Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Walker: millions for Kimberly-Clark; zero for Oscar Mayer

Both Oscar Mayer and Kimberly-Clark are old-line businesses that long paid middle-class wages to Wisconsin workers.

But when it came to time to offer state assistance to keep the companies' Wisconsin presence and payrolls intact, GOP Gov. Walker played favorites. 

Put it this way: green went to red, not blue, 

Walker's revealed his self-interested and partisan hostility to Democratic-leaning Madison and Dane County - - despite the huge boost the area gives the entire state economy - - when he didn't to lift a finger to save 1,000 Oscar Mayer headquarters and production jobs on Madison's East side.

Compare that to his enthusiastic shove of Foxconn-level subsidies and tax breaks to Kimberly-Clark in the GOP-leaning Fox Valley.

Here's a little exercise:

Substitute "Oscar Mayer" and its relevant history in this story - - 

End of an era: Madison's Oscar Mayer plant closing after nearly 100 years
Madison's Oscar Mayer plant — a fixture on the East Side for nearly 100 years — will close and its headquarters will move to Chicago, putting 1,000 employees out of work, parent company Kraft Heinz announced on in 2015.
- - in the wording below describing what Walker and GOP legislators want to gift-wrap for Kimberly-Clark and 600 Wisconsin workers, laid out here - -  
Proposed incentives for Kimberly-Clark would provide up to $115 million over 15 years
Kimberly-Clark has been "giving generations of Wisconsin families the opportunity to pursue their dreams" since it was founded 145 years ago in Neenah... 
"Kimberly-Clark has also been an outstanding corporate citizen, adding greatly to Wisconsin's quality of life and playing a key role in the state being recognized as a global leader in paper and advanced manufacturing,.."  
Green flows to the area that's red, not blue.

Still think Republicans and conservatives in Wisconsin aren't using public money, in an election year, to pick winners and losers? 

GOP WI Senators - - didja pack your big boy boots today?

It's Wisconsin climate karma Tuesday.

High water closes roads and streams rise to flood stage throughout southeastern Wisconsin

Or, it's 
The Day GOP State Senators Who Flunked 7th Grade Geography Better Look Out For Flooded Roads Heading Home.:

*  Because of this on Monday.
Senate Votes Tuesday On Controversial Bill Allowing Some Wisconsin Wetlands To Be Filled
As the GOP Senate caucus says, 'who needs those stupid wetlands?' 
And look - - the DNR has jumped in with a brand new web tool to make it easier to see if that wetland you want to fill is free of restrictions!

*  But back to Tuesday and this today:
Flood Warning Remains in Effect for Southern Wisconsin 
A Flood Warning has been issued for Dane, Green, Jefferson, Lafayette, Rock, and Walworth counties until 6:45 p.m. Tuesday. Also, a Flood Watch, Winter Weather Advisory, and Dense Fog Advisory are in place for portions of southern Wisconsin. 
Several counties have reported flooding in several locations. Many reports are out of Green and Rock counties where several inches of water are over roadways. The Pecatonica River, Rock River, Root River, Turtle Creek and Sugar River are expected to exceed flood stage over the next 24 hours. Minor to moderate flooding is anticipated. 
Also - - let's keep an eye on the flood-prone Root River cited above in flood-prone Racine County where Foxconn already has permission for unprecedented, permit-free wetland filling.

And I see a couple of dozen hazardous materials' Wisconsin sites in this just-published interactive map about increasing flood danger.

Anyone going to miss the wetlands there?

Blighted tag could get Foxconn rural land more quickly

Another con - - on top of subsidies galore for Foxconn - - further blights the process.

If the state is willing to bulldoze constitutional Public Trust Doctrine water protections for Foxconn into legalized wetland-filling, stream-rerouting and lake bed-building, why not have Walker-inspired Big Government declare Racine County farmland 'blighted' so it can be seized on the company's schedules and also make people bend to road-building:
According to village officials, the DOT will shut off road access to the parcels inside the Foxconn area.
The real blight began in Walker's office, spread to the Legislature and infected the Village of Mount Pleasant and Racine County government, too.

Here is a full Foxconn archive I've updated since day one last July - - and, for the record, just look at some of the horrible blight I saw last year when I visited the site. 

