Sunday, December 17, 2017

Walker's tightening Big Government embrace

Already finding $30 million for Foxconn roadwork, and draining $134 million from Wisconsin transportation needs statewide for Foxconn, GOP Gov. and principle-free hypocrite Scott Walker wants a huge gob ($246 million) of a limited pool of federal funds ro pay for Foxconn-related highway expansion which Wisconsin cannot afford on its own.

So add $400 million to what is usually described as a $3.74 billion state, local and maybe federal handout to the Taiwan-based TV screen assembler which Walker negotiated on a single-sheet of paper.

Walker loves to turn down federal funds - - whether for Amtrak expansion, wider Medicaid health insurance coverage or broadband infrastructure - -  when it fits his very flexible anti-government narrative.

So look for Walker without any regard for public sector ethics to bolster his search for federal funds during a re-election campaign wrapped in the Foxconn project by serving as a willfully-blind Trump suck-up
Gov. Scott Walker said Friday he didn’t know enough about sexual harassment accusations against President Donald Trump to say whether they were true. 
As good, old-fashioned Republican conviviality...
 “I haven’t seen most of the things that have been reported (about the accusations against Trump),” Walker told reporters after lighting the Christmas tree at the state Capitol.
...masks a shameless federal bailout pitch. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

In Walker's WI, manure spill, slow response, dead trout

Wisconsin's fast-growing but barely-regulated (that is, without groundwater pumping oversight and not much pollution enforcement, a friend notes) industrial-scale cattle feeding operations produced 
30,000 gallons of flowing manure in this polluted day-in-the-life of Vernon County - - but not to worry, as noted no-friend-of-the environment Attorney General Brad Schimel has the case on his desk:
[All parties] found a large accumulation of manure solids and pools of liquid manure in the ‘intermittent stream...’approaching the confluence with Otter Creek, manure solids were found before and after the second dam, along the streambed.
Walking down alongside Otter Creek, the first dead trout were found 20 feet below the confluence of the intermittent stream and Otter Creek. Continuing on down the creek, more dead trout were found and manure solids were observed along the creek bed...a grand total of 94 Brook Trout, 1,069 Brown Trout, two Tiger Trout, one White Sucker, and one Brook Stickleback were collected. Of these, 18 Brook Trout and 203 Brown Trout were age one and older.

Wisconsin's GOP rocket men have had launch failure

Job-hunting US House Speaker Paul Ryan continues to pitch the standard GOP nostrum that cutting taxes for the rich, with a few crumbs tossed in for some middle-class earners, will send the economy roaring.

A more honest public official, especially one from Wisconsin, should be far more cautious, given noting the Badger State's disappointing performance after failed WI job creator and GOP Gov. Scott Walker, with the cooperation of his loyal legislative lieutenants, achieved only middling numbers and promise-breaking job development after predicting skyrocketing growth through business and other tax cuts favoring the rich.

So as we get ready to blow up the deficit, and resuscitate long-discredited "Voodoo economics," please don't forget this 2012 gem:

Walker win means boon for business: GOP officials
Once June 5 hits and Gov. Scott Walker is securely re-elected, “our economy is going to take off like a rocket,” state Rep. Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said Monday during a meeting with The Journal Times Editorial Board. 
And this around the same time from the launch master himself
Gov. Walker says business hiring will skyrocket after he wins recall election
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told an Illinois business conference today that quote, “like a rocket, you’ll see businesses hiring” after the June fifth recall election..."
As the Christian Science Monitor wrote in an extensive 2016 review: 
But Wisconsin has not outperformed in growth and jobs, as Walker promised it would. And other states in the same economic tier didn’t cut taxes and reduce social spending to get their economies going again. 
The question: Was it worth it?...
So far, Walker’s tax credits have mostly been a boon for existing manufacturers but aren’t bringing in many new investors. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation ranks Wisconsin last for start-up activity, citing a lack of entrepreneurs and new businesses...
A 2015 study by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center came to the same general conclusion, finding no strong evidence, positive or negative, that tax cuts affected states’ economic growth. 
“There’s no evidence that what [Walker has] done has been good for growth. And there’s potential for what he’s done to be bad for growth,” says Kim Rueben, coauthor of the study.
Good question, was it worth it?

