUnknown
No updates for this month

March 2018

New Notices

CompanyCityAffected WorkersNotice ReceivedNotice TypeLayoff Begin DateNAICS DescriptionCountyWorkforce Development Area
JC PennyWauwatosa5203/28/2018CL06/02/2018Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order HousesMilwaukeeMilwaukee
Hubbell Lighting, Inc.Hudson543/26/2018CL05/25/2018Elect Equip & Wiring Merch WhlsSt. CroixWest Central
Syverson Lutheran HomeEau Claire803/26/2018CL03/26/2018Nursing Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing)Eau ClaireWest Central
Toys "R" Us, Inc.Appleton, Brookfield, Green Bay, Madison, Onalaska, Milwaukee, Racine, and Janesville3263/15/2018CL05/14/2018Hobby Toy & Game StoresBrown, Dane, La Crosse, Milwaukee, Outagamie, Racine, Rock, and WaukeshaBay Area, Milwaukee, South Central, Southeast, Southwest, Western, and WOW
Toys "R" Us, Inc. - Revision 1Appleton, Brookfield, Green Bay, Madison, Onalaska, Milwaukee, Racine, and Janesville3265/30/2018LS06/16/2018Hobby Toy & Game StoresBrown, Dane, La Crosse, Milwaukee, Outagamie, Racine, Rock, and WaukeshaBay Area, Milwaukee, South Central, Southeast, Southwest, Western, and WOW
ALKAR-RapidPak, Inc.Lodi303/8/2018WR03/08/2018Food Product Machinery MfgColumbiaSouth Central
Foremost Farms USARothschild1103/5/2018CL05/07/2018Dry Condensed & Evaporated Dairy ProductsMarathonNorth Central
Care and Rehab - DallasDallas493/5/2018CL05/01/2018Nursing Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing)BarronWest Central

Updates to Previously Filed Notices

CompanyReason for Update
Gannett Publishing ServicesLS
Saputo Cheese USA, Inc.LS

Febuary 2018

New Notices

CompanyCityAffected WorkersNotice ReceivedNotice TypeLayoff Begin DateNAICS DescriptionCountyWorkforce Development Area
Cordstrap USA, Inc.Sturtevant362/26/2018WR05/01/2018Rope Cordage & Twine MillsRacineSoutheast
Uniek, Inc.Waunakee582/23/2018WR04/30/2018All Other Plastics Product MfgDaneSouth Central
Gannett Publishing ServicesAppleton1372/13/2018CL05/01/2018Commercial Gravure PrintingOutagamieBay Area
Gannett Publishing Services - Revision 1Appleton1373/23/2018LS05/01/2018Commercial Gravure PrintingOutagamieBay Area
Gannett Publishing Services - Revision 2Appleton1375/18/2018LS05/01/2018Commercial Gravure PrintingOutagamieBay Area
Gannett Publishing Services - Revision 3Appleton1376/8/2018LS05/01/2018Commercial Gravure PrintingOutagamieBay Area
Mike Flint Enterprises, Inc. (dba Interim Healthcare of Wisconsin; dba Mallatt's Homecare Pharmacy)Madison and Menomonee Falls1682/7/2018CL04/01/2018Temporary Help Services, Other Direct Selling EstabDane and WaukeshaSouth Central and WOW
Interim Healthcare of Wisconsin - Revision 1Madison985/29/2018LS08/01/2018Temporary Help ServicesDaneSouth Central
Compass GroupHudson32/1/2018CL04/01/2018Janitorial ServicesSt. CroixWest Central
No updates for this month

January 2018

New Notices

CompanyCityAffected WorkersNotice ReceivedNotice TypeLayoff Begin DateNAICS DescriptionCountyWorkforce Development Area
YounkersAppleton751/31/2018CL04/01/2018Department Stores exc DiscountOutagamieBay Area
YounkersWausau631/31/2018CL04/01/2018Department Stores exc DiscountMarathonNorth Central
Saputo Cheese USA, Inc.Fond du Lac1201/30/2018CL03/31/2018Cheese MfgFond du LacFox Valley
Saputo Cheese USA, Inc. - Revision 1Fond du Lac1203/30/2018LS03/31/2018Cheese MfgFond du LacFox Valley
ACCO BrandsPleasant Prairie261/22/2018CL03/23/2018Stationery Product MfgKenoshaSoutheast
Sam's ClubMadison1291/16/2018CL03/16/2018Warehouse Clubs and SupercentersDaneSouth Central
Lake Country Foods, Inc.Oconomowoc911/12/2018CL03/16/2018Dry Condensed & Evaporated Dairy ProductsWaukeshaWaukesha-Ozaukee-Washington
Sam's ClubWest Allis1651/11/2018CL03/16/2018Warehouse Clubs and SupercentersMilwaukeeMilwaukee
Sears HoldingsBrookfield591/10/2018WR03/18/2018Department StoresWaukeshaWaukesha-Ozaukee-Washington
Sears HoldingsGreen Bay431/10/2018WR04/08/2018Department StoresBrownBay Area

Updates to Previously Filed Notices

CompanyReason for Update
F + W MediaRN
Jackson National Life InsuranceAW, LS
Jackson National Life InsuranceAW, LS

Current 2018 Affected Worker Totals: 8252
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