Vote today for a Wisconsin Supreme Court progressive

If you want a more progressive Wisconsin Supreme Court
than the special-interest body currently serving Walker and the WMC, vote in today's primary election for either of the progressive candidates - - Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet or Dane County Atty. Tim Burns.

I have friends supporting both Burns and Dallet, so rather than take sides I'm just urging a strong turnout - - and then all-in cooperation after the votes are counted so a progressive prevails in the April runoff should either Burns or Dallet finish third.

Here is a Q & A with the candidates, and sample answers from Dallet and Burns:
What is the biggest challenge facing the Wisconsin Supreme Court?
Burns: Let’s be honest. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is not facing big challenges. Working families face big challenges. People of color, who are subjected to inequitable school and community funding and a system of mass incarceration, face big challenges. Our small businesses and small farms, who all compete against massive, subsidized corporations, face big challenges. The Supreme Court needs to level the playing field instead of tilting it in favor of wealthy special interests and big business.
Dallet: We must restore the Court to one that upholds the law, the U.S. and Wisconsin Constitutions, and the values Wisconsinites hold dear. Partisans have run amok up there, doing favors for their political allies and big-money special interests. They short-circuited the John Doe investigation, closed some hearings to the public, and have become a rubber-stamp for the current administration, rather than properly doing their job to independently uphold the Constitution and our shared values.
The designated far-right bot stamped out by the GOP/WMC talk radio and money machine for this election is Sauk County District Court Judge Screnok.

He's been endorsed by the NRA, so 'nuf said.

OK - - there's more.

The Walkerites settled on Screnok - - no competition, please - - to replace the retiring far-right Justice Michael Gableman whom big business and Republicans fronted similarly in 2008 to take down a liberal African-American incumbent, then-Justice Louis Butler.

The one Screnok TV ad I've seen features a white mom in a nice house reading a bedtime story to her child while a figure in a hoodie is lurking - - maybe he's headed to the house! - - an echo of an infamously-controversial fear-mongering, low-road Gableman ad.

The ad voice over emphasizes Screnok's throwing the book at rapists and pornographers as if he were running for DA or local judge and not for a seat on the state's highest court of review.

The ad was, no doubt, helped along by the receipt of more that $142,000 from state GOP outlets, including a recent $31,000 donation.

Prior to his judgeship appointment by Walker in 2015, Screnok worked as a private attorney who helped the GOP successfully gerrymander the legislature and win Act 10 in court, the Journal Sentinel reports.

From private attorney to the circuit bench to the Supreme Court. That's the way the Wisconsin GOP works, and it's time to break that mold.

There are two solid, attractive alternatives in today's primary to the Walkerite offered up by the far right - - so pick one and support either Dallet or Burns in the April general election just six short weeks from today.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Tweet/News of the day

On March 24 we will take the streets of Washington DC and our communities across the country to . Sign up at

GOP brainiacs picked right time to lift WI wetland protections

WI GOP legislators are right.
Who needs those stupid wetlands? I mean, what are the odds right now...
South-central Wisconsin could see ice, heavy rain and flooding in the next storm system headed for the area Monday into Tuesday, according to forecasters.

Official WI report helps explain Walker's environmental disregard

I often highlight the connections between Walker's politics and our state's degraded environment, but I never thought I'd get even an unintended assist from a major state report.

Until now.

Consider what the state highlights under "Major Initiatives" in the early pages of its latest Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017 released by Walker's Department of Administration on February 13:

*  Note, for example, that on page 6 the report brags that Wisconsin's dairy output keeps growing: 

At the end of 2017, Wisconsin was home to about 8,800 dairy farms with almost 1.28 million cows. Wisconsin's milk production continues to grow as the dairy farms in the state yielded more than 30 billion pounds of milk in 2016.
So...if the state knows that these manure-producing, groundwater contaminating operations are expanding - - and the DNR right now lists for you pending permit actions that go on and on and on and on... - - , why did the DNR fail to follow its own water pollution inspection rules 94% of the time, and why is the DNR speeding up the permitting process for big dairy operations known as CAFOs while also allowing one-third of Wisconsin CAFOs to operate on expired permits