And speaking of that dead-last Kauffman business startup ranking, Walker won it for a second straight year, according to an announcement earlier this year: 
Once again, the Kauffman Foundation has pegged Wisconsin as the worst state in the nation for startup activity.
And it’s not even close.
The state has received the worst scores in the U.S. for new business creation from the foundation since 2015...
In the latest report...Wisconsin’s score is even lower than last year’s. The state immediately ahead in the rankings, Alabama, outpaces the Badger State by a considerable margin.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Try this Foxconn payment-skipping maneuver with YOUR bank

Yeah, just a minor glitch - - not depositing that guaranteed $60 million.
A deadline came and went Friday for Foxconn Technology Group to deposit $60 million into a special account as specified by its contract with Mount Pleasant and Racine County.
Think your mortgage or car lender would cut you the slack that Wisconsin will do every time moving forward, because Foxconn's got taxpayers, state and local politicians and treasuries by the you-know what.

I'll add this to my always-expanding Foxconn archive, but let's hear it for this genius.

Prices go up, payrolls down in mergers wasting billions

Remember when you read that CVS is spending billions to buy a health insurance company, and Disney is forking over a fortune to acquire some Fox properties, that there are tons of borrowed money in those deals which are often paid down through post-merger, higher consumer prices and reduced payrolls.

So don't be surprised if it costs more to see a Disney film, or buy marked-up items at your local CVS 
CVS N Tarrant Davis.jpg
where cashiers will be replaced with self-serve checkout machines.

Final thought: Mega-mergers like these often set other takeovers in motion, and the GOP tax giveaway bill which is all about maximizing corporate profits means we're in for a wave of consolidations which do noting for middle and working class Americans who are about to get shafted by the bill, its increases in health insurance costs and through wages that remain depressed.

Expect Walker to deny, distract over $30 mil. Foxconn road

I'm sure the Governor will spin the gaudy $30 million for new highway construction his allegedly cash-strapped WisDOT just gift-wrapped for Foxconn as just another win for Green Bay, and I'm not talking about a "w" for the 7-6 Packers.

As I said Sunday, Walker is using our money to bet his re-election on convincing taxpayers far from Foxconn's site in SE Wisconsin that what's good for Mount Pleasant there is good for Mount Horeb, Mount Hope and Mount Calvary, too:
Taxpayers paid for a thinly-veiled Scott Walker re-campaign visit to Green Bay last week, as our right-wing Governor and Foxconn bellhop keeps trying to convince taxpayers far from the Racine-to-Chicago Foxconn gravy train that they will benefit from the $3 billion in public subsidies collected from taxpayers statewide that Walker is shoveling to Foxconn at the expense of programs and growth in all 72 counties...
Send Walker back when the winter thaw leaves Brown County with a few thousand new potholes that can't be repaired because I-94 near the Foxconn site needs another lane
Here is a single blog post with more than 100 archived items following the Foxconn story.
Or, Walker will will duck the road spending disparity altogether, since he's got state-paid drivers to shuttle him around on roads that have crumbled on his watch to second-worst in the country.

Paying for front-end alignments and new tires is for the little people.

A Foxconn Fever primer

[Updated continuously July-December] This frequently-updated archive follows Wisconsin's award of $3.74 billion in state and local funds, plus waivers of routine judicial and environmental reviews, for a promised Foxconn factory development on Racine County farmland and wetlands near Lake Michigan.

