Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ron Johnson says Pres. Obama not among "normal Americans"

The plastic sheeting manufacturer uses his vast military and strategic experience gained two-thirds of one term in the US Senate to attack President Obama and demand that the same Obama whom Johnson demeans with a fresh iteration of 'Obama the outsider' send ground troops against ISIS fighters wherever they are driving their Toyota pickup trucks.

Says the Tea Party Chickenhawk from Oshkosh about how he wants to get ISIS bodies and boots (not his) on the ground:
'But the problem is this president's understanding, his interpretation, his definition of defeat is not what normal Americans would view as defeat. Like actually killing them and wiping them off the face of the Earth..."
"It was a historic strategic blunder of not leaving a stabilizing force behind in Iraq to provide the stability, to be the glue that held that fragile coalition together that allowed ISIS to rise from the ashes of what was a defeated al-Qaida."
Johnson also said "no one" wants to send US troops into battle - - except himself, I guess - - since that's what the interview produced and he answered "yes" to a direct question about it.

Johnson babbled all this on a right-wing interview program - - just the sort of setting from which he will run his flag-waving, US casualty-producing campaign for re-election next year.


Anonymous said...

Sad that Obama Derangement System continues.

my5cents said...

Rojo is just another right-wing tool and puppet. Nothing he says has any merit.