Isn't that inviting more well water contamination in rural area, or high-profile runoff events, like this March spill in Brown County?
The Wisconsin DNR says nearly 100,000 gallons of manure spilled at a farm in Brown County Monday. The manure flowed 3.5 miles reaching the Luxemburg Road crossing and into School Creek...
Officials advise the public that the water in the creek may not be safe for people or animals and says the groundwater may be at risk as well.
*  Which leads me to this section on page 8 of the report, and again under Major Initiatives: annual state spending on acquisition of land for the public's benefit during the Walker years has been cut to $33 million from $86 million, a drop of 62%. 
The original Stewardship Program committed $250 million through the sale of general obligation bonds and the use of federal grant monies for various resource development and land protection activities, including acquisition of State park lands, protection of urban rivers and assistance to local parks. 
The program was reauthorized in 2007 Wisconsin Act 20 through Fiscal Year 2020 with an annual bonding authority of $86 million beginning in Fiscal Year 2011. The 2011-13 Biennial Budget subsequently reduced the annual bonding authority to $60 million beginning in Fiscal Year 2012. Under 2013 Wisconsin Act 20, the annual bonding authorization was reduced further to $47.5 million in Fiscal Year 2014 and $54.5 million in Fiscal Year 2015. 
Finally, under 2015 Wisconsin Act 55, the annual authorization was reduced to $33.3 million in Fiscal Years 2016 through 2020.
Maybe there would not have been the addition of hundreds of state waterways  to the official 'impaired' list as documented by the DNR - - and posted here - - during Walker's years in office if more Stewardship funding had been made available for river protection.

A situation bound to get worse worse when the Legislature fully opens the wetlands-filling door statewide which Walker unlocked for Foxconn in flood-prone Racine County.

There won't be a "Major Initiative" in the Wisconsin Comprehensive Annual Fiscal Statement about the successful coordination of CAFO oversight with better groundwater protections with cleaner waterways with public land benefits until Walker and his 'chamber of commerce mentality' governance is booted from the Wisconsin political environment.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Trump targets farmers. Walker bags it.

Walker endorsed Trump at the GOP's 2016 nominating convention and serves as a reliable Trump enabler.

Walker's hostility to the food stamp program - - their bromance is fueled by a shared affinity for poor-bashing - - echoes cuts that Trump has folded into his just released budget.

But the Trump budget also makes mincemeat of numerous farm, land conservation, water, waste water, insurance and other foundational programs for rural people who grow our food, and I haven't heard a word from Walker about that.

One writer said of he proposed farm budget:

Trump turns farmers into a sacrifice

I may have missed Walker's condemnation of Trump's rural and farm proposals, though on Feb. 15th Walker did use Twitter to post something he thought was important about food: "Another brown bag lunch."

In Walker's dirtied-up WI, an end to coincidence

You can say this with certainty about the banal privatizing of Wisconsin public resources and nationally-noted environmental degradation during Walker's rule.

It isn't complicated: there aren't coincidences anymore.

*  If this is the question: Why did Walker recently appoint 
an actual former Executive Director of the Eagle River chamber of commerce as the new DNR Secretary? 

The answer is what sort of appointee could one-up Walker's first appointed DNR Secretary - - developer-builder and former McDonald's manager Cathy Stepp - - now a regional administrator in Trump's business-obeisant US EPA - - whose "chamber of commerce mentality" caught Walker's eye in 2010 and led to her seven years of ruinous, one-sided corporatized DNR management.

And why are so many business favors dispensed by Walker and his DNR for groundwater controlsand mininggrabs for primo state land, and permit-free wetland filling statewide by and for firms like Foxconn across Walker's entire tenure long before anyone around here heard of Foxconn?

Well - - before we had the scandal-plagued publicly-funded business piggy-bank known as the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation from whose initial chairmanship Walker punted was booted by own party, there was the long-standing Wisconsin Department of Commerce Walker threw out, ergo:
The WI DNR is the new Department of Commerce
Don't believe me? Go to the DNR home page and click on the business tab - - the first one at the top of the page - - and it takes you to bountiful data, personnel, links, tips and other resources.