*  While you can't get your potholes filled or basic transit needs met for seniors, kids and others who cannot or do not drive, and he's turned back billions to the federal government claim small-government ideological poster boy fame, Walker wants to add more hundreds of millions of federal and state dollars for Foxconn roadwork.
Walker's tightening Big Government embrace
*  Yeah, just skip that huge payment.
Try this Foxconn payment-skipping maneuver with YOUR bank
*  Walker starves roads statewide, finds $30 million for new road for Foxconn.
Expect Walker to deny, distract over new $30 mil. Foxconn road
*  Walker wants to lure environmentally-tuned in millennials to the GOP's \environmentally-degraded WI.
Walker train ad stupidity and hypocrisy, part three 
*  Right-wing lawyers threaten local Foxconn funding.
In Wisconsin, the right is at war with itself
*  Leading environmental public interest law firm Midwest Environmental Advocates now following Foxconn issues.
Midwest Environmental Advocates posts Foxconn issues page
*  Here is the actual, 29-pagel Foxconn contract, as signed.
Here is the signed Foxconn contract
*  The ad features a trail biker. In WI, where Walker freshly blocked funding bike trail & sidewalk funding.
Walker's train ad stupidity and hypocrisy alert, part two 
*  Give Walker an award for shortsightedness, hypocrisy and audacity: After killing an Amtrak extension from Madison that could have moved high-tech employees right to the heart of his so-called 'Wisconn Valley,' and reliably blocking commuter rail right through SE Wisconsin and any rail initiative in the state, Walker now wants millions from state taxpayers for ads on Illinois trains and other pitches urging Chicagoans to move here or take am Illinois train to a Foxconn job. When did he become Governor of Illinois?
Stupidity alert: Anti-train Walker now pitching WI through ads on IL trains 
*  Basically, every woman, man, and child in Mount Pleasant just got a sprawl-inducing second mortgage. 
A campaigning Walker assigns small village debt, sprawl
*  Again, we ask: does Foxconn need to apply for a Great Lakes diversion, as reported? Can Racine, or Mount Pleasant handle the water supply and wastewater treatment demands, and by the way, exactly what's in that discharge, anyway?
Undercovered Foxconn questions demand answers. Again.
*  Prediction: illegal work shifts won't be the only ugly story you read about Foxconn practices in the coming months and years.
Foxconn boosterism looking a little icky today
* Summary post about the WI GOP war on the environment includes an explanation of Foxconn's coming collision with state wetland and water law.
Insiders, experts explain WI GOP's damage to the environment  
*  Foxconn part of great WI water giveaway.
Walker, GOP officials worsen WI water, wildlife crises. Part two.
*  WI experts, advocates add Foxconn project the environmental dangers' list.
Walker, GOP officials worsen WI water, wildlife crises. Part one.
*  Foxconn is a big one, but not the first. 
The con on protecting WI air, water extends far beyond Foxconn
*  Look past the gee-whiz promises to see who's already getting paid.
Foxconn offers gravy train, adds pie-in-the-sky
*  Watch Walker during 2018 spin 260 jobs into 250,000
At public expense, Foxconn gets low bar, Walker high praise
*  Foxconn fiscal fakery isn't Scott Walker's first foray into phony data.
Scott Walker's numbers games; the legend grows
*  Walker inflates Foxconn investment pledge by $! billion.
Walker hails $10 bil. Foxconn pledge; MJS says it's $9 bil.
*  When the hoopla ends, the hard work and choices begin
After WalkerFoxconnFest, the real meetings
*  Hubris alert.
Walker and Stepp were ready for Foxconn. Just ask them.
*  A billion here, and billion there...
Is Foxconn pledging a $10 billion investment...or is it $9 billion?
*  WEDC board doesn't get to see the contract after all
Slippery process: WEDC board approves Foxconn contract summary, not the actual contract
*   Who's on that WEDC board voting on Foxconnn in secret?
Private-sector dominated WEDC board dealing with Foxconn deal in secret 
*  File under "not reassuring." or "Duh!"
Vos praises WEDC...for doing its job
*  The Nov. 6 secret Foxconn review session WEDC deigned to hold is a sham.
Rolling dice for Foxconn, in secret, with our money
* A ray of sunshine forced on Foxconn contract.
Tim Carpenter wins a Foxconn round for the people
* Props to Madison writer Lawrence Tabak.
Tremendous addition to our Foxconn awareness
*  In perspective: the con began long before Foxconn.
How Walker is privatizing and selling off Wisconsin
*  Exhibit "A" - - Walker's gift or public waters to Foxconn.
Walker will float campaign on our water
* Loopholes shield Foxconn FUBAR contract from public view.
Foxconn's banker WEDC subject to open records. Or not  
* Walker's WEDC: Foxconn contract, history withheld from public.
Walker's Foxconn cover-up gets worse
* More proof that Foxconn's environmental exemptions are the proverbial camel's nose in the people's water tent.
Wisconsin water grabbers are at it. Again.
* Vos got Foxconn, big highway deal, still griping.
Why Robin Vos' losing hit on fellow Republicans is so irrational
* Foxconn giveaways targeted to SE WI, now mysteriously delayed.
Walker's '16 campaign baggage getting heavier
* Fixing FUBAR Foxconn contract w/out saying "drafting error." And more.
Scott Walker: Clean up on aisle '18
* The Foxconn contract FUBAR is being covered up.
Walker's Foxconn coverup clock is running
* Foxconn deal delayed.
What? Foxconn deal isn't ready at WEDC? 
* Foxconn now driving the WI highway budget & away from everyday needs.
Hurried $252 Foxconn million for I-94 N/S is both outrage and chicken feed
* Villages take more time to ponder building a schoo.l
Locals pushed to hand Foxconn $764 million
* Will Racine area cabbage fields sprout lemons?
Foxconn's $764 million local shares get aired this week
* Saying 'trust the company' overlooks reality and the record.
Booster discharges murky Foxconn spin
* Yipes! Local taxpayers will pony up $764 million local dollars For Foxconn.
$764 million cost of Foxconn 'win' for WI local government
* Rush in WI to legislate broad environmental rollbacks statewide, Foxconn-style.
In post-Foxconn WI, GOP is done w/air, wetlands law 
* The Foxconn measuring stick.
Foxconn gets swift [WI AG] Schimel boost, rape kits get indolence
* About Walker overpaying for Foxconn by a factor of five.
So Scott Walker walks into an auction...
* Major fox in the Foxconn chicken coop.
Walker names Great Lakes Compact foe as key Foxconn aide 
* Oh, those Foxconn obstacles.
Fast-tracked Foxconn mix could sour
* $3 billion bet on his re-election campaign. Then on jobs.
Note to NY Times: Foxconn is about Walker re-election. Then jobs.
* Walker-led GOP group whitewashes his past, Foxconn future.
Walker shills rewrite his job creation record, Foxconn outlook
* Really painful, stupefying irony alert.
Foxconn bill signing to spotlight Walker/Vos transportation incompetence
* Walker, Foxconn and the "s" word.
Scott Walker's missing Foxconn word
* Foxconn deal underscores Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality 'governance.
Walker's WI is model hard-right "chamber of commerce" state 
* Oh, and about that little overlooked Foxconn item - - a Lake MI diversion.
Foxconn water diversion story needed more attention 
* Viewing Foxconn through Walker's discarded ethics lens.
Walker's deleted ethics code could have skewed Foxconn giving, lobbying
* Foxconn is Walker's biggest use of gov't to pick winners and losers, yet...
Despite denials, Walker uses gov't. to pick winners & losers
* WI Senate joins the Foxconn parade
Wis conned. GOP-led State Senate gives OK to unprecedented giveaways.
* Not this special favor for Foxconn, this one!
WI GOP Senate Leader adds phantom judicial 'restriction' to Foxconn deal
* Foxconn settles on Racine County, despite flooding history there.
Foxconn headed for flood-prone Racine County
* Foxconn might feel it's the one which got conned.
For new WI mines, more env. giveaways than Foxconn got
* Along with tax breaks, free highway work - - special Supreme Court access.
WI GOP lawmakers hand Foxconn newer, bigger favor
* One potential Foxconn locale is struggling with the opportunity.
With Foxconn looming, Mount Pleasant had a meltdown
* Out-going DNR Secretary Stepp spills the beans.
DNR's Stepp says a Foxconn was the plan all along
* Holding Foxconn to the Walker/Trump environmental (will-wink) 'standards.'
Exposing Walker's environmental Foxconn con
* 'No-tax-increase Walker' might just raise local taxes.
Add local taxpayers to school on cusp of Foxconning
* WI may find Foxconn draining education funding.
WI legislators, on educ. funding today, could show Foxconn effect 
* Latest news: Foxconn's billion-dollar 'strain' on state budgets, or "D'uh!"
Go suck on $1 billion worth of lemons, Bucky
* At least this time he didn't call you an ISIS fighter.
Vintage Walker uses Foxconn to flip off the people
* A rushed project would not need so many corrections.
Another day, another Foxconn data correction.
* GOP leaders Walker/Vos/Stepp have long failed job creation, environmental protection pledges.
On Foxconn assurances, consider the sources and histories
* 13,000 jobs? No accident that the Assembly and public didn't have all the facts.
Put Foxconn on hold until Walker explains data suppression
* Robin Vos, reckless and feckless.
Robin Vos trivialized $3 billion, ignored shocking jobs info
* Dispensing with clean blue water, green legacy. 
Green? WI GOP likes brown, orange, perhaps blackish and 'sudsy'
* And the next shoe drops. 
Seeing Foxconn 'win, WI GOP env. wrecking crew eyes mining favors 
* Walker, GOP laid Foxconn groundwork years ago.
Foxconn favors are basic to Walker, GOP's sloppy playbook
* Walker evades leadership from #Foxconn to #Charlottesville.
On jobs, moral leadership, persistent Walker con
* Reality, troubling numbers, no state budget mean nothing to GOP legislature.
GOP Foxconn votes proceed robotically as jobs, revenue estimates fall
* New Foxconn bill version, same environmental rollbacks, records show.
Amended Foxconn bill retains env. waivers, special privileges
* Changing the rules to fit the players.

