Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Walker's failed economic plan will force more budget cuts

]Updated, 5/11] Forget his deceitfully cheery message being pawned off on unsuspecting primary voters looking to be hoodwinked into thinking Walker could run the country  The guy is an incompetent and a fraud.

Revenue didn't trickle down to Wisconsin's stalled economy as Walker had counted on, or trickle up through tax cuts that were designed, in truth, to force the state to downsize and cut basic services as the Walkerites will now 'just have to do.'

And since the WI GOP at his direction balks ideologically at every potential tax or fee increase other than to build new highways or overcharge Wisconsinites to use the parks they already own, get ready for more financial starvation of education, outdoors recreation and the other things which once made Wisconsin a desirable destination for college students, young families and tourists.

The Walker-inspired Wisconsin Death Spiral continues.


Anonymous said...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is not being truthful about this either and right now, the propaganda they catapult is what matters because it frames the rest of the state's media coverage and it creates the context for the national press Walker gets.

Now we know why Wall Street Journal published a dishonest piece yesterday proclaiming Scott Walker's Wisconsin economy was GREAT! Its just that us liberal folks don't understand...

Anonymous said...

Walker stepped on his tongue in Germany when he proudly declared that he had just about eliminated taxes on Wisconsin's manufacturing operations. The Manufacturing and Ag-Corporation tax credit that he slipped into the 2011 budget has now reduced the business and corporation tax rate to near zero [0.4%] by 2016. Combine this low tax rate with $353 million in tax credits given out by WEDC and there are some businesses and corporations that are not only paying practically nothing in taxes but actually are getting a check back from the taxpayers of Wisconsin. This is in spite of the companies being highly profitable and doing nothing to increase either jobs or wages in Wisconsin. Thus Walker's "Corporate Welfare" is costing $509 million in revenue dollars that could go toward schools and the university system!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's the Journal Sentinel being untruthful or Walker's spokesperson being untruthful -- or perhaps both are being incompetent, evident in the quote from the spokesperson that there is a $500 million projected surplus in Walker's 2015-17 proposed budget.

The 2015-17 budget projects a $58 million surplus (after the set-aside of $65 million as required and not to be spent).

The LFB has projected a $499 million surplus in 2017-19 -- but there is no budget proposed as yet for that biennium farther into the future, of course. And Walker plans to be president by then, so he wouldn't be proposing a budget for that biennium, anyway.

So, who is not being truthful? Did Marley and Stein misquote Walker's spokesperson in the JS? Or is she being untruthful? Or are they incompetent in misquoting her, or in not deducing the clever move made to delude them? Or is she incompetent and also needing a calendar?

Whichever it is, it's the sort of reporting that is frustrating for those of us trying to figure out the numbers -- and the news.

my5cents said...

The revenue report out today is not a surprise to me. We watched Tommy Thompson do the same thing back in the 90's by giving back surpluses and tax breaks. Then he turned around and raised fees on everything because they were short on revenues for the next budget. Some people never learn. Walker has no clue how economics works or he would not be in such a personal economic mess himself.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:48

It is disappointing to see people continue to state the somehow the state's largest newspaper is a victim here and not responsible for publishing Walker's talking points time-after-time and endorsing him throughout his political career.

Marley, Stein, Bice, and everyone else there knows who Scott Walker is and the mess he has created in Milwaukee County and now across Wisconsin. This is not about incompetence or being snookered. If you follow the press Walker gets, always lead by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, you will see that we have no "fourth estate" or "watchdog". They are in Walker's pocket and they know it.

That is their purpose. The coverage of politics in Wisconsin's press, television, and radio has nothing to do with informing and the folks that write the stories or stand in front of the microphones are not victims nor are they too stooooopid to understand some very simple objective facts.