Environmental and public policy groups: do you get this kind of attention at Walker's DNR: 
The DNR provides many avenues for business owners to work with the agency in growing and sustaining Wisconsin's economy. We will help you succeed with your business endeavors through partnerships between our public and private sectors, time sensitive coordination with state government and innovative programs that can adapt to your business sector's very diverse needs.  
The Office of Business Support is the agency's one-stop shop for business assistance. The office's mission is to work across programs to create the business climate that yields better environmental and economic performance. We're building capacity through sectors and engaging businesses and communities. 
*  Another question: Why there is such widespread and persistent manure contamination of residential wells in Kewaunee County?

This all-purpose story pretty much explains it, though the headline would have been stronger if '94+% of the time' could have been squeezed in: 

State audit finds DNR ignoring own rules on water pollution
And throw in this one for good measure, too:
Walker Donors Got DNR Well Permits
*  Or this one:

Waterway pollution in Wisconsin is spiking in Wisconsin on Walker's watch, according to data that the DNR forwards to the federal government and which I gathered and posted, here - - and the major culprit is known to be phosphorous, according to the DNR

 More lopsided data on the DNR list for 2016 in favor of pollution: 
In the proposed 2016 list update, DNR proposes to add 225 new waters. A majority of the listing additions were waters that exceed total phosphorus criteria. A significant number of new listings were also based on poor biological condition. Ten waterbodies are proposed to be delisted.
So how did that happen, since you may recall that in 2010, after years of collaborative work among stakeholders statewide, a new rule was implemented to finally address phosphorous dumping and runoff.

Enter GOP legislators and their somewhat Orwellian-titled "Healthy Waters, Strong Economy Act" - - which the Journal Sentinel noted last year:

The GOP-controlled Legislature in 2014 passed legislation that would give the option to factories and sewage treatment plants to put off fully meeting stricter phosphorus limits for up to 20 years. 
The DNR muddies the issues on this March 17, 2017 web page with a blend of bureaucratic and chamber-of-commercy-jargon that further affirms why there no coincidences anymore in our intentionally, ideologically-dirtied-up state environment:
The multi-discharger variance (MDV) for phosphorus extends the timeline for complying with low-level phosphorus limits. In exchange, point sources commit to step-wise reductions of phosphorus within their effluent as well as helping to address nonpoint sources of phosphorus from farm fields, cities or natural areas to implement projects designed to improve water quality.
And so how has all that "step-wise reductions of phosphorous" or "Healthy Waters..." legislating worked out for people and the water in Walker's "chamber of commerce"-run environment?

Back to the DNR web page about the state of Wisconsin's waterways:

*  Same story in the 2018 list
In the proposed 2018 list update, DNR proposes to add 240 new water segments. A majority of the listing additions were waters that exceed total phosphorus criteria. Thirty-five waterbodies are proposed to be delisted. 
Oh, one more piece of the puzzle, from last month: 
Scott Walker amasses $4 million campaign war chest, dwarfing Dem rivals in Wisconsin governor's race
Presaged in 2016, here
Scott Walker John Doe: Corporate Checks Fueled Coordinated Campaign

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dollars-and-cents/common-sense Q's on Kohler golf course plan

Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality' management of state government has tainted public service, destroyed its mission and turned watchdog agencies into unabashed corporate subsidiaries.

So when the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board at its February 28th meeting in Madison - - agenda item B-3 - -  takes up the plan approved by Walker's corporatized DNR to allow a major Walker donor obtain the state park land he wants for a privately-owned golf course development, will any Board member underscore the body's oversight obligations and add these questions and issues to the discussion?:

*  The Journal Sentinel reported these acreage values for land the golf course wants: 
DNR documents show the deal gives Kohler 4.59 acres on the northern edge of park. The land is valued at $59,700, according to independent appraisals.
Kohler would also get an easement to the main entrance road to the park and other land on which it would build a road leading to a maintenance building. The easement of 1.88 acres is valued $9,400.
Question 1. Is that the best way to appraise the value of those publicly-owned acres and what is its profit-generating value over the project life cycle? 

Question 2. What has been the Wisconsin-taxpayer-subsidized cost in staff time - - principally supplied by a DNR stripped during the Walker years of funds and employees - - to help one privately-owned business plan and open a privately-owned golf course which will be marketed to upscale golfers?