As WI, GOP change the rules for Foxconn, a reminder
* WI will subsidize Foxconn jobs paying nowhere near family-supporting wages.
WI now talking about <$15-per-hour Foxconn jobs
* Now they're just wishing and hoping.
Witless Walker's farcical Foxconn fix
* The Chicago Sun-Times 'thanks' Walker for pro-Illinois Foxconn plan.
Another bad review for Walker's Foxconn deal
* Now we look for solace to Scott Fitzgerald (!) as Foxconn gets horrible reviews.
Foxconn doubters turn their lonely eyes to...Scott Fitzgerald!
* Foxconn is to get a pass from normal DNR reviews, which is fine with the DNR.
Stepp puts the DNR in on Foxconn env. evasion
* Walker told his Foxconn critics to 'go suck lemons.' Then...
Sucking lemons - - or absorbing buyer's remorse - - for 26 sucking years
* Walker's fake-news Foxconn projects are collapsing.
Foxconn taxpayer projections zoom, payroll benefits plunge
* No surprise that major WI polluting industry. wants env. exemptions.
If Foxconn is exempted from env. oversight, why not CAFOs?
* Who's to say that Foxconn privileges won't be applied statewide?
And if environmental rules and laws are waived for Foxconn...  
* Does Michigan have better deal-makers than Wisconsin? 
Foxconn eyes Michigan for high tech development site
* Water law expert says Foxconn environmental rollback endangers the deal.

