Thursday, May 14, 2015

Strong piece explains MN's lead over Walker's stalled WI 'plan'

[Updated] A recent piece in The American Prospect about why Minnesota's economy is out-performing Wisconsin's is a must-read for Wisconsin politicos and media working to cut through Scott Walker's bogus claim that Wisconsin is now a model for national replication:
Minnesota and Wisconsin offer something close to a laboratory experiment in competing economic policies. Since the 2010 elections of Democratic Governor Mark Dayton in Minnesota and Republican Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin, these neighboring states with similar populations and economies have pursued radically different strategies. Dayton embraces good government, progressive taxation, and high-wage policies, while Walker has chosen shrunken government, fiscal austerity, and a war on labor.
More than four years later, the two states’ achievements in population growth, jobs, pay, and quality of life offer a clear contrast. (See "The Politics of Offense and Defense," by Sam Ross-Brown, part of this package from The American Prospect magazine's 25th Anniversary issue.) Minnesota’s economy has outpaced Wisconsin’s. 
These results suggest that Walker, in his expected run for president, may have difficulty promoting a “Wisconsin Miracle” as a model for national policy. This story also offers a cautionary tale to newly elected conservative governors like Bruce Rauner in nearby Illinois: An attack on government and workers’ wages is not a prescription either for prosperity or for political success.
While the “experiment” is not perfect—there are minor differences in urban and industrial structure between the two states—it is clear that imposing fiscal austerity and undermining residents’ standards of living are not successful prescriptions for economic prosperity. As the presidential election ramps up, the hard economics of these two states offer us evidence on the choice between markedly different futures.

The Minnesota-Wisconsin dichotomy has been noted before - - and here, too - - as has Walker's unsurprisingly failed effort recently to spin it his way - - but The American Prospect piece expands the discussion.

Walker keeps selling his bill of false goods and we need all the help we can get to expose it.

For readers and campaign archivists, I also offer this section of one Walker summary updated posting on the same subject amplified by The American Prospect piece.
*  Walker promised repeatedly during his 2010 and 2012 gubernatorial campaigns that he and his conservative fiscal plans would create 250,000 private sector jobs in Wisconsin after one term in office.   
In September, 2014, following a string of disappointing official reports of slow, sluggish job growth in Wisconsin on Walker's watch, PolitiFact rated it a "promise broken." 
*  In mid-March, 2015, as Walker was criss-crossing the country and claiming to have turned Wisconsin around, federal data was released showing Wisconsin's job-creation ranking among the states had fallen during the last full year analyzed to 40th place from 31st, with new jobs added at one-half the national rate. 
* Numerous articles have been written about neighboring Minnesota's far better economy and job creation record during Walker's four years in office. There was recent testimony in the Wisconsin Legislature during its rush to pass so-called 'right-to-work' legislation that the bill - - now law through Walker's sudden change of heart about it - - would add to Wisconsin's relatively high bankruptcy filing total.
(Editing note: The early version of this piece used the wrong name in one reference to The American Prospect.)


Anonymous said...

Sorry, don't get your lead about a must-read for "Wisconsin politicos and media working to cut through Scott Walker's bogus claim that Wisconsin is now a model for national replication".

Media working to tell the truth on this? Doesn't exits in the mainstream media among the folks that carry Walker's water and republish his talkin points
in fact, the record will show it is the media that falsely whitewash Walker's failures as ready to roll out nationally.

There are a few people telling the truth, but none at major papers, tv stations, or radio. They don't need this piece. Those that publish Walker's lies, usually endorsing him and his failures, are not going to tell the truth now.

my5cents said...

I, for one, would like to know exactly how they measure Wisconsin's supposed success to the point that they think it is a model for the entire nation. Is it simply the dollars and cents; is it what corporations tell them; is it what the wealthy tell them. Just how are they measuring this great success? I don't see it. It is certainly not what the people are telling them, because they are the ones getting hurt by Walker's policies. Even Walker's own party feels he is going way too far with budget cuts. How many cuts are enough before the government stops working for the people? When that happens do we no longer have a democracy?

Anonymous said...

You Walker haters just don't get it. You cannot compare Wisconsin to Minnesota. See, in Minnesota they are VIKINGS fans. In Wisconsin we are PACKER fans. And blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:35 is right.

Even if we could achieve economic in Wisconsin, they would still be VIKING fans in Minnesota and we would still be PACKER fans in Wisconsin. The destruction of the middle class here in Wisconsin cannot be compared to the GROWTH of the middle class in Minnesota because those people are still going to be VIKING fans and we are PACKER fans. We cannot tax the wealthy in Wisconsin like they do in Minnesota because they are VIKING fans and we are PACKER fans. Maybe giving huge tax breaks and grants to companies that export jobs OUT of Wisconsin is not something they do in Minnesota, but then they are VIKING fans and we are PACKER fans. In the end, it doesn't matter because no matter what Scott Walker does, they will still be VIKING fans in Minnesota and we are PACKER fans.