*  The project has been the subject of public employee reviews by the DNR since the spring of 2015, according to a web page put up by the agency that details numerous review stages, including hearings, which the DNR has supervised.

*  And the Natural Resources Board is working towards redoing the master plan for Kohler Andrae State Park to accommodate the proposed golf course, including land transfers, road-building, traffic access, etc. 

But that wasn't really the beginning of what I've called on this blog the DNR's smoothing of the proposal for its eventual permitting and construction.

*  Working your way through the DNR web page, you will find this link to a pdf file containing substantial email traffic among numerous DNR officials and staffers about the project dating to March, 2014 - - including agency review of an earlier Kohler development since abandoned involving the same company and dating to 2011.

On page two, you will see Kurt Thiede, then a DNR manager who is moving to the US EPA regional office in Chicago as Deputy Administrator to his former DNR boss, Cathy Stepp, asking DNR staff for maps and design suggestions for locating a golf course building within the adjoining state park. 

On page 50 of the pdf file, a Kohler representative asks Walker for his assistance obtaining for the project some so-called "innocuous" acreage in the adjoining state park.

No wonder the former Kohler Andrae State Park supervisor said he like a few acres for a hot dog stand there if the DNR wanted to so easily hand over state park land

In 2015, I posted about another known Walker-Kohler contact:
Consider the power imbalances in that battle with the well-connected industrialist and golf course magnate Herbert Kohler:
Kohler is asking the DNR for an easement of 3.8 acres for its golf course operations. The company had sought as much as 20 acres from adjoining Kohler-Andrae State Park. An early version of the course showed that Kohler wanted to build several holes on state park land...
Kohler, a financial supporter of Republican Gov. Scott Walker, spoke with staff from the governor's office, the DNR and the Department of Administration in late April about the easement, Walker's spokeswoman, Jocelyn Webster, said in an email.
"Mr. Kohler raised the issue," Webster said in a separate email.
Between 2009 and 2013, Kohler Co. employees contributed $42,254 to Walker's campaign fund, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which tracks political donations. Nearly all of that amount was directly from Herbert Kohler.
DNR Deputy Secretary Matt Moroney also has "participated in a conceptual meeting with the Kohler Co. on the golf course" that included Herbert Kohler, said DNR spokesman Bill Cosh.
*  Note also that the Wisconsin Department of Administration helped the company quickly win the annexation of the project site to the City of Sheboygan, so add the DOA to the DNR and the National Resources Board to the roll call of state agencies facilitating the project. 

Think about all the hours of public employee time committed by the DNR, the Natural Resources Board, the DOA and the Governor's Office to getting one private business's plan for a privately-owned golf course aimed at upscale users through permitting and construction.

I'll bet the cost in public dollars could have funded some real progress towards perhaps cleaning up some of the many, multiplying waterways added to the impaired list on Walker's watch.

WI DNR strengthens division of Walker donor services

Now that the Wisconsin DNR (Department that's Nice to Republicans) has made a deal to get the Kohler golf course the land inside a popular lakeshore state park it wants for another high-end golf course, no doubt someone's been assigned to work with each county's most important Walker donor

to make sure there's the just right parcel to be dealt so no one feels discriminated against.

The good news: Vilas County has already been taken care of.

I've noted that to help get the Kohler course on the map, state government  under Walker provided taxpayer-funded help from the Governor's office, the DNR, the Natural Resources Board and the Department of Administration.

Wasn't that what his 'chamber of commerce mentality' DNR and his new Wisconsin Idea were all about?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Who you gonna believe? Trump...Putin...Mueller?

Question of the day, and also going forward.  Do you believe:

Trump says he believes Putin's election meddling denials
Or citizen grand Jury/Mueller
Mueller indicts 13 Russian nationals over 2016 election interference
Vladimir Putin (2017-07-08).jpg 

Diagram Walker's/FL-shooting react/policy sentence

TMJ4 reports these words:
Meanwhile, Gov. Scott Walker is reacting to the school shooting and what needs to be done in Wisconsin to prevent school shootings like the one in Parkland. 
“Part of this is reexamining and making sure no matter what the issue is that we’re making sure, whether it’s what we saw the other day or it’s explosive, we want everyone to feel safe, but particularly our schools,” he said. 