Noted water law expert predicts WI officials' Foxconn 'bungle'
* The Walker/WMC tag team.
Foxconn to locate at intersection of Walker and WMC avenues
* Big business laughs off Foxconn project environmental concerns.
Wisconsin Biz lobby sneers at routine Wisconsin conservation guarantee
* Walker never saw a wetland he didn't want filled.
Walker's giveaway Foxconn bill extends his war on wetlands
* Zoo Interchange completion $$ rerouted to another project for Foxconn.
Because the I-94 Vos/Foxconn exit isn't in the Zoo Interchange
* Foxconn process 'open,' says Walker after closed door briefing for GOP caucuses.
Walker opens 'open' Foxconn FavorFest behind closed doors
* Walker, Ryan producing Foxconn political ads.
Walker giveth to Foxconn, taketh for his re-election
* Walker would allow Foxconn 19th century 'environmental' practices.
'Wisconsin Valley' or Wisconsin, Inc. dead zone?
* The Legislature pushed to re-create Wisconsin as Wisconsin, Inc.
Rushed Foxconn special session set for 11 a.m. August 1
* SE WI communities should worry about what Walker wants to do with their budgets, tax collections:
For Foxconn, Walker bets your farm, breaks the bank(s)
* Walker, AG and legislature could give away what's not theirs:
Foxconn favors face WI Constitutional barrier
* GOP Wi Attorney General Brad Schimel weighs in, pre-emptively and rhetorically.
Greenlight for Foxconn in WI AG's Tweet, rhetoric
* Walker to convert Wisconsin to Wisconn without a constitutional convention, and if you don't like it, 'go suck lemons."
Walker to sacrifice DNR, PSC and WisDot integrity for 'Wisconn'
* The cynical pot has his say.
Walker - - Gov. Cynicism - - decries Foxconn 'cynics'
* Walker already has '18 campaign in Foxconn frame.
About Walker's '18 election Foxconn over-under
* In Walker's Wisconsin, some blue-collar jobs are more important than others.
Walker touts Foxconn construction jobs, threw away Amtrak's
* Walker, Trump should become the new champions of Great Lakes preservation and climate change science. 
Great Lakes water lifts Foxconn deal
* About jobs.
3,000 Foxconn jobs would not = 3,776 WI mfg. jobs lost in '16
* Are HB-5 $$-for-visas in the deal?
Are green cards for investment in a Foxconn-WI deal?
* Public dollars needed.
How many WI dollars will Walker give super-wealthy Foxconn?
* When Foxconn stiffed another state.
If you've got Foxconn fever, remember Pennsylvania's hangover
* Vos blocked transit Foxconn workers could have used.
Vos' long transit blockade does not help Racine's Foxconn future
* Walker killed Amtrak service Foxconn might have loved. 
Amtrak line killed by Walker could have fed Foxconn
* Vos has a budget power move.
Vos plays Foxconn card in WI budget fight
*  For quick Japan trip, Walker kept Foxconn secret 
Desperate Walker on 48-hour jobs mission - - to Japan


Thursday, December 14, 2017

GOP's true 'principle': reward owners, screw consumers

When you hear Republicans hail elected officials' control of policy-making boards and commissions, grab the kids and run.

