Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Walker set to visit Mt. Netanyahu

[Updated] The wait is over - - and now that we know it's on - - 

- - some safe bets about the trip:

*  Walker will successfully say "Mazel Tov" for Israeli cameras.

*  Kevin Fischer, his WHEDA spokesman, will not be on the trip.

*  Walker will be photographed with Bibi Netanyahu. There are campaign ads and leaflets to fill out.

*  Tommy Thomson will not be on the trip.

*  Walker will discover and love the Yamulke, though I do not see them for sale on the Kohl's website.


Anonymous said...

Scott Walker is tellin' lies again -- another mostly false rating for the most dishonest governor and soon-to-be presidential nominee in America:

Historic recall elections in Wisconsin cost "tens of millions of dollars," Scott Walker says


Anonymous said...

Anybody know what Tommy T. is up to? Is he gonna campaign for Scotty?

And isn't Tommy the guy who launched BadgerCare -- with bipartisan support.

Bipartisan -- now there's a word you don't see much in Wisconsin anymore. It used to be that adult legislators on each side reached 'across the aisle' to actually get things done to benefit the state's citizens.

I guess it's a lot more fun to act like a child and blow things up.

Anonymous said...

Will they promptly arrest Scott Walker for making terrorists threats about homemade bombs if he wishes Netanyahu Molotov?

Anonymous said...

A yarmulke is just what Walker needs. It will cover that nasty scar he got from bumping his head on the kitchen cabinets.