WI GOP Assembly passes its 'More, Bigger Floods' bill

[Update] Perhaps listening to "Fools Rush In" on their headphones, the GOP-led State Assembly followed the developers' money trail and approved Thursday its 'More, Bigger Floods' bill.

Robin Vos & Co., with GOP Senate leader Fitzgerald and always-campaigning-and-donation-colleciting Scott Walker will together open tens of thousands of protected wetland acres to 'development' at the very time increasingly more-frequent so-called 100-year storms loom increasingly more destructive.

Because the state is getting wetter, so thanks to the state, expect more of this - - 
- - after tens of thousands of acres of nature's natural sponges statewide are exchanged for parking lots or deceptively-named 'conservation' subdivisions.

As I wrote yesterday, if we had a real Department of Natural Resources, and not the business community subsidiary which Gov. Walker replaced it with, agency officials and non-partisan experts would have testified against the measure before the Assembly - - and cited the known science about a changing, wetter climate - - facts I'd discovered in late 2016 that Walker's DNR had scrubbed from its key web page on climate change science.

Basically, it's easier for the legislature to approve widespread, hodge-podge destruction of WI wetlands if the DNR under Walker already scrubbed the science - - the reality - - off its webpages that explained why we need smart government and working wetlands now more than ever.

I posted what the DNR's web page had contained, what had been deleted and what remained: new, sanitized text appears in yellow and deletions of original wording have black strike mark through them.

You can see in an example below the missing passages which call attention to changes in precipitation, and to the crucial value of wetlands:

scientists agree that the following changes are likely if climate change patterns continue. 
Increased summer and winter temperatures will cause increased evaporation droughtlower lake water levels and warmer water tornadoesresulting in reduced habitat for cold water species and a loss of critical wetland areas ice/snow or severe heat 
Decreased winter ice cover will also contribute The DNR staff stands ready to increased evaporation and lower lake water levels which could have severe economic consequences for adapt our valuable shipping industrymanagement strategies in an effort to protect our lakeslakeshore recreationwaterwaysplants, wildlife and coastal businessespeople who depend on them 
Changes in rain and snowfall patterns (including more frequent and severe storms) could change water flow in streams and rivers and increase stream bank erosion and runoff pollution.
Not that many years ago, a bill like the one the Assembly just approved would never have seen the light of day.

The state's conservation legacy - - think Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day, the popular, bi-partisan Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund, the work of giants like Aldo Leopold and John Muir - - and respect for informed-policy making was too strong to be overrun by a band of business bell-hopping clerks.

But whether the issue is wetlands, or groundwater, or exemptions and permit approvals for sand mines and golf courses, or Foxconn - - and, by the way, in that flood-prone county - - where will all the storm water from its hard, flat, baseball stadium-sized giant parking lots, and massive roofs over much of a complex the size of 11 football fields run to? - - those fact-driven, common-sense-informed days are gone. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Some WI guns laws easier than in FL

Walker is a big beneficiary of NRA money, says the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. More fun facts about Walker's easy gun regime:  
Florida, for instance, has a three-day waiting period for purchasing handguns. Wisconsin's Republican governor and Republican-controlled Legislature ended the state's two-day waiting period in 2015. 
Florida sets restrictions on the open-carry of handguns; Wisconsin does not, and a 2011 Republican law prohibited municipalities from using other laws to discourage the practice.
Walker signed the bill waiving the handgun purchase waiting period just prior to a mass shooting in a South Carolina church by a handgun-wielding white supremacist.

He also tweeted our condolences after the Florida school shooting, then returned to posting, with photo, about his beloved hand-and-cheese sandwich. 


WI spring primary in-person early voting ends Friday

Check with your local voting officials. Here's the Milwaukee information.
In-person absentee voting for the 2018 Spring Primary begins Monday, February 5th and ends on Friday, February 16th in the offices of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission, 200 E Wells Street, Room 501, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday (no weekends). 
You will be required to show your acceptable photo ID when voting by in-person absentee ballot.
File:I Voted Sticker.JPG

Walker tweets FL shooting, now back to ham sandwiches

  1.   Retweeted
    Our prayers go out to the families and friends of victims in Florida.

Another brown bag lunch.