*  Case in point: Republicans and Donald Trump have relentlessly attacked the Elizabeth Warren-created Consumer Financial Protection Board for its:

uniquely independent role in government—which has long been a sticking point for conservatives...
* And are hamstringing it further with a newly-installed Trump leader.
Trump pick to head consumer protection office at work despite legal challenge
Official Portrait of President Donald Trump.jpg
* On the other hand, when a board majority of appointed, anti-consumer policy-makers running a separate regulatory agency - - the Federal Communications Commissioners - - set in motion today the likelihood of higher Internet rates and tightened public access without Congressional approvalTeam Trump loved the FCC's independent decision.
Trump's FCC votes to repeal net neutrality
Because has nothing to do with anything as quaint as a principle about decision-making, and everything to do with tilting government power and revenue away from consumers and towards Republican special interests.

Karner Karma, and more, in WI DNR publications

Karma is thriving inside the Wisconsin DNR, so enjoy it along with me.

You may remember that developer and former GOP State Senator Cathy Stepp successfully auditioned through a snarky, anti-science blog op-ed for the DNR Secretaryship she enjoyed for nearly seven years before Donald Trump moved her to a bigger sandbox to pollute:

Those of you that haven't had the pleasure of peeking behind the scenes of our state agencies like DNR, Health and Family Services, etc...need to know how some of the most far-reaching policies come down on our heads...suffice it to say that many of these great ideas (sarcasm) come from deep inside the agencies and tend to be reflections of that agency's culture
For example, people who go to work for the DNR's land, waste, and water bureaus tend to be anti-development, anti-transportation, and pro-garter snakes, karner blue butterflies, etc...This is in their nature; their make-up and DNA. So, since they're unelected bureaucrats who have only their cubicle walls to bounce ideas off of, they tend to come up with some pretty outrageous stuff that those of us in the real world have to contend with. 
Now let me point you to the DNR's Natural Heritage Conservation Program 2017 Annual Report, a lovely document touting many positive DNR staff and volunteer initiatives statewide.

Among more than a dozen success stories is this one which would give Stepp heartburn:   

Wisconsin has more Karner blue butterflies than anywhere else in the world, and NHC continues restoring habitat for this endangered species. For example, a 34-acre area of Coon Fork Barrens State Natural Area is now exploding with lupine and other plants critical for Karners following a recent prescribed burn; butterfly numbers increased at this site too. 
With restoration projects planned through this fall/winter, Karners will gain more than 900 acres of improved habitat, which will also benefit a host of other species, by the end of 2017. 
Lycaeides melissa samuelis (cropped).jpg

And while the Governor and his GOP-run Legislature want business to be able to fill wetlands and dig mines near rivers and streams, the report highlights many examples of land preservation that invite hikers and tourists to enjoy an enriched environment:
And it's hard to miss the contradiction between the DNR management working hard - - comment deadline is Friday, so weigh in - - to help a Walker donor to tear apart a wetland/woodland/artifact/dune-rich 247-acre nature preserve right next - - and even intruding into -  - Kohler-Andrae State Park - - and this feature item in the Natural Heritage Conservation Program 2017 Annual Report:
and more of them got the help they needed in 2017 as NHC field staff controlled brush and invasive plants, conducted prescribed burns and arranged timber harvests on a record 12,445 acres. 
Such management is particularly important for maintaining Wisconsin’s best remaining prairie and oak savanna and barren remnants and providing refuge for the endangered plants and animals that depend on such habitat. 
By the way: while you can enjoy the report online, I have to mention that I first saw it as an insert in the December 2017 issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine - - the publication which Walker and then-DNR Secretary tried and failed to kill.

Which led to an increase in subscriptions, and no doubt wider distribution of the Natural Heritage Conservation Program's work, goals and 2017 Annual Report, to new readers, like me.